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25th July 2009

The Director
Community Child Health Service
41 Jones Street

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Vamuya Obeki

I am writing to refer Vamuya, a 4year-old child and his family to

you. He was admitted to our hospital on the 15th of July through the
Children’s Emergency Department with the diagnosis of acute
meningoencephalitis following mumps. He is due to be discharged today.

He was born in Sudan and arrived in Australia in 2008 with his

parents and a 2 year-old little brother as refugees. They recently moved
to rental accommodation. Their only income is made by his father,
Abdullah, who is employed as a factory shift worker. This family has no
family doctor now. As well as this, they have a language barrier. His
father can understand spoken English but his mother, Miri, has limited
understanding of English.

During his stay in hospital, he has fully recovered from the mumps
and meningoencephalitis. However he will need a neurological check –up.
For both children, the advice on recommended vaccines will be needed.

I hope you will be able to arrange someone who can help this family
and provide proper medical support. Please do not hesitate to contact me
if you require any further information about this family.

Yours sincerely,
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Task 2 Model Letter: Nicole Smith
The Director
Community Child Health Service
41 Vulture Street
West End, 4101

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Ms Nicole Smith

DOB: 04/09/1991

I am writing to refer this patient, an 18-year-old single mother who

delivered a baby boy on the 10/09/09. Nicole had difficulty with vaginal
delivery which took 16 hours of labor. Therefore, due to fetal distress and
progress failure an emergency caesarean section was performed.

The baby is progressing quite well with breast feeding and is gaining
weight and is currently 4.4kg. Fefol and Vitamin C were prescribed to
Nicole as her blood examination revealed low numbers in her hemoglobin
from blood loss.

Nicole has no relatives in Brisbane and no contact with her family or the
father of the baby. She lives in a rented flat with one other young woman
and is on a single mother’s pension.

My main concern is that she does not believe she has the ability to
breastfeed, bathes or cares for her baby and is considering adoption. It
would be greatly appreciated if you could organize a home visit for Nicole
and the baby. Nicole requires appropriate advice and assistance to
encourage her to develop parenting skills due to her isolated

Thank you for agreeing to assist in this matter. Should you require any
further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse
Spirit Mother’s Hospital
Task 3 Model letter: Betty Olsen

10 July 2009

The Admission Doctor

The Spirit Hospital
Emergency Department

Dear Doctor,

Re: Mrs Betty Olsen

DOB: 29/01/1926

I am writing regarding Mrs Olsen, an elderly woman suffering from chest

pain who has been transferred to your hospital via ambulance.

She is a resident of Golden Pond Retirement Village. Her husband died in

December 2008 and she has a son who lives in Warwick. She was
diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 1997, hypertension in 2003 and
glaucoma in 2004.

Mrs. Olsen is currently on prescription medication which includes: karvea

150 mg daily, orixine 0.1 mg daily, timoptol eye drops 0.5% twice a day
and normison 10 mg as required. She also takes non prescription
medication which includes: golden glow glucosamine tablet one daily and
vitamin C complex sustained release with breakfast. Please also note, she
has an allergy to penicillin.

Last night she refused her dinner because she felt slightly nauseous. She
had trouble sleeping and complained of shoulder and neck pain. Her
condition has further deteriorated today and normison and two Panadol
tablets were given at 10 pm. When I checked on her at 10.45 pm, Mrs.
Olsen was distressed, pale and sweaty and complaining of persistent
chest pain. Her blood pressure was 190/100 mmHg.

I would appreciate your assessment and emergency management of this

patient’s condition.

Yours sincerely,

Night Nurse
Golden Pond Retirement Village

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1 August, 2009

The Director of Nursing

Glen Haven Palliative Care Hospice
971 Arthur Street

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Mrs. Maeve Greerson

I am referring this patient, a 58- year-old terminally ill widow, who has
been under our care for the treatment of cancer. She was transferred to
your centre for further care this morning.

