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Quick Look: Test Versions:
International English Language Testing System is based on the IELTS is divided into two test versions:
four intrinsic modules i.e., Listening, Reading, Writing &
Speaking, which is the core of any language. Jointly owned by • Academic is valid for both: Student Visa and PR Visa.
British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English • Depends on the field. For eg. PR in Accountancy field
Language Assessment. requires IELTS Academic Score.

The test is recognized by Australia, British, Canada, Both versions are defined to unveil the full range of ability from a
New-Zealand and United States for academic and migration. non-user to expert user.

Scoring is based on Bands which fall in the range of 0-9, and

there can be increment of 0.5 bands. For Example: 6.5, 7.5. One
should ascertain minimum band requirement through
concerned authority.

Test Structure
Listening Reading
Same in Academic & General • Time: 60 Mins.
• Total Questions: 40
• Total time: 40 Mins. • Format: 3 passages of 700-1000 words.
• Total questions: 40 • Thumb rule: Understand the question Read passage
• Test Format: 4 recorded conversations and monologues carefully yet briskly. (Adopt reading your liked articles).
• Thumb Rule: Concentrate on pronunciation and accent,
not only during practice ,but even during watching movies
or news. Academic:
The passages would be on factual and analytical topics related
to art, science, humanities, social science. External knowledge
not required. Compared to general: Slight difference in scoring
& passages are analytical. Refer score sheet for glimpse.

The passages would be factual texts based on works and
topics of general interest. Passages won’t be analytical &
scoring will be different compared to academic. Refer score
sheet for glimpse.

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IELTS Test Structure

Writing Speaking
Time: 60 Mins Duration: 10 to 15 Mins.
Face to face interview where assessment will be based on
Task-1 Graphs (Academic) candidate’s fluency, grammar, vocabulary and task
Allotted Time: 20 Mins. achievement.
To interpret the given Graphs
(bar, line, chart, diagram, process) with minimum 150 words. Format includes: Introductory questions, cue-card topic
(to be spoken for 2 Mins) & follow up questions.
Task-1 Letter (General)
Important Tips: Divert to English literature, listen to songs,
Allotted Time: 20 Mins.
watch movies, read articles and try to convert your every second
To write a formal/informal letter, with minimum 150 word range.
thought into English. Remember any language learning comes
through subconscious mind. When you learn consciously you
Task 2 – Essay (Similar in Academic and General) can just get technical edge.
Time: 40 Mins.
To write minimum 250 words on the given topic which would
be relevant to health, education, tourism, global warming etc.
It assesses aspirant’s firm opinion.

Main parameters for Writing are:

• Task Response/Achievement
• Grammatical range and accuracy
• Coherence and Cohesion
• Lexical Resource

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Scoring in IELTS:
It is based on each test component i.e., Listening-9, Reading-9, Writing-9 and Speaking-9. The individual scores are averaged to
procure overall score. There can be increment of 0.5 bands, i.e., 6.5, 7.5.

Band descriptors for Modules:


Band Scores 9 8.5 8 7.5 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4

Correct Ans. 40 38-39 35-37 33-34 30-32 27-29 23-26 20-22 16-19 14-15 12-13


Band Scores 9 8.5 8 7.5 7 6.5 6 5.5 5 4.5 4

Academic 39-40 37-38 35-36 33-34 30-32 27-29 23-26 19-22 15-18 13-14 10-12

General 40 39 37-38 36 34-35 32-33 30-31 27-29 23-26 19-22 15-18

Writing Speaking
1. Task Achievement 1. Fluency
2. Coherence & Cohesion 2. Pronunciation
3. Lexical Resource 3. Lexical Resource
4. Grammar range 4. Grammar

Note : Our trainer(s) will comprehensively focus on individual Students, to get through specified descriptors, especially in Writing & Speaking.

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PTE Test
Quick Look:
Pearson Test of English is more accurate way of testing non-
native speakers who aspire to move to English speaking
countries. It is recognized by more than 6000 organisations and
its acceptance is increasing day-by-day by several universities
and immigration department of Australia, UK, USA and Canada.
PTE is accepted only by the Immigration Department of
Australia. Please check for remaining countries.

The test is automated and ensures precise scoring. Moreover

the format is integrated and has no human intervention. The
result is obtained in 5 working days.

Every module i.e., Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking holds

90 points each and total Scores are averaged.

