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Analytical Exposition Text

The Importance of Library

I personally believe that libraries are among humanity’s most important institutions for several
Firstly, most of humanity’s collective knowledge is stored in libraries. Secondly, libraries protect and
preserve this knowledge. They also classify or group the materials into logical and easily available
Furthermore, libraries make the materials available to everyone and even provide librarians to help
us find what we need.

Finally, libraries are our link to the past and our gift to the future.

From the facts above, I conclude that libraries are important institutions for humanity.

Weather Related Problem

Every year thousands of people die, due to weather related problems. It can happen in both
winter and in summer. Let’s examine the causes for a moment.

The year 2003 was a time of extreme cold in the winter. Extreme, that is by European standards.
In Britain alone, the number of people who died from cold-related illnesses was described as
‘shameful’. Nearly twenty-five thousand people died from illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks,
bronchitis, flu and pneumonia.
In the summer of t he same year, around twenty-three thousand people died in Europe due to the
sizzling temperatures. France was particulary badly hit, with nearly fifteen thousand death which were
related to the sweltering heat. In Britain, the number of heat-related death was much lower than the
number of winter deaths.

It is important to note that government need to give some advices to people on how to protect
their health.
(Adapted from news@nature.com)

Building Strong Relationship

Since building Indonesian nation in 1945, Indonesia shared a positive and friendly relationship
with Australia.
In 1947 Australia supported Indonesia’s struggle for independence by placing embargos on Dutch
supplies, arms and troops. Australian dock workers went on strike and significant numbers of
Australians demonstrated in the streets in support of Indonesian independence. The Dutch were
unable to ship supplies through Australian ports during this period.

Much of the support Australians gave to Indonesians was based on the friendship that
developed between Australian soldiers and the Indonesia people at the end of the Second World War.
There was also a strong anti-imperialist mood among some sections of the Australian population at
that time.

It is significant for Indonesia and Asian neighbors to strengthen the relationship.

Cars and Accidents
Car is the most popular transportation. However, there are many different causes of car accidents in
Sometimes accidents are caused by bad weather. Ice or snow can make toads very dangerous.
Accidents also can result from problems with the car. Even a small problem like a flat tire can be
serious. Bad roads are another cause of accidents.

Some accidents are caused by drinking too much alcohol.

Knowing some factor causing accident is extremely important to prevent accident while driving

Garbage Service need Improvement

There have been many complaints recently about the ABC garbage collection service. The
official department has agreed that the service needs improvement. But nothing has been done!
In some streets the garbage is collected only once a month because the workmen are not supervised.
In other streets, collection in more frequent but half of the garbage is left in the road. The workmen
are too lazy to pick it up and put it in the trucks.

In some parts of the colony, house-holders are dumping their garbage on the waste land. This
is dangerous and an unhealthy to do. These `dumps’ may catch fire and they will certainly attract rats
and flies.
It is the duty of the official department to collect all the garbage efficiently and regularly.

Design of Electronic Device need Improvement

Internet access and e-commerce remains inequitable. Most of designs prevent disabled
and older people to participate in the electronic age.

The barriers include the physical design of facilities, the cost of internet access and the
design of interactive voice-response systems. The Human rights and Equal Opportunity
Commission’s report on electronic commerce said that technology’s great potential for
increasing access was not being realized.

The design of ‘advanced’ ATMs had made them harder for blind people to use, compared
with earlier models. Machines that once had buttons now relied on screen displays, for instance.
The commission also suggested that students with disabilities needed particular attention when
educational material was provided in electronic form.
We emphasized that the designs of electronic facilities need improvement.