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Department Engineering, Procurement & Construction.

Scope Overall Engineering & Procurement & Construction Activities.

Audit Adequacy Audit 25% Work phase - Construction
Adequacy Audit 30% Work phase - Procurement
Product, Close Out & Final Documentation 75% Work Phase - Engineering
Date 1-9 Feb 2018
Location Tianjin CPP Office.


1 Final Documentation Index for Vol 4 & 10 is not available PA

2 Final Documentation flow chart is not available PA

3 Master Document Register is available and up to date. MDR S

is including: Drawing register, Engineering Procedures,
Datasheet, Calculation, Engineering Reviews, Management
of change, STQ, TEQ, Engineering Progress Report,
Deliverable List.

4 All documents currently stored as softcopy. OS

5 3D Model is not yet finalized which contributing to delay in OS

readiness for deliverable such as Piping ISO Drawing,

6 Procurement Org Chart was not available PA

7 Equipment / Material Criticality Rating were not identified CA

8 Expediting Level were not identified CA

9 Some PO issued late by not impacting ETA OS

10 Material Inventory were not available. CA

11 Improper storage area for Paint Material CA

12 Notice some document were submitted for client approval OS

with incorrect revision numbering.