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Develop a plan of activities for each grade level that would encourage and increase

pursuit of degrees after high school graduation.

Grade Activities for Students and Parents Purpose & Focus of Activities Timeline

9th -Students & Parents will be assisted in -Students will create CFNC account Freshman
creating a CFNC.org account. during one of the break out Orientation
-Parents will complete as they drop off sessions in order to have access to August
or pick up students from orientation the account throughout the school
-Counselors will print student log in year
-During the 1st ten days of school -Students will complete this activity
freshman will complete the “Interest in order to be able to input
Profiler,” “Work Values Sorter,” and information into a plan of study that
“Career Cluster Survey.” will be updated each semester.
-Counselors will print results for all -Students will be able to use this
students to keep in a notebook information to register for
appropriate classes in high school
that will help them reach their goals
after high school
-Parents can monitor student
progress and have discussions with
students early about after high
school plans

10th Changing World, Changing Careers -Students will revisit plan of study During
and update career clusters Intervention
Click the link for the lesson plan: -Parents can have open Block
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B219 discussions about relevant career throughout
T_OzmB-Jcm5FQnliWHgwM1A1TEdoa options and can help students 2nd semester.
2t1aEd3aEh0ZG84 select courses during registration
Click Link for worksheet for Students: will assign
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pVri groups of
DcteZgfUJ5nZLlnqVAFEdXcOi842 students
Click Link for Worksheet Answer Key: intervention
https://drive.google.com/open?id=131h plan to
MvdQoZ10XgSBcqapHJgcpRGi-r7-T complete

11th -Invite various colleges to a Curriculum Parents and Students can speak Curriculum
Fair hosted at the school. directly to colleges and narrow their Fair Night
-Have the colleges set up in the gym options to be prepared to apply at (I suggest this
-Students and parents will walk around the beginning of your senior year take place
to colleges that offer the degrees 2nd
needed for the career they have interest semester)
based on their plan of study on CFNC
-Students will ask specific questions and
write them down on a handout emailed
to them by their counselor.

Questions for handout:

1. I want to be a ______________
and major in _________
What is the GPA your school typically
look accepts?

2. How big is your school

3. How big are your largest classes and

what classes are those typically?
4. When is the next open house you will
5. Do you have any suggestions or tips
to make my application stand out for
your school?
6. Why should I come here?

12th College Budgeting Activity -Students and parents will be able Senior Parent
to make sound decisions about Night
-Students will be given the college financing college. September
budget handout. Students can also -Students and parents will be able (Before the
download the form, which will be placed to understand financial aid award FAFSA
on the school’s letters and make sound decisions opens)
-A CFNC rep will be available to
Link to Form: answer questions about financial
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1asJQ once parents/students complete the
KhrbCqTsco3Y-0TK5-zuK5pl58Y1 handout
-Students can create questions to
Ask students to access the system and click ​Plan ask colleges in reference to
- For College​. They should then click the link to financial in their decision making
Explore Programs and Majors​.
2. In the Search field, have them enter a keyword process
for a college program they think they would be
interested in studying, e.g. nursing, English,
politics, law, etc. They should write down their
keyword on their worksheet.
3. Have students click on a program name from
the list of results they obtain. They should write
down the name of this program on their
4. This takes students to the program's profile.
Have them select a degree level and a
state/region where they would like to study, then
click ​Go​. (Direct those students who don't obtain
a result for a particular state to go Back in their
broswer and select 'All states' as their
state/region to search by.) They should write
down their selections on their worksheet.
5. Have them click on a college name from the list
of results they obtain. They should write down the
name of this college on their worksheet.
6. The students are now at the college's profile.
Have them click on the ​Costs & Financial Aid
Have them note on their worksheet the
Undergraduate tuition for the program of study,
based on whether or not they would be an
out-of-state student there.
Have students note on their worksheet the other
expenses involved, then calculate the total.