She has had lower intestine cancer since March, 2009. When admitted to
this hospital she complained of dehydration, nausea and severe pain. She
has received IV fluids and transdermal patch for pain. She has been told
to take light, low fiber foods and has been visited by a social worker.

Over the past week, she has remained free from severe pain and has
been able to tolerate a fluid diet. Mrs. Greerson has had radiation therapy
for six weeks and her life expectancy is only 3 – 4 months. Therefore,
she and her only relative, her brother Mr. Brian Hewson have made the
decision that she would only receive treatment for pain and comfort.

Based on the advice of a social worker, her brother has requested that
Mrs. Greerson be transferred to your centre. As she is in morbid condition,
please make an arrangement to provide prioritized care.

Thank you for agreeing to assist in this matter. Should you require any
more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Sarina Chai

Charge Nurse.

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The Heart Foundation Centre

Community Information Section
Gregory Terrace

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Mr. Bill O’ Riley

I am writing with regard to Mr. O’Riley, a 53 –year- old- man, who was
admitted the hospital on the 2nd of September and diagnosed with
obstructive coronary artery disease. He underwent a coronary artery
bypass graft on the 4th of September.

Mr. 0’Riley has a history of smoking (20 cigarettes per day) and drinks on
a regular basis. His body mass index is high and he usually eats fatty, rich

After the surgery, Mr. O’Riley has attained a routine post operative
recovery. He has been advised to stop smoking and to reduce alcohol
consumption. He also has been told to follow a low fat diet and has been
receiving attention from a social worker. His wounds are healing and he is
walking well.

After he is discharged from the hospital, Mr. O’Riley needs to go for a

follow- up visit to a local general practitioner and to continue a
rehabilitation exercise program.

In order to maintain a good health condition, Mr. O’Riley has requested

advice on low, fat dietary guidelines and healthy, simple recipes. It would
be greatly appreciated if you could send the above mentioned information
to Mr. O’Riley at his home address, 9476 Old Dam Road, Goondiwindi,
QLD, 4390.

Yours sincerely,
Lee Wong
Charge Nurse

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Task 6 Model Letter


Ms. Jenny Attard

The Nursing Director
Community Home Care Agency

Dear Ms. Attard

Re: Ms. Robyn Harwood

DOB: 04/02/1948

I am writing to request daily home visits by the Blue Nurses to provide

care and support for this patient, a 61 year-old widow who lives on her

Ms. Harwood was admitted to our hospital on the 30th of October with a
diagnosis of right rotator cuff tear following a fall while descending stairs.
Therefore, surgery has been suggested, however, she prefers non-
surgical treatment. She has received ibuprofen and cortisone as
prescribed and also daily visits by a physiotherapist.

In terms of her medical history, she suffers from type 2 diabetes mellitus
for which she is taking metformine 500mg. However, following her
discharge, she will need a regular monitoring on the blood glucose level
which may become elevated due to administration of cortisone during
hospitalisation. She will also require assistance in showering and home
help. As well as this, she needs to review her condition with an
orthopaedic surgeon on the 19th of November.

Ms. Harwood lives alone and has no children. Her next of kin is her niece,
Megan Mack who lives in Sydney. Regrettably, she has no relatives or
friends to support her.

Please contact me if you require further information regarding this patient.

Yours sincerely,
Sonya Matthews

Registered Nurse, Mater Hospital

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Task 7 Model Letter

The Director
Aged Care Assessment Team
78 Masterson Street

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Mr. Henry O’Keefe

I am writing to requesting aged care assistance for Mr. O’Keefe, an 83-

year-old man who is recovering from a malignant melanoma in his left

Mr. O’Keefe was admitted to the Mater Public Hospital on the 14th of
March and underwent surgery. Since his discharge from the hospital, we
have been doing daily home visits and wound dressing and also assisting
him with his showers. On observation today, Mr. O’Keefe’s general
condition had improved. His wound is healing and is free from

Mr. O’Keefe, who lives with his wife in a housing commission home, is an
aged care pensioner. They are getting some help from their neighbours,
but they are having trouble keeping up with routine household work. As
per the doctor’s order, we have organized daily home visits until 24 March
2008 after which our nursing care will end. Therefore, it would be greatly
appreciated if you could do a home visit and assess their needs and to
arrange further assistance for this family.