Test Structure
Speaking ( 70-90 Mins Including Writing). Re-Tell Lecture:
A lecture will be played, ranging 90 seconds & recording time
Read aloud : will be 40 seconds. The lecture has to be spoken in
Preparation time: 35 seconds. own words.
Task: To read the given text clearly & aloud. Strategy: Concentrate on the crucial vocabulary where the
Strategy: Take appropriate pauses and stress important lecture revolves and also emphasize the content on the given
words. Learn Intonations. topic. Make notes if necessary.
Total: 6-8 questions. Total: 2-4 questions.

Repeat sentence: Answer Short Question:

A sentence comprised of 8-10 words (approx.) has to be A question is being asked and the answer is to be given in
spoken precisely and accurately. one or few words or two often three. Probably the easiest,
Strategy: Focus on the phrasing and check intonations. simply understand the question and interpret correct answer.
Speak precisely. Total: 10-12 questions.
Total: 10-12 questions.
Important tips:
Describe Image: Read aloud and fast everyday, Concentrate on your
Represent the given image analytically. pronunciation and record the same in phone. Play with words
The image can vary (Bar, Table, Pie-chart, Diagram, Map). , pronounce in different style and patterns, Improve
Strategy: Use required vocab. Give clear Interpretation and vocabulary.Read 10 new words every day and use them in
focus on extreme Values. your regular use via messages, chatting with your friends and
Prep. Time: 25 seconds, Recording time: 40 seconds. family.
Total: 6-8 questions.

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PTE Test Structure

Summarize written text: Write essay:
Summarize the given text which would be Elaborate the given topic. Represent the brain-stormed points
maximum of 300 words. coherently. Support an opinion with details Write as per topic
Note: Only one sentence should be there. i.e. only one Correct Grammar, Spelling and mechanics are required.
fullstop. It is recommended to write 30-40 words for decent Relevant examples can also be added.
length. The writing should be based on your own
understanding containing factual information. Note: Length has to be atleast 200-300 words, scoring will be
Time: 10 Mins. affected if the length is lesser or higher than specified range.
Total: 2-3 questions.
Essays are debate oriented particularly Agree or Disagree.

Allotted time: 20 Mins.

Total: 1 or 2 Essays

(32 - 43 Minutes) Re-order paragraphs:
Total questions: 2-3
Multiple choice, choose single answer: Identify the main idea and then the theme. Understand
Total questions: 2-3 difference between connotation & denotation Categorize
Note: Read the passage and check the important key words information in logical sequence Note important details and
given in the question. Choose any one option which is most find “connectives”.
likely to be considered and eliminate the least likeable
options. Fill in the blanks
Total questions: 5-6
Multiple choice, choose multiple answers. Understand the given text. If the sentence signifies positive
Total questions : 2-3 meaning, find positive word and if its negative, vice-versa
Note: Read the passage and check the important key words Also note: it should sense grammatically correct.
given in the question. Choose any one option which is most Find “subject” in the sentence.
likely to be considered and eliminate the least likeable
options. Fill in the blanks-2
Total questions: 5-6
(This is the only part where points get deducted, For Ex: 1 for Understand the given text. If the sentence signifies positive
correct and -1 for incorrect and minimum possible score can meaning, find positive word and if it’s negative, vice-versa
be 0, no negative marking). Also note: it should sense grammatically correct.
Find subject in the sentence. Eliminate the given options
which are least possible. Skim overall text once to get brief

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PTE Test Structure

(45-60 Mins). also required which can ensure correct answer
Multiple choice, choose single answer:
Summarize spoken text: Total questions: 2-3
Total questions: 2-3 Approach: Listen to the audio and stay concentrated on every
Time allotted: 20-30 Mins. (10 Mins each) detail which can help to find the correct answer from the given
Approach: After listening the audio which can be focused on options.
any subject, the summary has to be written for the same
within 50-70 words. The words should not be higher or lesser Select missing word:
than specified limit. Total question: 2-3
Strategy: Listen acutely and note key-words. And, check for Approach: Here the question will end with a beep and the
spelling as well as grammar errors. examinee has to find the correct answer from the given options.
It’s all about anticipating the answer. The context has to be
Multiple choice, choose multiple answers: understood primarily.
Total questions: 2-3
Approach: Understand the general flow by speaker and Highlight incorrect words:
try to anticipate the answer form the given option. ( For every Total question: 2-3
correct 1 point and incorrect -1, and least would be 0) Approach: The transcript will contain few incorrect words and
the same should be highlighted by listening the given audio.
Fill in the blanks: The easiest of all and requires minute attention.
Total questions: 2-3
Approach: The transcription and audio will have the same Write from dictation:
content. Here the candidate is required to fill the missing Total questions: 3-4
words, narrated in audio. This part also should requires Approach: Type the answer which is narrated in the audio.
accuracy. The recording lasts for 3-5 seconds.

