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Development and approval process for policy and procedure

Step 1: Step 7:
• Use the policy template to draft a new policy; Obtain Policy and
Need or Step 6: Seek TRIM File number
to draft • For policy revision – request a word version approval via TRIM and
or of the current policy published on the publish (see
Policy writing

A University Policy instructions on

revise Governance website, from Information can only be web) Policy and
policy Governance Services approved by the Procedures on
Senate, Academic the University’s
Board/Council, Vice Governance
Chancellor or other website, which is
Step 2: members of the
Consult with key stakeholders regarding policy the University’s
Executive to whom definitive source
content Step 5: the Vice-Chancellor
(e.g. established stakeholder reference group – Review for University-
has delegated wide policies.
Academic Policies and Procedure Group (APPCG) for procedure,
academic policies, Senior Manager Forum for non- responsibility for a Publishing on this
verify it meets particular portfolio*.
academic related policies, establish a reference group policy site is mandated
with relevant expertise) by the University
and any IT Executive
platforms and
ensure that
policy and
procedures A University Step 8:
are aligned procedure, which must Disseminate and
Procedure writing

Step 3: accompany the policy, Implement via

Consult with related may be approved by appropriate
areas that may have the Director of the communication
Step 4:
a process / relevant Section. strategy (see
Develop or revise
implementation role reference groups
appropriate procedure
to develop in step 2)
accompanying draft

*The draft policy must be forwarded to the relevant Executive Officer for committee approval: (e.g. Senate – University Secretary; Academic Board/Council and all academic related
policies – Academic Secretary)

The University of Western Australia | Academic Secretary, Academic Policy Services – 27 February 2015