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The constraints for the current scenario of Hyten are as follows:

1. The data entry and documentation process would require multiple people to enter,
update and pull up the required documents or data.
2. The scanning of the hard copies of the document is required, which then is converted
from hard copy to soft copy to be uploaded in the database.
3. The dependency of various stakeholders on the external courier / mailing service to
receive the required document.
4. Reference to the stored document would only be done, after updating the document.
5. Dependency on BDD for every decision making and reporting tasks.
6. Maintenance and proper sorting of documents are required for easy access.
7. The Bandwidth, Memory space for the document storage in a network.

ID Description Impact Rating
R-1 The Document gets corrupted Rework of the data High
while working/updating collected.
R-2 The document gets overwrite Would lose track of the High
while updating. previous status.
R-3 The Shared drive gets infected by The complete loss of data. High
Virus or malware.
R-4 Backup drive for the main shared Retrieval of previous data High
drive getting misplaced. from Backup drive gets
R-5 The courier / mailing service Delay in scheduling tasks Medium
reaches late to the destination. and delay in document
arrival at customer end.

R-6 The physical copy of the Affects the uploading of High

documents gets lost. hard copy into digital
R-7 The unavailability of the resource Would cause delay in Medium
person who scans and uploads updating the data in
the document. document
R-8 To sort and find the duplicates of Delay in finding the Medium
files been created. updated document
R-9 Demands or amendments of Delay in introducing the Medium
contract or requirements. changes.
R-10 Disconnection of Delay in switching to the Medium
network/internet while updating backup internet.
the document.
R-11 System integration more complex Delays to project and Low
than estimated. higher costs of

1. Hyten Headquarter/ BDD (Business Development Department)

2. Plants
a. London
b. Cambridge
c. Windsor
3. Customers
a. Toyota
b. KIA
c. Ford
4. Suppliers / External Vendors.
5. Finance Department
6. Database Management System (DBMS)
7. Project Management Office (PMO)
8. Courier / Mailing Service Provider.
9. Contracts Management.
10. Labors/ Employees (Quality, HR, Procurement Team)
11. Government
12. End Users.