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Concept 1: Unsung Samurai

Criteria Top Mark Mark of Sketch Justification

Appropriate design 7 3 The design and
of the manga artistic style of the
relative to the genre manga received a
low mark due to the
product looking
more American-
comic style than
Japanese as well as
it did not blend with
the genre well due
to the characters
looking friendly and
normal as opposed
to being fierce
Creating characters 7 4 The characters in
that portray certain this plot do not
personalities. display as much
emotion or
personality as they
are more focused on
the plot rather than
display their
personalities and
share their emotions
to the audience.
The quality of the 7 6 The plot was very
plot relative to the good as it included
genre several aspects that
make up successful
mangas such as
likeable characters,
story line, the hero’s
journey, etc. This
resulted in the plot
achieving a high
score as it was able
to fulfil most of the
required necessities.
The entertainment 7 4 The plot was
of the manga plot entertaining due to
and characters the hero’s journey
that the protagonist
undergoes in order
to achieve his goal
of seeking revenge
on his family. The
plot development is
not as good as the
second concept due
do it lacking some
aspects like
characters, and
detail in the story

Final score: 17/28

Concept 2: Eric’s Journey

Criteria Top Mark Mark of Sketch Justification
Appropriate design 7 6 The design of the
of the manga characters and the
relative to the genre setting of the story
is befitting to the
plot as the manga
exhibits a strong
character wandering
around in a
dangerous territory
clearly displaying the
relation to the
action genre of the
Creating characters 7 6 The character’s
that portray certain portraying certain
personalities. personalities is a
vital key when
creating your manga
since you want the
audience to be able
to understand the
characters better.
This sketch only
scored 6 as not
many characters
were shown;
however, each
character that was
present possessed a
certain ambiance
that related to their
The quality of the 7 6 The quality of the
plot relative to the plot and its relativity
genre to the genre is really
important as
without the
connection, the
story would not
make sense. The
plot for the second
concept scored a 6
as it clearly related
to the genre and the
plot itself included
the elements that
construct a
successful plot such
as the hero’s
journey, an
introduction to the
characters and
ended on a cliff
hanger which
intrigues the
The entertainment 7 6 The plot is probably
of the manga plot the most important
and characters aspect of the whole
manga creation as it
is the fundamental
core of the whole
Entertaining plots
were a recurring
matter when I was
examining the most
successful animes,
so for my manga to
be successful the
plot had to be
entertaining. My
plot succeeds in
being entertaining
as it includes various
aspects such as
magical powers,
prophecy, hero’s
journey, plot twists,
etc. These features
constitute an
entertaining manga
and as my manga
includes them it
should be
entertaining to the
Final Score: 24/28