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Radford University’s Student-run Newspaper The Tartan | March 21, 2018

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A Talk with
Radford University Protests
Flaccavento Gun Violence
In pursuit of Virginia’s
9th congressional seat,
Flaccavento is going up
against Rep. Morgan
Griffith in the upcoming
and her Pal,
It is a comedic look
back on her career as
a comedian, as well as
portraying the struggles
of women in comedy.
The Tea
Teachers Students standing outside to protest gun violence. Photo by Tristan Blake Rines | The Tartan
Have Guns? T r i s ta n B l a k e R i n e s

n a cold and windy 25 degrees
morning, nearly two hundred
Their original plan was to have
students exit class at 10 am and meet “It is amazing that
Radford University students,
faculty, and staff gathered at the
at the fountain by 10:05 am to begin
reading the names of people who had so many people
showed up on
campus fountain in a peaceful protest been killed in school shootings from
A look at the Pros and to push for gun reform. Columbine to Parkland.
Cons. The Women’s March Youth By 10:15 am, the event would
PAGE 5 Empower: #ENOUGH National conclude with voter registration such a gloomy and
Sports School Walkout has garnered massive forms being passed around to those
amounts of attention as students, and who had not registered to vote to get sad day. This is
First Ever teachers protest against gun violence more people to get involved with the

in cities all across the United States.
What triggered this walkout was by
political process in the area.
At 10:17 am students and faculty
something that I
the recent school shooting in Parkland,
Florida, in which 17 students were
were to then return to their original
classrooms or offices and proceed with
really care about
Win gunned down by a student wielding
an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle over a
the rest of their day.
Patricia Ramirez, a Radford
[and] it is really
The deciding ones came
with 43 seconds left
month ago.
The Radford University event on
freshman from Weston, Florida
helping with the event, said, “It is
amazing that so
extending the lead to campus was organized by the Women’s
Studies Club, NextGen, and the
amazing that so many people showed
up on such a gloomy and sad day. This many people care.”
Radford University Young Democrats. is something that I really care about, >> Walkout, Continued on page 2

Enjoy Spring, With a Hint of Snow!

2 | The Tartan News

Students standing outside to protest gun violence. Photo by Tristan Blake Rines | The Tartan
“Every voice matters, every
From Page 1 person can make a difference.”
but Radford is a school that’s Manager of Communication
Anthony Flaccavento
to Take a Second Swing
fourteen hours away, it is really and Outreach for the College
amazing that so many people of Science and Technology. “I
care.” think it is time to have a serious
Many protestors felt that the discussion about what can

Against Morgan Griffith

point was primarily focused on be done to stop these school
sending a message that there shootings and gun reform is a
should be comprehensive gun huge part of that,” Horton added.
reform passed. A couple of the President of the United States
ideas being thrown in the air Donald Trump has even recently
include; potentially changing the been considering alternative S h i z a J. M a n zo o r , J e r e m y M o s e r
age in which someone is allowed methods to stop gun violence smanzoor1@radford.edu, jmoser9@radford.edu

