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This was the beginning of the

Christian community about two

thousand years ago.
In these centuries, millions of
Christians remember Jesu´s
resurrection and present of life
forever, happy with God.

New Testament stories

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11 From Jesu´s Resurrection to Pentecost
REMEMBER? They left the house and spoke
... Jesus was buried by his friends many languages. Everyone
understood what they were
Mt 27,57-60

and receive
HAS the Holy Spirit

Hch 2,4-13
Women went to the Jesu´s tomb on
Sunday at dawn.
Mc 16,1-3

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Pentecost´s day, a wind filled the When they arrived, the tomb was empty.
house. An angel told:

Jesus is not here,

Hch 2,1-4

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Mc 16,4-6
The Holy Spirit rested upon
them as fire tongues. They ran to tell
the disciples
that Jesus had
9 2
Jesus promised his friends that
Peter and the other discipleS ran to the he would send the Holy Spirit.

Hch 1,7-11
Jn 20,3-9

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was risen
to heaven
Peter saw and believed.
Jesus had died and risen.
to God

3 8
Thomas, one of the disciples did As the disciples returned Mary Magdalene
not believe his friends. He wanted was crying.
to see Jesus with his eyes. Eight Jesus appeared and at first she did not
days later Jesus appeared again. recognize him. But…

Thomas see
my hands and my side. ¡ Mary !
Not faithless My Lord ¡ MASTER !
but believing and My God

Jn 20,10-18
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Jn 20,24-31

Go and tell my brothers that I

will go to my Father, who is
your Father
7 4
Jesus appeared among his
Two disciples
friends. Jesus said:
went to Emmaus
and Jesus joined
on the road. They Peace be with you
were sad because
Jesus had died on
the cross. They
did not know

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Lc 24,13-35 him.

Lc 24,36-49
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Jesus explained
the Scriptures
to them.

He stayed to
home dinner
and shared the I told you that
bread among the Messiah had
them and they to die and will be
recognize him. risen on the third

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