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Lesson Observation
Feedback to student teacher

Student teacher’s name: Hamda Mohamed Observer’s name: Dr. Neil Satoquia
Unit/Lesson: Living and Non-living Things Grade Level: 3
Date: March 4, 2018 School: Omair Bin Yousef

Competency Area F D C B A
Commitment to the Profession X
Planning for learning X
Managing Learning X
Implementing Learning X
Assessment X
Reflection on Practice X

Strengths of the lesson:

1. The teacher obviously followed what were written in her lesson plan. This is a good
indication that the teacher planned her lesson and that she knew what was really going
on in her teaching.
2. Each output of every activity was processed to assure that the activity the students are
ready to do the succeeding activities, still another indication that the teacher really
prepared for her lesson.
3. The teacher called the students by their names.
4. The teacher also asked the students to explain their answers as to why a thing is a
living or non-living thing. This is very important because it assures the teacher that the
students absorbed the concept of the two words and therefore it signifies as to whether
or not they understood them.
5. The teacher had enough practice activities to strengthen the students’ understanding
of the concept of living and non-living things.
6. The assessment activity matches the objective of the lesson.
7. The teacher’s voice is well modulated that it can be heard at the back of the
8. The students were grouped so as to facilitate interaction among students during
group work activities.
9. The teacher was moving around to monitor students doing the different tasks. a
10. The activities were also differentiated to cater to varying levels of students’
11. Because the teacher was very well prepared, the whole class was so participative and
12. All activities were interesting and crafted the unique way.
13. It is such as a good idea that the teacher went back to the individual pictures which
each student took at the start of the activity in order to use it again when students
were grouped as “living and non-living”. The students were asked to explain why it
was living and non-living. This is such a beautiful ending/wrap-up of the lesson.
Areas for development:
1. You should have a way of recording the scores of the students because you will need
them in computing the average score of the whole class. The average score will tell
you the confidence level you need in relation to the students’ mastery learning of your
lesson. The average score or mean percentage speaks about how far you have achieved
your objective--- the main essence of your teaching the lesson.


A = Exceptional, B = Very Good, C = Satisfactory, D = Marginal and F = Unsatisfactory