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English Translation

"Best of Correspondences"

Part One

“A Message from Sheikh Abu Yahya to One of the

Groups’ Emirs”

Comments by:
Abu Amir al Naji
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful


It is a journey of words written by icons who have sacrificed their lives for the continuation of
jihad for the sake of Allah, of a strong Islam and for glory to the Muslim people. Words adorned
by decency, embellished by knowledge, enlightened by loyalty, encompassed with sincerity,
accompanied by humility and mixed with wisdom. You will not find between their folds a
slander of a Muslim, a defamation to sow dissention among Muslims or a word that seeks to
divide them, nor will you find in their content a disdain for a dissident or scorn for an opponent.
Rather you will find compassion for Muslims, a concern for their righteousness, a willingness to
sacrifice for the sake of Allah and for the exaltedness of the people. In those words, you will
find readiness to undertake the burdens of migration and jihad and to bear harm and distress.
You will also find brotherly sincerity, gentle kind advice and entrust for what is right.

They are words written by people wanted by the infidel powers whose airplanes are always
looking for them hoping for a thread that leads to their killing. Indeed some of them have
survived up to three targeting attempts. Some have sacrificed their families on the way; some
have lost one, two or three sons, not to mention loved ones. Those people were not hindered
by these difficult security circumstances or by the challenges endured by their families. Instead,
they found all that worthwhile for the sake of worship of which Allah says: (Allah has bought
from the believers their lives and their money in exchange for paradise. Therefore, they fight in
the cause of Allah, willing to kill and get killed. Such is His truthful pledge in the Torah, the
Gospel, and the Quran - and who fulfills His pledge better than Allah? You shall rejoice in
making such an exchange. This is the greatest triumph).
Messages in a Message

Between my hands now is a message containing useful messages written by Shaykh Abu Yahya
al Libi, may Allah have mercy on him, to the Emir of a jihadi group offering advice. It is a
message not concerning that Emir only. Rather it talked about a pattern of a situation that was
repeated, and will be repeated; so we ask Allah the Exalted to bless it and make it useful.

Religion Is Sincerity

The purpose of advice is to guide its intended recipient. Imam al Khitabi says, (advice is a word
used to express an entire sentence wishing good to the advisee). This is its purpose, but its
motive is compassion and mercy and it is delivered with much politeness and good words that
reflect the compassion and the wish of righteousness of the advisor.

Many a messages nowadays are called “advice” but are closer to “scandal”. Ibn Rajab said:
(signs of reproaching: the purpose in exhibiting bad and disgrace and spreading them concealed
as advice is to shame and harm; and he who does that is a hypocrite disparaged by Allah. For
Allah Almighty has disparaged and exposed those who have done a good deed or said good but
meant bad, and He considered that characteristics of a hypocrite as stated in the Surah : {There
are those who abuse the masjid by practicing idol worship, dividing the believers, and providing
comfort to those who oppose Allah and His messenger. They solemnly swear: "Our intentions
are honorable!" Allah bears witness that they are liars} (al Tawbah: 107).

That is why, my Mujahid brother, you must reform your intention before offering advice. You
must also follow divine guidance, prophetic traditions and Salafi morals in your advice to those
who disagree with you. No matter how big the animosity with your adversary he is not in as bad
a situation as Pharaoh who contended with Allah about divinity and was oppressive on earth.
Still Allah ordered his prophets Moses and Harun- may peace be upon them – to be kind when
advising him. Always remember – my adviser brother - the saying of the righteous Bin Ayyad,
may Allah’s mercy be upon him: (the believer conceals and advises and the wicked exposes and
shames) and use it as a standard in your writings.

Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

I send you this letter, asking Allah-- the Exalted and the Majestic-- that it finds you in your best
religious shape, which is your safeguard and your world in which you live. I send this letter
while also asking Allah that it finds you with an increasing faith and nearness to Him, distant
from transgressions and grave sins. May Allah see you as He wishes, and may He not see you
where His wrath is, asking the Exalted and Majestic Allah to prepare our hearts for the
acceptance of truth and to humble our hearts to follow Him. May He protect you and us from
the deception of temptation, be it hidden or apparent. May He help us seek refuge in Him from
suspicions and from all that the self-desires, as there is nothing that is more destructive to the
human than being led by his desires and surrendering to self-justifications and separation from
the right religious influence and the true righteousness, as Allah the Highest says: “And indeed,
many surely lead astray by their vain desires without knowledge. Indeed, your Lord, He is most
knowing of the transgressors,” [al An`am: 119]. And we ask refuge in Allah from following in
the path of those about whom Allah said, “So if they do not meet this demand, you should
know that they only follow their own desires. And who is more misguided than the one who
follows his own desires rather than the guidance from Allah? In fact, Allah does not guide such
wrongdoing people.” [al Qasas: 50].

