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Software Engineering 16 BS(CS


Final Assignment Submission Date: 19th March 2018
Q:1 Discuss project estimation techniques. A system has 12 external inputs, 24 external
outputs, fields 30 different external queries, manages 4 internal logical files and
interfaces with 6 different legacy systems, all of this data are of average complexity
and the overall system is relatively simple, compute FP (functional point) for the
system with moderate complexity adjustment factor.
Q:2 Consider the example of safehome security function. Design the following:
 Level 1 DFD for SafeHome security function
 Sequence diagram (partial) for the SafeHome security function
Q:3 What is a risk? A software increment is delivered to end-users by a software team.
The users uncover 8 defects during the first month of use. Prior to delivery, the
software team found 242 errors during formal technical reviews and all testing tasks.
What is the overall DRE for the project?
Q:4 Draw a Data Flow Diagram for the following scenario:
 diagram represents a banking process, which maintains customer accounts
 customers can withdraw or deposit cash
 request information about their account
 update their account details
Q:5 List the process model that you think will be most appropriate for the below situations.
Also list your reasons for choosing the process model.
 A hospital named XYZ requires a laboratory management system and has
contacted your firm. You have 20 programmers, out of which 15 are busy with
other projects for the time being. The hospital intends to acquire laboratory
equipment, which they want to interface with the computer system. The annual
evaluation of the hospital is due soon, in which computerization initiatives are
 The owner of a video store has contacted you to develop a system to keep
track of videos and rentals. He feels that with the growing number of
customers, such a system will greatly help in managing accounts and
providing better customer service.

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