to legally purchase a weapon or in schools. Considering a highly
increasing background checks on controversial way which would oung Democrats host a town hall His plan to help prevent further tragedies
potential gun owners. arm high school teachers who meeting featuring candidates Jessica involves stronger background checks and
“Every voice matters, every have participated in specialized Critterton for councilwoman, David providing better mental health services.
person can make a difference,” training to, “fire back if a savage Horton for mayor, and, their special guest Talking about the things he was passionate
said Radford University junior, sicko came to a school with bad of the evening, Anthony Flaccavento for about, Flaccavento said, “For me, the
and NextGen member Geoffrey intentions,” the President tweeted Congress. single most important issue, with a lot
Preudhomme. out on Feb. 22nd. In pursuit of Virginia’s 9th congressional of close seconds and thirds, is building a
With nearly 200 students, Since Columbine in 1999, over seat, Flaccavento is going up against Rep. healthy economy.” He believes firmly in
faculty and staff braving the snow 220 students and faculty have Morgan Griffith in the upcoming elections. the importance of hard work, and he wants
and wind to stand up against gun been killed by gun violence on However, this is now his first time running. a government that will provide a support
violence, the campus community school grounds. Students and In 2012, he lost his bid for the seat due to his network for people to succeed. That includes
certainly made its voice heard. faculty at Radford University, as status as an environmentalist – which made things like universal healthcare and support
“I think it is incredible well as all around the country, are him realize might have made some people for entrepreneurs.
that Radford students are so standing up against gun violence, apprehensive. “I think the role of the government is not to
passionate about wanting to see and are demanding change. He talked about, “leveling the playing give people stuff. I think it is to enable people
a change,” said David Horton, field.” When it came to define the term, to help themselves.”
Flaccavento said, “I mean it quite literally. A healthy neighborhood equals a healthy
Most of the laws, most of the rules that we economy according to him. “I know that good
implement laws with are against ordinary work always starts with local communities.
people, against young people.” That is true whether we are revitalizing
Some issues he is looking to address have downtown Galax, manufacturing energy
to do with organized labor and unfair laws efficient building products in Radford,
that make creating or joining unions difficult, tackling drug addiction in St. Charles or
non-disclosure agreements between the building infrastructure to help farmers in
employer and employee that may encourage Duffield.”
sexual harassments, net-neutrality, and the The floor was opened to questions from
2018 GOP tax bill. the public soon after. Some points that were
Flaccavento is a big advocate for student brought up had to do with the train system
debt relief, and he wants to overturn the and bolstering infrastructure, a cycle of
measure in the tax bill that would affect poverty in the area, prison systems, the opioid
existing relief programs. crisis, as well as funding for space travel.
“Student loan debt relief is on the chopping Flaccavento leaned progressive on most
block. We don’t have nearly enough options of the issues stating how he wanted to be a
right now as it is. Because of those tax breaks, congressman to all, not just a select few.
> we may have even fewer.” Flaccavento gave “You must simultaneously do well with all
this as one of many ways the current laws are age groups,” he declared, adding on to how
not helping ordinary people. his campaign strategy required everyone to
“Wouldn’t it be delightful if the economy be, “psyched, fired, worked up and going to
Anthony Flaccavento and Radford’s Taken from Young Democrats Facebook worked for humans?” Flaccavento rhetorically the polls” on May 1st for local elections and
Young Democrats.
asked of his audience. June 12th for congressional district primaries.

“For me, the single most

He was very impressed with the walk- However, when it came to space travel, he
out protests about gun control. While he was skeptic.

important issue, with a lot of

wants to be clear that he supports the second “I just don’t want it becoming an escape
amendment, he also says that something must valve (for some) to ruin Earth,” he said.
be done. “I would need to be persuaded that that is
close seconds and thirds, is “We have had a policy now for about
twenty years that is basically to do nothing.”
money well spent.”

building a healthy economy.”

www.rutartan.com Wednesday, March 21, 2018 | 3

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

A Movie Review

Tomb Raider
M i c h a e l A. C o o p e r s m i t h
Taken from imdb.com


n March 15, I went down to the Radford Kong sailor that took Richard Croft into the Golden by Walton Goggins; the film tries to portray him as a
Theatre to watch an early screening of Triangle. psychopathic character to the point that our character
the latest iteration of one of my “favorite” The movie’s narrative is a straightforward action- tells us he is a psycho, but it never seemed that way.
videogame to movie adaptations; Lara Croft as the adventure that almost feels as if it used a checklist. In my own opinion, Walton wasn’t going all the
Tomb Raider. Even when you get to the tomb, which is the “meat” way with Mathias as a psychopathic leader. From
Now, to clarify, this review will look at the movie in of the movie, the trials and booby traps seem too what you see, the only indication of him being
both of a film and video game adaptation perspective. predictable, it could not bring you to the edge of the “psychopathic” is that he has been on the island far
With this version of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft was seat if it even tried. too long and badly wants to return home. He might
not played by the titular Angelina Jolie but replaced Moreover, the twist at the end came way out of kill a few “slaves” from time to time to make an
with Alicia Vikander whose acting career consists of left field but still didn’t feel impactful since it was example, but it doesn’t seem that he takes enjoyment
parts from films such as Ex Machina, The Danish Girl, unnecessary and random. in it.
and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Since the movie is a videogame adaption, I would In fact, when they are in the tomb, he is quite level-
To those who are familiar with 2013 Tomb Raider say that half of this movie relates to the videogame. It headed and focused on the goal at hand, not getting
videogame reboot, you might be able to see that has the same set-up and setting, but as we enter the swept up in the idea of it being a cursed tomb. This is
Alicia Vikander fits the Lara Croft well rather than actual tomb portion of the film, it felt as we lost the just one example of not going far with the characters
an Angelina Jolie type, which was playing of the 90s’ mystical and dangerous tone that you get from the that you have. It seems the themes were there and
classic Tomb Raider but, yet, they trimmed down the videogame itself. they could have shown different perspectives, but they
“fat” of the main story line. During the action scenes we get these wide shots did not.
The plot of the movie consists of Lara Croft having of all the destruction that Lara has to run away from It seems that I can only say is that if you want a by
to go out into the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia or parkour her way out of. At times these shots can the book action-adventure movie based on the new
to find her father who had disappeared while on an be exciting, yet they are not focused on, and we move Tomb Raider games, then I recommend this movie;
expedition. He was last noted on a deserted island away since the pacing of the movie is quite fast. But there are better action-adventure movies out
that was rumored to have the tomb of a Japanese Furthermore, the characters were very there.
Empress who possessed the touch of death. underdeveloped; everyone’s motivations felt very one The dust on this tomb should have been left alone.
Lara enlists the help of Lu Ren, the son of the Hong note. For example, our villain; Mathias Vogel played

