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Actionable insights towards competitiveness

Machine-learning-based knowledge discovery

performed in Real-Time at the Edge to maximize your
factory’s competitiveness, reducing downtimes,
saving energy and planning production in new ways,
customized to you and your assets.

Plethora IIoT Solution

Plethora IIoT Solution solves complex questions at the Edge and in Real-
Time (45 ms to 100 μs). It acquires data to produce new knowledge
through a cluster of nodes in a high-performance computing deployment
by applying Real-Time machine learning algorithms.
We deliver this knowledge in actionable insights to our clients:

Equipment and manufacturing Real-Time quality Predictive

process performance control maintenance

Operational process Consumption

improvement efficiency

Plethora IIoT, a Holistic Solution

Plethora IIoT produces new knowledge thanks to our vast capacity in a

wide range of functions:

Acquiring massive data from multiple sensors and heterogeneous

devices, ensuring data quality with advanced sensor fusion strategies.

Noise data filtering and variable selection to reduce

up to 90% of communication infrastructure needs.

Specially tailored machine-learning algorithms for knowledge

discovery and perform Real-Time diagnosis and prognosis.

Processing algorithms with parallel, high-performance computation

capacity in distributed nodes, deployed in cluster configuration.

Integrating third-party information systems

and cloud-computing environments.
Plethora IIoT’s competitive advantages

● Our industrial background gives us deep knowledge of the everyday

difficulties of industrial factories to deliver valuable and scalable solutions
with Smart Factory technologies.
● We are now implementing fast and straightforward applications of the
Solution in high-production environments (oil & gas, electronics
manufucturing, automotive and energy).
● Plethora IIoT hardware* enables you to upgrade your machines for the
digital era of global competitiveness.
● Our capacity is to apply specially-tailored machine-learning algorithms
to perform dynamic diagnosis and prognosis.
● It is independent on communication infrastructures or additional storage
devices due to Plethora IIoT’s architecture solution, working alongside the
* Powered by Xilinx - using Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC.

High Performance Computing* for Business Impact

The Plethora IIoT Solution means a lower-cost hardware deployment, able

to compute at optimal speed for obtaining Real-Time responses (45 ms to
100 μs). The computing environment set up, distributed in HPC nodes (US
patent pending) means getting actionable insights in the required time
frame, as the HPC nodes make it possible to reuse overall, installed
computing capacity. Plethora IIoT provides a solution with computing
capacity distributed in HPC nodes synchronized at 70 ns, with all the
equipment working as a single system.
* OmpSs® Programming Model by BSC-CNS.

Plethora IIoT: 4 Key Strengths

Emphasizing Machine-to-Machine Artificial Intelligence to optimize
implementation for enabling smart performance criteria by
manufacturing lines. computational learning.

High Availability in high-performance IT/OT Integration and Information
computing, to run advanced data Systems Interoperability for business
analysis algorithms. decision making.
Plethora IIoT’s advanced data analysis brings competitive advantage for diagnostic needs, Plethora IIoT Solution integrates with cloud platforms like GE Predix®, Microsoft Azure®,
prognosis requirements and knowledge discovery. In this way it improves machine PTC ThingWorx®, and so on.
performance, future machine behavior and the creation of new production scenarios by
Production Line Manager. Plethora IIoT provides information for decision-making related
historical exploration. Plethora IIoT develops highly efficient, specifically-tailored,
to the line’s maintenance and availability. For example: real-time anomaly detection during
machine-learning algorithms working with data streams, not relying on heavy databases.
system operation for predictive maintenance.
1. PROCESS AND PRODUCT Plethora IIoT Node works at the edge, carrying out data acquisition, pre-processing and
Plant Manager. Plethora IIoT delivers information for competitive analysis assesment,
raising KPI values for operational plant decision-making. For example: real-time anomaly
The Machine Controller is where most of the variables related to the process and its
Data acquisition: Plethora IIoT acquires data from different domains using OPC-UA or 4. PLETHORA IIoT SOLUTION MASTER NODE detection during system operation for optimized energy efficiency.
control happen. Plethora IIoT connectivity modules acquire data without influencing the
DDS-Secure industrial and other IIoT protocols over networks like TSN (Time Sensitive Plethora IIoT Solution Master node is a key part of the architecture, managing resource
machine’s functional cycle.
Network), for Deterministic communications over Ethernet. availability in other nodes to perform high-performance computing. The master node
Sensors. Plethora IIoT enables connectivity with sensors in different domains, including
Pre-processing: Filtering and sensor fusion tasks are carried out to ensure data quality. organizes tasks, fielding queries and distributing jobs to every other node.
vibration, energy consumption, temperature, pressure, flow, and others. Plethora IIoT uses
existing sensors and adds required new ones with a capacity of acquisition of up to 1 Processing: Plethora IIoT uses specifically-tailored, machine-learning algorithms to solve 5
mega sample per second. a variety of relevant queries in generating useful information for decision making, ensuring
excellent performance and delivering a response in the required time frame. To do so, it is
Sensor Fusion. Plethora IIoT integrates data from PLC/CNC and sensors, ensuring quality
and integrity of it.
vital to have greater computing capacity. Plethora IIoT uses high-performance computing
technologies taking advantage of high availability, distributed and parallel computation.
Machine. Plethora IIoT enables analysis of the main agent in the process, enabled by
Real-Time (45 ms to 100 μs) analysis of the data coming from the machine. High precision
analysis brings the most accurate answers.
Work product. Plethora IIoT makes it possible to observe degradations in the product
and/or process. This is feasible through the analysis of behavior patterns built from the
data stream. Acquisition Pre-Processing Processing

1 1
1 2 3 1 2 3 3 1 2


M2H Interface. This is the interaction between machine and operator. Plethora IIoT
delivers all necessary information to assist in achieving maximum performance in
machine-to-human interaction to facilitate enhanced knowledge of the functionalities of
the machine. This interaction is bi-directional, whether for better machine or operator
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Plethora IIoT Solution working implementations
2% Cycle time optimization of Autonomous machine diagnosis
automotive part production for resulting in a 7% increase in
significant improvement in overall machine availability in 1 week.
production line performance.
21% energy efficiency optimization
by detecting unnecessary energy
consumption during operation.

Resource improvement and savings by

monitoring the working hours of the Decision-making support by
machine’s components, updating integrating process quality
maintenance processes. information into factory MES.
ROI in one year.

Operational process enhancement

reducing quality control checks to 5% downtime reduction due to
1 s for 9% OEE improvement. best practice pattern recognition
in M2H interaction.

About Plethora IIoT

Plethora IIoT is a company that is companies including ABB, Ford, GE,

part of the Etxe-Tar industrial group, GM, Jaguar, Siemens and
designing and developing Volkswagen.
cutting-edge answers for Industry We solve real industrial problems,
4.0. enhancing competitiveness at both
Being part of the Etxe-Tar Group, product and process levels.
bolstered by its long industrial Our growing team is comprised of
trajectory, gives us deeper people with traditional manufacturing
knowledge of industrial enterprises backgrounds, working together with
and their challenges. Etxe-Tar Group digital technologists, data scientists
works with leading worldwide and software engineers.

Headquarters USA Germany China

San Antolin 3 1270 Rankin Drive, Suite E Ölmühlenweg 1 Room 606, Building C,
20870 Elgoibar, Spain Troy, MI 48083 72072, Tübingen Ruipu Mansion 15 Yard,
T. +34 943 740 600 T. +1 248 733 9717 T. +49 7071 / 98 98 56-0 Hongjunying Nanlu,
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100012. P.R.
T. +86 135 0139 9152


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