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Position Paper of South Korea

 1st Agenda

I would like to suggest a few recommendations for our implementation on terrorism.

First, all the national security related institutions and educators must emphasize the
importance of international cooperation regarding counterterrorism. This is a globe world. A
national security issue is connected regionally and globally. My country and I, are only safe
when the world is safe. All the problems and issues of the world are interconnected and the fate
of everyone in this world is mutually affected. Terrorism cannot be exterminated without
spreading this new perspective to all the people in the world. Second, we must emphasize respect
for the unique culture and value of each nation. It doesn't mean you are wrong just because you
are different. Every person regardless of their race are equal and every nation is equal to each
other. Having this fact in mind, it is very constructive for us to exchange human resources more
actively than now. Military education institutions of Korea including KNDU invited and have
taught around 50 international students. Hundreds of students from various countries have visited
our school. Furthermore, the mutual military exchange among countries in Asian and Middle
East must be strengthened.

The problem we face now is the fact that despite those effort, mankind's fear on terrorism
is not decreasing. The reason for that could be that we have concentrated on short term counter-
measures, and we only have superficial knowledge on terrorism. We should understand the
nature of modern terrorism, remove sources useable by terrorists and be able to secure the full
cooperation from the world on a long-term basis. As far as the education is concerned, we need
to put more emphasis on resolving fundamental issues regarding terrorism rather than just
analyzing each terror case. This I believe is the very reason for this meeting.
 2nd Agenda

There appears to be some similar characteristics for modern terrorisms. Modern terrorists
has become so called 'faceless terrorists' and the reason is the worldwide networks of terrorists.
They take full advantages of modern technology and use it to effectively establish worldwide
networks. in order to respond against terrorism, Korea has planned and implemented various
counter measures. These measures can be divided into a government and military level.

Upgrading counter-terrorism guidelines : Korea is currently a member for all twelve

international conventions and protocols related to terrorism. Since 2003, Korean government has
been upgrading its manuals on terrorism to respond to the changing situation.

Establishment of special organization against terrorism : Based on above mentioned

guidelines, we established terror Information Center in National Intelligent Service. This
organization collects, integrate and disseminates terrorism related information. We also
established National Cyber Security Center.

Strengthening counter-terrorism force : Korean army and navy have special forces for
counter-terrorism. These special forces' tasks include response to hostage crisis, explosive crisis,
suicide attack, and other terror incidents.

The recent terrorist attacks maybe the bad consequence of competition and survival of the
fittest. I believe that if the perspectives centered on competition can be supplemented by the
values of harmony, a modern abnormality such as terrorism will gradually disappear.