“Lady Macbeth and her Pal, Megan”; A Review

V a n F au s t -S t e p h e n s o n

t’s March, so that means that it is Women’s History Writing and performing a comedy, especially one with several other shows, such as Hillary Clinton Got
Month, and Radford University is taking part in the with strong undertones on sexism and sexual assault, Me Pregnant and Save Me, Dolly Parton available
festivities with activities hosted by the Women’s can be a job where everyone can notice if something is online now, with Lady Macbeth and her Pal, Megan
Studies Club. done right, but it is hard to see the small things that are joining them … as soon as Gogerty gets tired of
One of these activities was the two-night showing of done well. performing it.
the one-woman play Lady Macbeth and her Pal Megan, The play starts pretty slow, but you are hooked in More works by Megan Gogerty are available online
written and performed by comedian and playwright, before you realize it. There’s no moment of gut-busting at www.megangogerty.com.

Megan Gogerty. comedy early on, but you slowly feel yourself laughing
Taken from saffronhenke.com

Lady Macbeth and her Pal Megan is a comedic look more as it goes on and getting surprisingly engrossed
back on Gogerty’s career as a comedian, as well as a in the story.
way of portraying the struggles of women in comedy,
especially after changes made to the play after the 2016
presidential election.
Most of the play’s second act is about Gogerty’s story
of starting comedy and the sexism that is inherent in
it; to paraphrase a joke, no matter what demographic
As Gogerty said during her talk-back after the show,
“The play changed when the world changed.”
a comedian is, as long as they are male, they will have
jokes about dicks. starts
The title of the play is a bit of a misleading one, Gogerty is an energetic actor, twisting and twirling
as the play isn’t actually a retelling of Macbeth from around the stage for the entirety of the play. As well,
Lady Macbeth’s point of view or even that much about Gogerty is a great actress when it comes to conveying
Macbeth in general.
Instead, the title is more indicative of several
references Gogerty makes throughout the show to the
emotional scenes; though, these scenes usually jump
right back into comedy, giving the play a bit of mood
whiplash. Her interaction with the props, though few
play, comparing her entering her career as a comedian
to the life and death of Lady Macbeth, and then later
there are, is subtlety amazing.
In all, Lady Macbeth and her Pal, Megan is not what
but you
are hooked
the characters of the witches. I thought it would be going in. In fact, as I began to
Though it is not required, a basic knowledge of realize it was a one-person play, my excitement fell a
Macbeth is recommended going into the play. little.
Gogerty plays an exaggerated version of herself, only
known as Megan; with this exaggerated persona comes
However, as I watched more, I began to realize that
this was more entertaining than it would be if it was a in before you
realize it.”
large movements and has her hamming it up on stage, Macbeth retelling or even had more than one person
which works surprisingly well for the story she is trying on stage.
to tell. Megan Gogerty is a great comedian and playwright
4 | The Tartan Gallery

Don’t Tell...
A Look into
Students, faculty, and staff standing outside to protest gun violence.

Radford Education Career Fair 2018

Photos by Hailey Scherer, Josh Owens | The Tartan

The tea
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, March 21, 2018 | 5
Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week
“Most people have the will to win, few
have the will to prepare to win.”
- Bobby Knight

Should Teachers Have

The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
uted at more than 25 locations

on the RU campus. The Tar-
tan is always looking into ex-
panding  their distribution.
The publication is printed at
Shenandoah Publishing House
in Winchester, Va.

