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Emmanuel & Munir Nawab Din

Pakistan Christian Fellowship church

Khanpur 64100
Distt. Rahim Yar Khan

17 November, 2006
Dear sister,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, we are fine and we hope that you are also
enjoying good health.

This e-mail is to tell you that we r sorry that we could not make regular mail
connection with you but now we will try to send you mail. We want to tell you that we
pray for you and we remember you and your work.

Our work is fine and church is doing well. Munir is retired from school teaching and
Pastor Emmanuel has a few more years in ministry as a pastor in PCF church khanpur.
This is his 26th year in this city.

Our daughter Ruth has completed M.A in Educational Management and now teaching
in our church school. Our son Mansoor (Mickey) has also completed the same degree
but he decided to go on and he applied to a Government university that enrolled him
in M.Phil programme in Education Administration. It is 2 year research programme.
Please pray for both of our children. Mansoor has interest in subject of church history.
He wants to study this after he completes his research please pray for his vision.

We are thankful for all your prayers and love

In Jesus name

Emmanuel & Munir

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