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Republic of the Philippines

Division of Laguna
Sta. Cruz


Republic of the Philippines
Division of Laguna
Sta. Cruz



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Chief Curriculum Implementation Division
Quarter 1
Week 8


Find Out and Learn

Direction: Encircle the letter of the meaning of the underlined words.

1. The school’s foundation day is a great event for them to remember.

a. Institution
b. Celebration
c. Collection
2. The principal orders the teachers to submit their annual report.
a. Monthly
b. Yearly
c. Weekly
3. The teachers were overwhelmed at their presentation in the program.
a. Surprised
b. Bothered
c. Overjoyed

Read and Learn

Read the selection below.

Carol’s Diary

On March 3, 2003 a great event took place in our school. It was the start
of our annual foundation week. Many contests and games were held and big
prizes were at stake. My friends and I bagged the first place in the MTAP
competition for grade V pupils. We were very happy and our teachers
congratulated us for being the winner.

The next day I led the program intended for our teachers and principal.
The pupil-participants of the program showed their best in singing, dancing and
even acting. It was a tiresome afternoon but an exciting day.
On the 3rd day, we heard a mass in our school’s chapel and in the
afternoon a sportsfest was held. Being with my friends and classmates, while
participating in all the sports events is an experience. We joined the relay
contest, volleyball and badminton.

We launched the school project dubbed as “May PerasaBasura” a day

before the end of the week-long celebration. We also served the community
through tree planting and cleaning the environment.

Finally, the much awaited moment for us was the fifth day of the
celebration, the awarding ceremony was held and we received our awards and
prizes. I felt so happy and relaxed during the afternoon for I could already rest. I
thanked God because I learned many things.

(Retrieved from: Lesson Guides in Elementary English – Grade 5, DepEd 2008)

Try and Learn

Read the following events. Number them in the order of their occurrence in the story and
put your answer in the grid.

____ They launched the income generating project of the school known as

_____Carol and her friends heard the mass in the morning and participated in the

_____ A special program was given for the St. Bridget Elementary School.

_____The winners in different contest including Carol received the award from the
school’s principal.

_____Carol and her teammate bagged the first place in the MTAP Team competition.

_____St. Bridget Elementary School 15th foundation week started on March 3, 2003.
1. What do people usually write in their diaries?

2. How do you sequence or arrange the events of the story?


 Look for the main topics.

 List and identify orders of events in chronological order.
 Look for the transitional or clue words to arrange the events of the

Read and Learn

Why the Carabao has Split Hoofs

Once, Carabao and Turtle met on a way to the meadow. Turtle was very happy.
He had long hoped to befriend Carabao. He felt a big fellow like Carabao would help him
if he got into trouble. He said to Carabao.

“Let us live together. Let us hunt food together! We will be happy in our

“You slow foot! How dare you make this proposal. Live with the ants and worms.
But not with a powerful animal like me.”

“So, you do not want me for a friend. Who told you that you are powerful? I bet
you could not even win a race with me.”

Carabao snorted and walked away. Turtle followed and nagged.

“You cannot even race against me. You are a coward! I will tell all the animals
what a big coward you are.”
Don’t you do that! You want a race? A race you shall have! When do you want

“I will give you three days to prepare. The race would be long. It would cover
seven hills.”

Turtle took to his confidence his most trusted friends. He gave instructions to his

The day of the race came. At a given signal, Carabao and Turtle ran. The two
runners lost sight of each other. When Carabao reached the second hill. Turtle was
waving his arms at him.

“I am here a long time.”

And at every hill, Carabao found Turtle relaxed and much ahead of him. When
Carabao reached the seventh hill, he saw Turtle foolishly smiling. Carabao was so
angry. He kicked Turtle hard. And Carabao broke his hoof at the force of the blow. Turtle
was not hurt. His shell was strong.

Retrieved from: Developing Reading Power 6, A Support Program to Reading

By ClemenceUmaliAbadilla
Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation, 1998 p. 174-175

Do and Learn

Determine if the sentence tells reality or fantasy. Write your answer on the blank.

__________1. Turtles helped one another.

__________2. Animals talk like people do.

__________3. Turtle thought of a clever way to fool Carabao.

__________4. A turtle’s shell is hard and strong.

__________5.Carabao did not like to be called coward.

__________6. Turtle liked to hunt food with Carabao.


Think and Tell

Tell the meaning of the underlined word.

1. Alvin is a wizard at chess. He knows a counter for every move of the player.
He has won in every chess tournament in the province.
a. an evil magician
b. a gifted person
c. an average player
2. Josef had a very special vacation in Cebu that he would not forget.
The memory would be forever imprinted on his mind.
a. found
b. erased
c. remembered
3. It is deplorable that many young children beg in the streets.
a. silly b. unfortunate c. lucky
4. Dong’s parents and brothers are slim and unathletic.
He is the only mesomorph in the family.
a. smart person
b. muscular and athletic
c. rude and fresh
5. When her deposition was taken before the trial, she swore under oath to tell
the truth.
a. testimony b. opinion c. behavior

Read and Learn

Read the poem. Notice the underlined words in the poem.