The Tartan is part of Highland-

er Student Media and is com-
pletely student-run. As a news-
paper, The Tartan reserves the
right to address, explore and
delve into issues that affect the
university student body and the
surrounding area.
Student Media
P.O. Box 6895
Radford VA, 24142

“Our Opinion” pieces are
written collectively by members
of The Tartan Editorial
Board. The Editorial Board is
comprised of the editing staff,
the Tea writers, and other
Radford University students.

These undergraduate and

graduate students represent
multiple class levels and
different political, cultural, People advocating for more gun control. Taken from timemagazine.com
ethnic, and religious
backgrounds. Members may hannah curran
or may not belong to a variety hcurran1@radford.edu

of student organizations. The
Editorial Board is open to all ately, there has been much She goes on to further state that perhaps IN MY OPINION
RU students who apply. controversy over gun control the government could try to implement a
in traction to the recent school state-funded course for educators. I realize All of these pros and cons are important
TARTAN shootings. there are School Resource Officers (SRO) to consider in this argument, but I do want
I’ve decided to take a pros and cons but is that really enough? Having many to point out some other things that are
STAFF approach to this because I am having a
hard time sticking to a hard yes or no on
more protectors for those kids could be a
great thing in the long run.
relevant as well.
These tragic school shootings have
Dylan Lepore this issue. Some good things could form rocked America. However, is this a
dlepore1@radford.edu in light of recent events, but there can THE CONS mental health problem that America is
Ida Domingo also be many dangers that stem from that not addressing accurately versus a gun
Managing Editor exposure. There are many cons to think about that problem?
could come with arming teachers. Everyone is very quick to blame the gun
Annie Schroeder
Copy Editor
THE PROS Funding to arm and train every teacher and almost ignore the state of the person
lschroeder@radford.edu would be nearly impossible and unable to behind them. What drove that person to
Gracie Miller The pros for these teachers carrying come out of the education budget, so where make that tragic choice?
News Editor
guns are focused on safety. The shooter would it come from? There can also be an alternative option
may become deterred if he or she knows On the parent side of this, I am also not according to senior Michael Matthews
Van Faust-Stephensons
Culture Editor that they are many trained and armed sure I would want my six-year-old coming who is in ROTC, “I think that only the ones
vfauststephenso@radford.edu adults in the building. home and asking me about guns or better (teachers) that get qualified should, but if
Alexis Gardner Junior Dagny Hammond, who is enlisted yet just reaching for one off their teacher a teacher does not want to, that is fine.” I
The Tea Editor
in the army, shared her opinion on this out of curiosity. like this because it gives some choice to the
topic. Teachers carrying guns would also put teachers on what they are comfortable with.
Davis Byrd
Sports Editor Hammond thinks that since guns are a a lot of pressure on them. I want to teach It is tough to say that one side is
dbyrd16@radford.edu significant issue, there are people who are to inspire, with kids there are already entirely correct on this issue, but I think
Hailey Scherer not knowledgeable about firearm safety, pressures, and of course I would protect my if it comes to this, letting the teacher have
Photography Manager
hscherer1@radford.edu therefore making it something out of touch, students but honestly my personal choice I their individual choice is fundamental. It
scary. So if more people are educated on would not want to have to be armed all day boils down to focus on the safety of the
Tyquan Holloway
Distributor guns, then maybe it can become less of a every day in front of my children. kids and what in the end will be the best
terrifying thing and more of what they were circumstances for them to be in.
intended for.
6 | The Tartan The Tea

Michaela Coel as Tracey Gordon in ‘Chewing Gum.’ Taken from netflix.com

Your New Show to Binge Watch on Netflix

Ola Elshaar

M “Every character in the show is

ichaela Coel’s spontaneous, convincing performance is enough to keep you
watching her TV show comedy, Chewing Gum, over and over endlessly. It
is currently streaming on Netflix and is worth your attention.
Coel, who is the creator of the show, also plays the main character Tracy Gordon just unbelievably brilliant. It is
like the producers could make a
who is a 24 years old religious, virgin girl who is trying desperately to express herself
in her own way.