Thank you for agreeing to assist in this matter. For further queries, please
do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse
Blue Skies Home Care Centre

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Task 8 Model Letter


Barnaby Webster
The School Psychologist
Toohey Point State School

Dear Mr Webster,

Re: Alison Cooper

DOB: 14/06/00

I am writing to refer Alison, a year 5 student at our school due to possible

psychological problems and low self esteem.

She lives with her mother, who is working full-time as a bank manager
and her father died 3 years ago due to an accident. Alison has an older
sister and a younger brother. Her grandmother looks after the children
when required. In terms of her medical history, she is suffers from
asthma and eczema with no other significant illnesses, however, she is
overweight for her age.

Her school record shows that she has a history of regular absence during
the past 5 years. In addition, her academic performance is declining and
she is reluctant to joint any school activities unless persuaded. She has
few friends and has been teased by her peers about her weight.

Please note, Alison’s teacher contacted her mother regarding her situation
and she reported that Alison is overeating, embarrassed about her
eczema and missing her father, who she was very close to.

Based on this, I would appreciate it if you could investigate her case and
should you require any further information please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse
Toohey Point State School

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Task 9 Model Letter


The Director
Blue Nursing Service
207 Sydney Street
New Farm, 4106

Re: Ms Annette McNamara

DOB 14.06.1936

I am writing to request daily visits by the Blue Nurses to provide support

for this patient, an aged pensioner who lives on her own.

Ms McNamara was admitted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital on 20th

May following a fall down a flight of stairs at her flat. She sustained a
fractured right wrist, lacerations to her left hand which required stitches
and severe bruising to her right shoulder and lower back. Providing there
are no complications, hospital discharge is scheduled for 22 May. She has
a 10.30am appointment on 31/05/09 at our Out Patient Department to
remove the stitches and review her situation.

Meals on Wheels and a home physiotherapist visit are being organised by

a social worker. Ms McNamara will also require assistance with showering
and to have her left hand wound dressed.

Ms McNamara’s current medications are Karvea 150mg daily to control

high blood pressure, Normison 10mg as required for insomnia and 2
Panadol 4 hourly while pain persists. She moved to a new flat recently
and has lost her usual social contacts. Her next of kin is a niece, Stella
who can be contacted on 075 5984 7216.

Please contact me if you require any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Grace Jones
Ward C 25
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Task 10 Model Letter

The Director
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
GPO Box 777
Brisbane, 4001

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: DVA Eligibility for Mr Jim Middleton

D0B 3/7/1924

I am writing to request a home visit by DVA staff to Mr Jim Middleton and

his wife Olga to assess their eligibility for a DVA pension and/or other
assistance that your department provides. Their address is Alexander
Street, Belmont, Brisbane 4153. Their phone number is (07) 6946 5173.

Mr Middleton, a Second World War veteran, was also a prisoner of war.

He does not receive any government pension or other assistance. He was
discharged from hospital on 9 July after a successful inguinal hernia
operation. His physical activities are currently limited and he cannot drive
for at least six weeks.

Prior to discharge, Mr Middleton’s wife Olga spoke to me about their

ability to manage their own home without assistance. Their income is not
sufficient to pay for home or garden help. Olga does not drive and there is
no nearby public transport. She is in good general health but finds phone
conversation difficult due to hearing problems. A home visit to discuss
their eligibility for assistance would be appreciated.

Please contact me on (07) 3947 2987 should your require any further

Yours sincerely,

Nurse Manager, Ward 3