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Name ........................................................................................ Mark ...............................................

3 Complete the second sentence so it

Use of English: Grammar means the same as the first, using the word
given. Do not change the word given. Use
1 Complete the text with the correct past simple, between two and five words.
past perfect or past perfect continuous form.
1 When I started work, I never went to bed after
After I (1) ______________________ (have) ten o’clock. USE
breakfast I drove to work and (2)
_____________________ (arrive) about 15 When I started work, I ___________________
minutes early. I definitely hadn’t been looking to bed after ten o’clock.
forward to going to work that Tuesday because the 2 We visited my aunt every Saturday, and she
boss (3) _________________________ (ask) me always gave us a bar of chocolate. WOULD
to see him at 9.30. This was unusual. He had never We visited my aunt every Saturday and she
asked to see me in his office before. I knew I had __________________________________ a
done something wrong. I (4) bar of chocolate.
__________________ ______ (sit) at my desk for 3 Every time I go to London it rains. RAINING
ten minutes because I knew he liked punctuality
and then I knocked on his door. Surprisingly, he It _______________________________ when I
smiled when I went in. He obviously knew that I go to London.
(5) _____________________ (wait) for the right 4 I think it’s a good idea to check the information
moment. online. LIKE
I ___________________________________ the
information online.
2 Find and correct the mistakes in the 5 I did my homework and then I watched the
sentences. There is one mistake in each football match on TV. AFTER
sentence. Two sentences do not have a ___________________________ my homework, I
mistake. watched the football match on TV.
1 The teacher told us to stop to write before I had
4 Complete the text with one word in each gap.
I got my first part-time job (1) _______________ I
2 Before coming to live here, my dad would was 16, and it was the most boring job you can
work for an engineering company. imagine. I was on the checkout at my local
supermarket for four hours every Saturday
morning. I (2) _______________ to get up at 7.30,
3 The teacher is always giving us tests when and, after a quick breakfast, my dad (3)
we’re not expecting them. _______________ give me a lift into town.
Sometimes it was busy, and the time passed
quickly, but at other times it was so slow! The
4 I’ll never forget seeing the Killers perform on
manager was (4) _______________ coming round
to check that we were being polite to the
customers and not taking time off. When I (5)
_______________ been there for about six
5 We used to work on the project for three days.
months, I left and got a job in a clothes shop. It
was much more interesting.
Name ........................................................................................ Mark ...............................................

5 Complete the sentences with the correct 7 Choose the correct alternatives to complete
form of these verbs. the advertisement.

make get promote do be Have you (1) ___ recently because you hated your
last job? Or maybe you’ve been made redundant?
1 What I hate most about helping my dad at (2) ___ for a job with Grant and Company Ltd.,
work is ____________ all the paperwork. and you could be earning a high (3) ___ within
2 The local town council is making some films to months. We are looking for people who would like
try to ____________ tourism in the area. the experience of working for an excellent (4) ___
who can guarantee a secure full-time job for the
3 My cousin ____________ on flexi-time, so he next two years with the opportunity for plenty of
can finish early if he wants to. overtime. We also offer excellent working
4 I think about a hundred workers were conditions. You don’t need many (5) ___ but you
____________ redundant last year when the need to be hard-working and punctual. Check out
factory closed. the positions on offer on our website and get more
5 I’ve worked here for three years and I’m information. Who knows, your dream job could be
hoping to ____________ promotion soon. one click away!
1 A dismissed B fired C gone D resigned
2 A Offer B Apply C Look D Get
6 Complete the sentences with the correct 3 A money B finance C salary D promotion
4 A employee B colleague C job D employer
1 If you want to get _________ at work, you 5 A notes B exams C qualifications D results
have to be conscientious and punctual.
2 Corinne turned __________ an invitation to go 8 Complete the text with words formed from the
to a party at her boss’s house. words given.
3 Our teacher wasn’t feeling very well, so Mr. We are holding a careers (1) ____________
Brown took ____________ the lesson. (advise) day on Saturday 22nd March. If you’re still
4 First you have to fill ____________ an online not sure what the best job is for you, come along
application and then send it to this address. because there will definitely be something to
5 Who is responsible ____________ doing the interest you during the day. Several experts will be
paperwork in the office? here to advise you on the benefits of specific job
(2) ____________ (train) as opposed to going
straight to university. And if you decide that
university is for you, then they can help answer
questions about accommodation and which (3)
____________ (qualify) to go for. There will also
be talks about different professions; whether to
work indoors or outdoors, the (4) ____________
(important) of promotion in the career ladder and
how to avoid jobs that are too stressful. There will
inevitably be questions for them about the
difficulty of finding jobs in today’s (5)
____________ (economy) recession. However,
whether you’re looking for a skilled, academic or
manual job, we hope to provide some help on
March 22nd. Do come along.

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