whole movie based on any of those

Tracey’s mother and her sister Cynthia Gordon are strict Christians who judge
everything Tracey does. Tracey’s mom (starring Shola Adewusi) has a habit of going
around the community hall they live in to try to convert people to become Christians
because she thinks that is her duty as a religious person. characters and it would be enjoyable
I think every character in the show is just unbelievably brilliant. It is almost like
the producers could make a whole movie based on any of those characters and it
would be enjoyable and entertaining.
and entertaining.”
Candice, (starring Danielle Isaie) is Tracey’s wild best friend who is always touch Tracey until they get married, *spoiler alert* and that is until Tracey find’s out
encouraging Tracey to just go for it. Tracey describes her by saying, “Candice is in episode three that he is gay and just tries to hide it with Christianity, and they end
like the buffest girl I’ve ever seen on the whole of my estate, but she’s got learning up breaking.
difficulties so it sort of balances it out – so like, I can be best friends with her, and Cynthia (starring Susie Wokoma), is just an average and an ambitionless girl who
I’m not jealous or anything.” wants to do nothing in her life except remaining what she is and grow old with her
John MacMillan (Ronald) who plays Tracey’s religious, strict fiancé, is just like mom and sister (Tracey).
her mom and sister. He is aimless severe, and does not want to have sex or even Also one of the actors who played a dazzling performance was Robert Lonsdale
(Connor) who is Tracey’s new boyfriend. A waste poet guy who lives on the same
estate with Tracey.
Connor is shiftless and kind of foolish when expressing his feeling to Tracey.
When they first started dating, they were trying hard to impress each other,
especially Tracey who was sexually hungry, after being stuck with a religious guy
who would not touch or even like her.
A review was written by Jackson McHenry on Vulture.com called, ‘5 Reasons to
Check out Chewing Gum, a Netflix Hidden Gem.’ McHenry said, “In a time where it
seems as if there simply aren’t enough shows like chewing gum.” One of McHenry’s
convincing reasons to watch the show was because of the jokes and Coel’s expressive
This was one of the lines that attracted me in McHenry’s article about Coel: “She
registers every one of Tracey’s millions of feelings per second in her face, making her
seem awkward, optimistic, bemused, glamorous, frightened, and shy all at the same
The sitcom is two seasons, and it won the BAFTA for best female performance in
a comedy Program.
Taken from netflix.com
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, March 21, 2018 | 7

Women’s Golf
Bobby Nichols Intercollegiate

Mar. 19 (315-313) 7/9

Mar. 20 (315-313-319) 7/9

W UNC Asheville 12-5

Conference: 1-2-0
Overall: 8-11-0

L Longwood 0-1

Conference: 0-3-0
Overall: 14-12-0

Letters to the
Jones and Fields Jr. Celebrate the school’s first tourney win. Photo courtesy of RU Athletics
We prefer letters that are fewer

Radford Claims its First Ever NCAA

than 200 words and take as
their starting point an article
or other item appearing in The

Tournament Win by Defeating LIU Brooklyn

Tartan. They may not have
been submitted to, posted
to or published by any other
media. They must include the
writer’s full name — for more Austin White
information and to send a

letter head over to fter surprisingly winning the trying to pull away from LIU Brooklyn, Polite Jr. did not make a field goal for the
www.rutartan.com. Northeast Conference, LIU Brooklyn and they just couldn’t shake them off. rest of the game. Because his offense was
was coming off a five-game winning Sophomore Travis Fields Jr. started missing, the Highlanders needed someone
Notes of Worth streak when they faced Radford in a play-in to make plays by finding senior Randy to fill the void.

