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JUST THE WAY YOU ARE “ ‘Words and Music by BRUNO MARS, ARI LEVINE, PHILIP LAWRENCE, KHARI CAIN and KHALIL WALTON Moderate Hip-Hop groove Eb Cm7 5 Ee] hher eyes make the i a a re satpro at ene Sa ery cm "AIL Rights for MUSIC FARAAMANEM LP and ROC NATION MUSIC Controlled and Ad oy EAM APRIL MUSIC INC ~ sea nauaan rca oe ee spon ate 102 cm? = stars Took — like they're not shin in Her hair, her hair falls per-fect eid sa T know when I com-pli-ment_ her, she won't be - lieve me. ‘so sad to think that she don’t see what Eb/ab fi] But ev'ry time— she asks me,"Do_ 1 WhenI see your “cause you're a - look — 0 = kay?"_ there's not a And when you Eb cmt Es as thing — that 103 ‘would change, 104 cm? = a= — the whole world stops and stares. fora while,___— “cause, girl, you're a - maz - Her lips, her lips, T could kiss them all__ day if __she'd Eb/ab = laugh, — her laugh, she hates but think it's so. sex -y. She's so beau - ti - ful, — 105 and I tell her ev - Cm? i know, you know, you know I'd nev-er ask you to change. — If per-fect’s what you're search-in’ for then Eb/Ab just. stay the So don't e- ven both DS. al Coda you look 0 - kay. Youknow Pl say; ______________ When I see your face, Foye 106 Girl,you're a= maz = ing___ Just Eb & —— the way you are, When I see your face, cm? there's nota “cause you're a ~ maz - 107 Eb/Ab E> And when you the whole world stops — —— and stares for awhile, “cause, girl, you're a - maz