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Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Rosalind Hinds, aged 6 days

I am writing to refer Rosalind, who was diagnosed with a low (low) birth weight and opioid
dependence and requires follow-up care at her home. Both the mother and the baby is (are)
being discharged today.

Rosalind's is firstborn of his mother, Genette Keating, who is single, a sex worker. she has
separated from her husband due to domestic violence during her pregnancy. (Rosalind is Ms.
Genette’s first baby. Ms. Genette is a sex worker who lives alone after her separation from
her husband due to domestic violence during her pregnancy)

During Hospitalisation, the baby's appetite has been reduced and she was not bottle feeding
consistently. In addition, Rosalind's birth weight was 2.0kg and (which was) gradually increased
to 2.3kg. Consequently, Ms. Genette requires prompting frequently in order to (to – reduce the
number of words by replacing a group of words by a few word like this) provide care to (for)
her baby, as well as, there is a poor bonding between both. Furthermore, they have completed
the heroin withdrawal successfully without any complications. (Delete it here)

After discharge, it is important to ensure a safe environment for the baby. Besides this, could
you please inform the Department of Community services if any dangerous situation is (add
this) noticed at home? Please monitor Ms. (add this) Genette (Genette’s) mental status and
coping mechanism. Also, educate the mother and grandmother regarding infant care. Would
you please organise a home visit to Rosalind until weight gain (she gains weight) and feeding
establish (establishes feeding). Though they have successfully withdrawn the heroin, the drug
and alcohol team is recommended to support the mother to minimize the risk of heroin use.
Accordingly, collaborate with the drug and alcohol team to support the mother to minimize
the risk of heroin use.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. (Please contact me
with any queries)

Yours sincerely,

Shruthi Anantha

Charge nurse

Maternity ward.