R adford’s
game for a spot in the East Region.
The winner would play Villanova
University, the number one seed in the
Phillips in the paint for a nice dunk. Fields
also swished a three from the corner. The
Highlanders found themselves up 30-28 at
That, someone, was Fields Jr. He carried
on what he was doing in the first half of
the second, assisting open teammates and
team has region. Even though the Blackbirds were the end of the first half. hitting a sweet jumper. With 3:29 left in
gained tons on a win streak, the Highlanders were on The Highlander guards carried the team the game, he dribbled the ball to the right
of national a seven-game winning streak coming fresh for the entire game, especially the second side of the three-point line with a defender
off a game-winning buzzer beater by Carlik half. Senior Christian Bradford started the on his hip.
Jones to win the conference tournament second by making two layups to extend He then crossed the ball over from his
ever since
over Liberty University. the lead. Phillips also came up big in the right hand to his left sending the defender
Carlik Jones’
Radford’s defense made a difference second, grabbing rebounds, blocking shots, flying to the right and finished the play by
shot heard early in the game holding LIU Brooklyn and scoring on the inside to keep the LIU hitting a swishing three and nodding his
around the to nine points up 18-9 with 9:37 left in the Brooklyn defense honest. head in satisfaction.
world. Not first half. Ed Polite Jr. made his presence Clearly, Coach Jones wanted defense to Polite Jr. ended up making up for his
only has the known by getting six quick points and two be the key in winning the game, with the bad shooting night by hitting clutch free
team been assists. He also grabbed three rebounds Highlanders not allowing LIU Brooklyn to throws down the stretch of the game. The
in the news Courtesy of RU Athletics in that timespan while playing impressive score a field goal after sophomore guard deciding ones came with 43 seconds left
lately, but the Highlander defense on forward Zach Coleman for most Julian Batts’ three-pointer with 6:50 left extending the lead to 71-61. He finished
mascot’s popularity has of the night. made the score 57-55 Radford. The rest of with 13 points and 12 rebounds notching
grown as well. It was LIU Brooklyn kept it close with forward their points came from free throws. his 27th career double-double.
recently rated the number Raiquan Clark hitting a key three-pointer Radford’s stellar defense ended up All students and Radford citizens should
one mascot in the NCAA to keep the game close making it 20-16 helping their offense finish the game on a be proud of this team after their incredible
tournament by USA Today with 7:24 left in the first, forcing coach 10-2 run. year, easily one of their best.
Mike Jones to call a timeout. One of Radford’s primary offensive
The rest of the half the Highlanders were weapons in the first half started to go cold.
8 | The Tartan Sports



Taken from Deadspin

Photo courtesy of RU Athletics

Nine Years and They Are Dancing Again

D av i s B yr d

he Radford Highlanders Men’s basketball team made its first appearance in
the NCAA Tournament since 2009 this last week.
The Highlanders topped off their impressive season in which they finished
second in the conference after being projected to finish seventh by winning the Big
South Tournament and winning their first-ever NCAA tournament game against
Long Island University Brooklyn.
The last time Radford had made it to the tournament was in the 2008-09 season
where eventual champions North Carolina defeated them in the first round. It would
take the Highlanders 9 years and undergoing an arduous rebuild for them to reach
their next tournament appearance.
The Highlanders would finally get their first taste of success in March after
defeating LIU Brooklyn 61-71 in their matchup in the First Four.
The Highlanders would then put up a valiant effort against #1 seed Villanova in
a 61-87 loss to the Big East Tournament Champions. The Highlanders played hard
every second, earning admiration from Former NBA star and commentator Reggie
Miller who gushed on commentary about the Radford fans and the players making
themselves and the school proud.
It seems safe to say that this team absolutely did just that with a gutsy
performance against one of the best teams in the tournament. The Highlanders Taken from roanoke.com
shared a moment with their traveling support and even stayed to applaud and rebounding by Belarusian junior big man Artsiom Parakhouski while this year’s
acknowledge the same fans who had been cheering their hearts out for their team. squad was led in scoring and rebounding by another junior, this time being Ed
Both this season’s team and the 2008-09 team share some similarities Polite Jr. Polite Jr. was first-team All-Big South while Parakhouski was a multiple
when it comes to their leading scorers. 2008-09’s squad was led in scoring and time Big South player of the year. TK
Current coach Mike Jones was the man chosen to help rebuild the program after

“Jones, in his 7th season whos in

a rough couple of seasons. The previous coaching regime was under fire from the
NCAA and coming off the back of a particularly poor season, and the reins were
handed to Coach Jones who changed the system and made the Highlanders into
charge of the Highlanders finally saw a tough and hard-working team with an emphasis on defense, rebounding and
second-chance points.
his work and his team’s work come Jones, in his 7th season whos in charge of the Highlanders finally saw his work
and his team’s work come to fruition with a second place finish in the conference
to fruition with a second place finish after most had the Highlanders pegged to finish 7th at the start of the season.
The Highlanders would fight through the Big South Tournament and defeat

in the conference after most had the Liberty University in the final after a dramatic buzzer beater from Big South
Freshman of the Year Carlik Jones. Coach Jones was recognized for his hard work

Highlanders pegged to finish 7th at

over the course of the season by being named as Big South Coach of the Year.
The Highlanders will be looking forward to next season with a host of returning
players and will be hungry to compete and make it back to the dance come next
the start of the season.” March.

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