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Ezekiel BS No.21 2 November 2006 10 am at Vivienne’s home.

With acknowledgements to Chris Wright The Message of Ezekiel, IVP, 2001.

Read Ezekiel chapters 35:1-36:15 and the book of Lamentations

Theme: The gospel according to Ezekiel: from abandonment to abundance

1. In what ways were the Judean exiles in Babylon like stateless refugees of today?

2. In what ways would the book of Lamentations and some of the psalms help them
understand what God was doing? Read Lamentations 1:7-10, 17: 5:1-22; Psalms 79,
89; 137.

3. What do we learn about the line of David from Psalm 89? What are the parallels
between David and Jesus? In what ways was Jesus great David’s greater son?

4.What was involved in Ezekiel’s work as pastor to the exiles in this situation at this

5. Ezekiel 35:1-15. How will ‘the land’ be saved from the attacks of its enemies – the
Edomites in this case? See Ezekiel 35:10.

6. Ezekiel 36:1-15. How will the people be freed from the scorn of the nations?

7. Take a look at 1 Peter 5:1-7. What does Peter write about good shepherds (vv.1-4)
and good sheep (vv.5-7)?

8. Recall Peter’s knowledge of Jesus as the good Shepherd and his own
commissioning to feed his sheep. Look up the references in the gospels.