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Identitas Artikel

Nama Pengarang : Sri Susilogati Sumarti, Supartono, and Hidayah Hidzyam Diniy

Institusi : International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences

Nama Jurnal : Research Development

a. Judul : Material Module Development of Colloid Orienting on Local

Advantage-Based Chemo- Entrepreneurship to Improve Students’
Soft Skill
b. Permasalahan :
How is the material module development of colloid orienting on the local-advantage-
based CEP?, is the material module development of colloid orienting on the local
advantage-based CEP valid and effective?, and can the implementation of material
module of colloid orienting on the local-advantagebased CEP develop students soft skill?
c. Tujuan Penelitian :
The Research and Development approach was used in this research aiming to find
material modules of colloid orienting on local-advantage-based chemo-entrepreneurship
which are valid and effective as well as improving students’ live skill.
d. Manfaat Penelitian :
To produce the research product of colloid materials module which can improve students’
soft skills, to expose the students with experiences in terms of improving students’ soft
skills, and to give new information as comparison in developing materials.
e. Metode Penelitian :
Module development was developed with Plomp self-development research method
which has four phases; initial investigation phase, design phase, realization phase, and
test, evaluation and revision phase.
f. Hasil Penelitian :
Based on the preliminary research conducted in SMA N 2 Kudus, the results showed that
the materials they used had not contain the contents or activities which can be applied in
students’ daily lives. Once the preliminary research completed, the next steps were
designing the materials of module and validating the materials to three experts. The
average scores of validation assessment conducted by validators were 3.63 which meant it
had strong validity. “One pre-test and post-test group design” was employed in assessing
the effectiveness of module implementation. The assessment results showed that
percentage of students’ pass reached 84.9% with Minimum Passing Grade was 78; while
the percentage score of students’ soft skill reached 78.72%. Besides, the students
responded positively to the implementation of modules for 79.42%.
g. Kesimpulan :
Based on these results, it can be concluded that the module of colloid orienting on the
local-advantage-based chemoentrepreneurship which was used in the teaching and
learning processes was in the valid and effective category as well as helping students
improve their soft skill.