My honorable brother, I send you this letter—and it is my first letter to you—hoping that you
would find it valuable, and that you would accept it and listen to it, for—Allah willing—I will not
deceive you or any of the Muslims or the mujahidin. Indeed, it is a knowledge recommendation
that I fulfill, only to advise and remind you that I do not want from it a reward nor words of
thanks. It is a letter that I dedicate to you, and nothing pushes me to write it except fulfilling
the truth that we all claim to pursue, spread and fight for.

Therefore, it is also an advice to the people of knowledge to fulfill their educational duties by
giving advices to the emirs, and not being silent about the wrongdoings and violations. Advising
an emir in the same group should not prevent one from giving advice. Also, being independent
who does not belong to the group of that person advised should not prevent him from giving
advice, as religion is an advice, and this is how the scholars of jihad persisted. In additional to
this letter, I have many letters that I wrote for the purpose of advice as well as denial of some
jihadi leaderships in all regions.

My honorable brother, may you know that we are not hateful fanatics, foul-smelling
nationalists nor narrow parties who would make allies and enemies for the sake of their groups.
We know that these groups of no help for humans to obey Allah; they are rather a curse to
humans that distance him from truth and blind his eyes to guidance and sink him in blindness
and make them (not affiliated with any faith), as Allah the Highest said, “As for those who
divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least: their affair is
with Allah. He will in the end tell them the Truth of all that they did.” [al An`am: 159]. I say this
so that the devil does not scare you into thinking that I am writing my words out of a party
motivation or out of my affiliation with a group, organization or a movement for which method
I am bigoted. Instead, we seek the truth wherever it is, and we do not care where it comes to
us or who guided us to it, whether he belongs to our group or other groups, whether he was a
jihadi or belonged to al Qa`ida, or whether he agrees or disagrees. As long as what he utters is
the truth, we have to follow, as wisdom belongs to the person of faith. Wherever he finds it, he
is more worthy of it.
A letter to the Emirs

The sheikh sends two letters to the emirs. In the first one: he tells them, keep the deceivers
away from you no matter how much they agree with you and accept you. They are the retinue
of evil who corrupt, and not reform. They are the ones who beautify the ugly matters for the
emir to make him engage in them, and they make grave sins seem small to him so that he
commits them. So, emir, look at those companions who surround you. Are they like sellers of
musk or blacksmiths? Will they make your absence beautiful or will they fill your ears with
gossip? Or are they haters of those who eat their brother’s meat raw? Are they the ones
whose tongues are moist with the mention of Allah, or did their tongues get festered with
tarnishing people and revealing their secrets? Are they the ones who applaud for you for every
step you take, or do they praise you when you do Allah wrong? Are they the ones who cover
the mistakes of Muslims and ask for forgiveness for them, or are they the ones who reveal their
flaws and do not excuse them?

Emir, what is expected from a retinue that facilitate to you the bloodshed of the Muslims and
incite you to do so? What is the use of such retinue that assists you in spying on Muslims and
revealing their hidden secrets? Agreement and support are not the measurements; rather, by
righteousness. So, take your retinue according the righteousness of the religion, you will

