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Food processing is a way or technique implemented to convert raw ingredient into

well-cooked and well-preserved that can be eaten by both the humans and animals. Many
methods are used for food processing industry to give out processed or preserved foods for
our daily consumption. (Jonsson, March 2016) Some foods are dangerous to eat or to serve
without process it. Main objective of food processing is to provide a safe nutritious diet in
order to maintain health of human. Nowadays, there are many types of food processing
equipment that used to process food in industry. All of these equipment are being design
suitable based on the temperature, type of foods, and others. There are also many types of
food processing techniques such as drying, freezing, mixing, blending, salting, sugaring,
pickling, and others. Many production of food that can be made in industry, for example,
orange juice.

Orange juice is defined as “the unfermented juice obtained from mature oranges of
the species Citrus sinensis or of the citrus hybrid commonly called Ambersweet.” (Orange
Juice, 2016) True fresh squeezed orange juice is quite difficult to market commercially
because it requires special processing to preserve it. Orange juice commonly marketed in
three forms such as a frozen concentrate, a reconstituted liquid, or as a single strength, which
is non-concentrated beverage. Before produce the foods, raw ingredient must be serve
sufficiently. Raw material of orange juice production are oranges and other additives, such as
sweetener, citric acid, extra vitamins and preservatives. The manufacturing process involving
harvesting or collection, cleaning or grading, extraction, concentration, reconstitution,
pasteurization, and packaging or filling. These are methods used to produce orange juice. It
has different methods if want to produce other juices.

All the raw ingredients are processed to improve their palatability, nutritional value
and shelf life. The importance of food processing are preservation for later consumption or
sale to fetch better price, removal of inedible portions, destruction or removal of harmful
substances, conversion to forms desired by the consumer and subdivision into food
ingredients. (Scope and Importance of food processing, February 2014) After produce the
foods, the quality control is very important because to ensure that the product are high
quality, less expensive and more desirable than other competitors, while ensuring that the
foods are safe and nutritious. One of the importance concerns of the food manufacturer is to
produce final product that consistently has the same overall properties such as appearance,
texture, flavour and shelf life. The food manufactures will measure the characterization of
raw materials, monitor the food properties during processing and ensure the characterization
of final product. So that the final product will be in a good quality. (Dr. Mc Clements, 2003)
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