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Jennifer Rogers

The Community Child Health Service

14 Waratah Street

Brisbane 4001

13 April 2014

Dear Mrs. Rogers,

Re: Ms. Nicole Smith, aged 18

I am writing to request a home visit for Ms. Smith, who delivered a male baby on 10 April 2014.
Both the mother and the baby are being discharged today.

Ms. Smith had difficulty with vaginal delivery, which too up to 16 hours of labour due to fetal
distress and failure to progress. Therefore, an emergency caesarean section was performed.
Post-natally, the mother had lost 800ml of blood. In addition, her blood test reports a low level
of haemoglobin. Consequently, she has been commenced on fefol and vitamin C.

My main concern is that Ms. Smith does not believe that she as an ability to take care of her
baby, so, she is considering adoption. Her baby's current weight is 4.1kg.

After discharge, please observe her wound for any infection and ensure that sutures have to be
removed in 7-10 days. Could you please advise Ms. Smith to support her abdomen while
coughing and to avoid constipation and strenuous activities? Would you please encourage the
mother to attend community health 'baby day' to develop parental skills and to socialise with
new mothers. Moreover, it would be grateful, if you could arrange a home visit to educate her
regarding baby care and the feeding.

Please contact me with any queries.

Yours sincerely,
Shruthi Anantha

Maternity nurse