The Lark and the Wren

“Goodnight, Sir Wren!” said Little Lark.

“The daylight fades it will soon be dark.
I’ve bathed my wings in the sun’s last ray.
I’ve sung my hymn to the parting day.
So now I fly to my quiet glen
In yonder meadow – Goodnight Wren.”

“Good night poor Lark.” Said the haughty Wren

With a flick of his wings towards his happy friend.
“I also go to my rest profound
But not to sleep on the cold damp ground.
The fittest place for a bird like me
Is the topmost bough of a tall pine tree.”

Retrieved from: Developing Reading Power 6, A Support Program to Reading

By ClemenceUmaliAbadilla
Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation, 1998 p. 54

Try and Learn

Choose the sentence that canbest describe the underlined word.

1, What happens when daylight fades?

a) The day loses color.
b) The surrounding becomes dark.
c) The day loses freshness.
d) The surrounding becomes weaker.

2. The lark has sung his hymn to the parking day.

What is the meaning of hymn?
a. The opposite of her
b. A soft whisper
c. Words of goodbye
d. A song of praise

3. The lark flies to his quiet glen.

A glen is ____________________.
a. the Lark’s home c. a far tree
b. a dark cave d. a hole in the ground
4. The lark’s home is in yonder meadow.
Yonder means________________.
a. a very far place c. in that place
b. up in heaven d. down near the sea

5. A meadow is _________________.
a. a dry land c filled with water
b. a grassy land d. a sandy land

6. A haughty person is _______________.

a. happy c. friendly
b. brave d. proud

7. A profound sleep is ____________.

a. short and restless c. deep and sound
b. frightful d. waking every now and then

8. Which describes a flick of a wing?

a. shaking of feather c. moving up and down
b. spreading out d. short moving and easy twist

9. A cold and damp ground is_______________.

a. wet c. dirty
b. dry d. clean

10. Which is the bough of a tree?

a. leaves c. roots
b. branches d. trunk

Do and Learn

Choose the antonym of the underlined word in each sentence from the box. Write your
answer on the blank provided for each number.
left rich
slow unfortunate
uselessness low-paying
failed full time
discontinuing lowly

_________1.Dr.Biyo was born on an auspicious day.

_________2. Her maternal grandmother had a heart attack, and her parents had
to rush her to the hospital.
_________3. She comes from a poor family.
_________4.Dr.Biyo knew the value of education and hard work.
_________5. Financial difficulties prevented her from pursuing medical studies.
_________6.The Talamera children excelled in school, reaping honors and
_________7. She also worked as a research assistant and part-time lecturer.
_________8. She could have stayed in Manila and have her choice of jobs.
_________9.Dr.Biyo can have her choice of lucrative jobs, but she continues to
_________10. Being a teacher is a noble profession. Being a Filipino is
something to be proud of.


Think and Tell

Tell the two things being compared. Tell in what way the two things are alike.

1. The old house leans upon a tree

Like some old man upon a staff,
The night wind in its ancient porch
Sounds like a hollow laugh.

2. And the roads unwind

Like a twist of thread
3. The moon like a flower
In heaven’s high bower,
With silent delight
Sits and smiles on the night

4. My tree is like a duster reaching high

Stretching forth to sweep the cloudy sky.

5. One day in March the boisterous wind.

Was playing with the weather.
He tossed a fluffy could around
As though it were a feather.

Retrieved from: Developing Reading Power 6, A Support Program to Reading

By ClemenceUmaliAbadilla
Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation, 1998


 Simile is a figure of speech. It is a stated comparison between two things that are
actually unlike but have something in common. A simile contains the word like or as.

Try and Learn

Each of the following sentences contains a metaphor.

Underline the words that tell the two objects being compared in the metaphor.

1. The small town was a beehive after the discovery of gold in the nearby mountain.
2. The rich field was the farmer’s treasure.
3. After two hours, the test was an old enemy I had defeated.
4. My brother’s bedroom was the remains of an explosion.
5. The snail is a traveller who is always at home.

 A metaphor is another figure of speech.

 A metaphor makes a direct comparison of two unlike things that have something
in common.
 A metaphordoes not use the word like and as.

Do and Learn
A. Read the following lines of poetry. Tell the human qualities given to animals, objects
or ideas.
1. I heard the wind call out and say: From: A Summer Morning
“Get up my dear, it is today!”

2. The wind fitters-twitters

And laughs away from me. From: Wind is a Ghost
It laughs a lovely whiteness.

