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Goal: Educate parents on available resources in the community

Target Group: Jungman Elementary parents
Data to Identify Students PARCC
(Projected Perception Data
number of (Type of surveys/ Outcome Data (Achievement,
ASCA Domain and Mindsets & Curriculum Projected students assessments to attendance and/or behavior Contact
Activities Behaviors Standard(s) and Materials Start/End affected) be used) data to be collected) Person
    M  1.  Belief  in  development                
  of  whole  self,  including  a   PowerPoint,   9/14/18     Presurvey  and   The  number  of  parents   Michelle  
Presentation   healthy  balance  of  mental,   guest   to   All   follow-­‐up   who  use  1  or  more  of  the   Dluzak  
on  after-­‐ social/emotional  and   speaker,   4/10/19   parents   survey  at   resources  they  learned  
school  and   physical  well-­‐being   presurvey,   that   Parent-­‐Teacher   about  at  the  
tutoring   M  2.  Self-­‐confidence  in   pens,   attend   Conferences  in   presentation(s)  will  
resources  in   ability  to  succeed   postsurvey   April   increase  5%.  
the   B-­‐LS  1.  Demonstrate  
community   critical-­‐thinking  skills  to  
make  informed  decisions    
B-­‐LS  9.  Gather  evidence  
and  consider  multiple  
perspectives  to  make  
informed  decisions    
    M  1.  Belief  in  development                
Presentation   of  whole  self,  including  a   PowerPoint,   9/28/18   All   Presurvey  and   The  number  of  parents   Michelle  
on  medical   healthy  balance  of  mental,   guest   to   parents   follow-­‐up   who  use  1  or  more  of  the   Dluzak  
facilities  in   social/emotional  and   speaker,   4/10/19   that   survey  at   resources  they  learned  
the   physical  well-­‐being   presurvey,   attend   Parent-­‐Teacher   about  at  the  
community,   M  2.  Self-­‐confidence  in   pens,   Conferences  in   presentation(s)  will  
both  physical   ability  to  succeed   postsurvey   April   increase  5%.  
and  mental   B-­‐LS  1.  Demonstrate  
health.   critical-­‐thinking  skills  to  
  make  informed  decisions    
B-­‐LS  9.  Gather  evidence  
and  consider  multiple  
perspectives  to  make  
informed  decisions