Highlight correct summary:

Total question: 2-3
Approach: Listen the audio precisely and out of the given
summary, select the relevant one. Moreover prior skimming is

Scoring in PTE:
The score range is 10–90 points
The points are allotted based on
Communicative Skills and Enabling skills.

Communication Skills Enabling Skills

Listening Grammar
Reading Oral Fluency
Writing Pronunciation
Speaking Spelling
Written Discourse

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PTE Academic

CEF Levels 30 43 59 76 85

A1 A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

Concordance between IELTS & PTE scores

IELTS Scores 9.0 8.5 8.0 7.5 7.0 6.5 6.0 5.5 5.0 4.5 -

PTE Scores 86-90 83-85 79-82 73-78 65–72 58-64 50-57 42-49 36-41 29-35 10-28

IELTS & PTE Some Major Differences

• IELTS score is accepted as evidence of English language • PTE Academic scores are accepted by All across Australia
proficiency by over 8,000 organizations globally. and Top Universities / Institutes of USA, Canada & New

• The Speaking test in IELTS is a conversation with a • PTE Academic candidates speak into a microphone and
certified IELTS Examiner which is recorded on an the computer captures the audio. PTE Speaking is
audiocassette or a digital recorder. evaluated by a computer program.
(there can be certain parameters where a candidate is
observed upon body-language and appearance).

• In Writing , Academic, questions are based on a diagram, • PTE has an automated writing scoring. Here minimum
graph, process or chart, or an argument, which has to be words requirement are 200.
physically written , minimum word requirement are 250.

• IELTS evaluates the test takers using bands scores • PTE Academic grades the students on a scale of 10 to 90.
from 1 to 9.

• The score reports are received within two weeks. • PTE, results are available online in just five days.

• The test duration is for 3 hours which assesses Listening, • All the given modules are assessed in a day within
Reading and Writing, whereas, Speaking is taken pre/post 3 hours duration.

• Comparatively, IELTS can be evasive especially in • As the format is integrated, a candidate is evaluated on
speaking as there is no integrated format. language skills.

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FAQ for Discord between IELTS & PTE;
Q. How many skills are tested in both the exams? Q. How are scores calculated?
Skills like listening, reading, writing and speaking are tested. In IELTS scoring is done manually and In PTE is automated
in the computer system, ensuring fair results comparatively.
Q. What are the differences in modules?
In IELTS: Listening and Reading have fixed pattern, writing
more or less is similar in both. Whereas Listening, Reading,
and speaking are very integrated in PTE which is an easy gig
especially in speaking as no physicality is required.

Q. How long the results are valid in both?

The results are valid for two years.

Q. What accents will be heard in listening areas in both?

The accents might vary from British to American, the accent
will not be troublesome as regular listening of English
literature will ensure good understanding.

Q. Which test can help improve English at personal levels?

None. The given tests are aimed to test language
proficiency and any language can be mastered by
incorporating rigorous Reading along with that Speaking
and listening/watching videos related to the literature.

Q. What is the difference in Reading section?

In IELTS: reading has 3 passages comprised of 700-1000
words each and total questions are 40, whereas in PTE there
are 16-20 questions of 4 types and the passages are not
more than 200 words. Hence Reading can be more
exhaustive in IELTS.

Q. What is the difference in writing section?

In IELTS , writing task demands 60 Mins of which Task 1 is
Graph/Letter which requires 150 words minimum and Task-
2, Essay writing requiring 250 words. in PTE, the writing task
demands maximum 50 mins, where first 2-3 tasks ask for 5
to 75 words, and the Essay require 200 words. Here PTE
scores brownie points as writing for major people is not a
routine task like reading, speaking and listening.

Office Use Only:

Preffered Batch Timing:
Fees: J Duration of Course:
Course: PTE IELTS Branch:
Counsellor's Name: Email:

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