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Version Control Cheat Sheet for Git Workflows

Making Changes – centralised workflow Reviewing Changes – with pull requests

Git Git ❻ Create pull request

Origin Origin
❽ Complete merge ❼ Reviewers view the pull

request, reviews code,
❶ Pull ❶ Pull comments + approves

❹ Push ❺ Push

❷ Create

Local repo
❷ Modify Topic branch Topic ❸ Modify
File Local repo File

❸ Commit ❹ Publish topic branch + commit

Centralised workflow using the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) diagram Topic branch using the DAG diagram

C D Topic 1
Topic Branch

A B C Main
Origin master Local repo
A B Main
Origin master

git command git command line tool with a variety of commands.  everyday  branching  help
• commit (verb) all the staged local changes • branch [name] creates branch called name based on HEAD Type git -help on the command line for a complete list
• pull the latest changes from origin and merge into working • merge two branches of commands and arguments.
• push commits changes to origin

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