3. A leaf blows in
And lies exhausted From: Falling Leaves
On the floor.

4. Oh, Mother don’t you love the wind

It whistles flying by. From: Happiness
It makes umbrellas of my dress.
And tumbles up the sky.

5. And when the night climbs up our hill

And all the world is very still,
A little star away up high From: The Star
Is staring at me from the sky.
Do and Learn

B. Read each sentence. Decide if the figure of speech used is a simile or metaphor.
Write your answer

________1. The ball like a bullet came at me.

________2. The moon is a dancer on the silver trees.

________3. Lydia de Vega can run like the wind.

________4. Ben is so large his shirt looks like a pillowcase.

________5. Harsh words are thunder that strike at me.

________6. I jumped like a kangaroo when I won in the lotto.

________7. The broken fence looked like a smile with some teeth missing.

________8. The coral reef is an underwater wonderland.

________9. The lionfish is an underwater nightmare.

________10. The queen angelfish has dorsal fins flowing from it like trails of liquid gold.

Learn Some More

Study each line of poetry. Write on the first blank the object personified.
Opposite it, write the human quality given to the subject.
The first one is done for you.

1. The small sandpipers go to school sandpipers go to school

Upon the sandy shore;
The ocean is their teacher,
She has a fearful roar.
2. The papa bullfrog has a voice ____________ _____________
That’s very loud and deep,
The baby frogs have voices that
Can only make a peep;
And every night I hear them talk
Before I go to sleep.

3. The house cat sits ____________ _____________

And smiles and sings.
He knows a lot
Of secret things.

4. In the morning the city _____________ _____________

Spreads its wings
Making a song
In tones that sing.
In the evening the city
Goes to bed
Hanging lights
About its head.

5. High up over the top ____________ ____________

Of feathery grasses,
Grasshoppers hop.
They won’t eat their suppers.
They will not obey their
Grasshopper mothers and fathers.


 Personification is the giving of human qualities to animals, objects or ideas.


Think and Tell

1. The eyes of the cat gleamed and glared in the dark.

2. Daffodils and daisies are beautiful flowers.
3. Honesty and obedience are positive virtues.
4. Dina or Donna will attend the practice.
5. Both are pretty and attractive.


 A conjunction is a word used to connect words, phrases, or clauses in a

 The common conjunctions are and, or, and but.

Try and Learn

Read the following sentences. Encircle the conjunctions in these sentences. Underline
the words, phrases, or clauses connected by each conjunction.

1. Lincoln was a poor boy but he became a great man.

2. You may pick the package or we will deliver it.
3. Fortune makes friends, and poverty tries them.
4. The cat leaped and purred.
5. My sala is cheery and comfortable.
6. I cut the hedge and he mowed the lawn.
7. Good words cost nothing, but they are worth much.
8. John and Eric reside in Utah.
9. Wealth and contentment may never live together.
10. Jesus laid His hands upon the sick and they were healed.

Write About It

Compose your own sentences using conjunctions and, or, but.




4. _________________________________________________________________



Try and Learn

A. Write your answer in the configuration clues given before each number.

___ u r ___ h ___ r 1.more distant, remote

s ___ u ___ e ___ e ____ 2.to press between two bodies, to crush

s ___ r ___ t ___ ___ 3.to mark the surface of anything

__ a ___ k ___ e 4.a cry of a hen or a goose

Read and Learn

The Long Necked Giraffe and the Humble Pullet

There was a giraffe that was very tall. He always said, “It is good to be tall. Oh.
How good it is to be tall”.

“Oh no. It is good to be short. Honestly, it is wonderful to be short,” said the


“Let us take a walk and see, “ the giraffe answered back. They came upon a wall.
There were trees near the wall. The giraffe ate and ate leaves of the trees while the
pullet just looked and looked.

“See, it is good to be tall! I told you so,” the giraffe said to the pullet in between
big bites.

“Let us walk farther and see,” said the pullet. They came upon a very high wall.
The pullet wished she could cross the tall wall, but with her size, she thought she
couldn’t. All of a sudden, she saw a hole at the bottom. The pulley squeezed herself and
went into the vegetable garden. There she ate and scratched while the giraffe waited

“See it is good to be short,” the pullet said when she joined the giraffe again.

The giraffe remarked. “You know what I think? I think it is best to be what you

“You are right, my friend,” cackled the pullet happily.

And then they became best of friends.

Talk About It

1. Who was very tall? very short?

2. What is the best thing to be according to the giraffe?

3. What became of them?

4. Why is it good to be tall? How was this shown in our story?

5. Why is it good to be short? How was this shown?

6. Do you agree with the giraffe that “it is best to be what you are?”

If so, give examples.

7. Do you like the title of the story? Why?

If not, what title do you think is better?

Write About It

In paragraph form, give the advantages and the disadvantages of being –

a. a tall child
b. a short child


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