And may you know, my honorable brother, that your true brother is the one who is truthful to
you, not the one who believes you; the one who reminds you, not the one who remembers
you; and the one who advises you, not the one who praises you. People who accept and
request the praise and thank of people and the fulfillment of their desires through that will be
the first to be burnt by fire on resurrection day. They lose and get disappointed as the prophet,
ay Allah's prayers be upon him, said: “The first to be judged on the Day of Resurrection will be a
man who died as a martyr. He will be brought forward. Allah will remind him of the favors He
had bestowed upon him and the man will acknowledge them. Then He will ask him, ‘What did
you do to express gratitude for it?’ The man will reply, ‘I fought for Your cause until I was
martyred.’ Allah will say, ‘You have lied. You fought so that people might call you courageous;
and they have done so.’ A command will then be issued about him and he will be dragged on
his face and thrown into Hell. Next a man who had acquired and imparted knowledge and read
the Qur’an will be brought forward, Allah will remind him of the favors He had bestowed upon
him and the man will acknowledge them. Then He will ask him, ‘What did you do to express
gratitude for it?’ The man will reply, ‘I acquired knowledge and taught it, and read the Qur’an
for Your sake.’ Allah will say to him, ‘You have lied. You acquired knowledge and taught it, and
read the Qur’an for Your sake. Allah will say to him, ‘You have acquired knowledge so that
people might call you a learned (man), and you read the Qur’an so that they might call you a
reciter, and they have done so. “Command will then be issued about him and he will be
dragged on his face and thrown in hell.” Quoted by Muslim. Those are three people who
sought good things for themselves only, one for himself, the other for his knowledge, and the
third for his money. All of these were people that Allah did not neglect, but all that cause their
diminish was their concern about what others would say about them, so their punishment of
Resurrection Day was the heat of hell, (as it was said), they received the torture of fire for their
bodies and reprimand for their souls, and nobody is immune to Allah’s commands except him
whom Allah had mercy upon.
As for the second letter, it is a letter in which the sheikh clarifies to the emirs what is meant by
authority in Islam, and he outlined it in many positions of the letter. He started it by explaining
that authority is responsibility, not a treasure, and that the righteous ones used to ask Allah for
safety from it. The prophet said, “If you want me to prophesize about what authority is, at first
it is a blame; second it is regret, and third it is the torture of Resurrection day, except for those
who do justice.”
Today you are in a great dangerous place, a place that is awed by the biggest of imams and the
greatest scholars, which is the emirate, which some consider a treasure; whereas it is—by
Allah—the most evil punishment, except for those who give it its dues, and these are few.
Quoted by Abu Hurairah, the prophet, may Allah's peace and prayers be upon him, “you will
take care of authority, and it will be a regret on the Day of Resurrection, so how good the
nursing mother is, and how bad the weaning one is.” By al Bukhari.
Then he showed that it was a trust, and a trust must be given its dues as Allah requested. One
of the chapters of betraying this trust is exploiting authority to expand on earth and oppress
creatures and defeating them and being superior to them.

Therefore, it is a devotion exactly like the prophet, may Allah's peace and prayers be upon him,
described it. And Allah the Highest said: “Oh you who have believed, do not betray Allah and
the messenger or betray your trust while you know the consequences.” [al Anfal: 27] There is
no worse betrayal than taking this position—for which the servant was entrusted—as a ground
to fulfill selfish desires, and the blood will be shed for the wrong blood, and people will be
defeated unjustly and with hostility by being beaten and imprisoned and exiled and migrated
and pursued and tortured. The Muslims’ honour will be tarnished through gossip and slander
and false accusations, and the bellies will be filled with their mean in the councils in order to
please the emirs or the organizations.

Then he showed the punishment of those who do not give this authority its due, but instead
used it for their own good and their followers and fortunes. The sheikh said:

Whoever loses it or uses it for its good, it will be a regret and shame for him on the Day of
Resurrection. Then, while he is facing Allah’s judgement, the glorification of people, their
praise, appreciation and reverence will do him no good. Being called “a friend Emir” a
“respectful Emir” the hero or the strong steadfast one will not benefit him. He will not find in
that place someone to shade him or open the door of his car or spread a bed or offer anything
for him. Instead, “every soul, for what it has earned, will be retained” [al Muddaththir 38], but
“rather, man, against himself, will be a witness.” [al Qiyamah 14]. Perhaps there is a worldly
rich man is glorified among his friends and followers might have spread his authority and
increased his assistants and filled out his treasuries will cry on that difficult day: “my wealth has
not availed me (28), gone from me is my authority.” [al Haqqah: 28, 29]. On that day, nothing
will benefit a man, neither a group, nor a movement nor an organization.
So, know, my honorable brother that misery, all misery is that man builds his life on earth by
destroying his thereafter. Even more miserable is building one’s life on earth by destroying
other’s in the life after. As Ismael Ibn Abu Uways said: “I heard my uncle Malik Bin Anas say:
‘Rabi`at al Ra’i told me, he said ‘and he was the teacher of Malik, ‘who are the dirty ones? He
said, ‘I said, whoever used his religion to pay for his meals. He said, so he told me, who are the
dirtiest of the dirty ones? He said: ‘I said whoever fixed the life on earth for others by
corrupting his own religion.’”

Honors Sanctity:

He who prohibited bloodshed and possessions, had also prohibited honours ravish, as the
messenger, may Allah's peace and prayers be upon him, said to a massive gathering at the most
respectful scene: ((Your blood, your possessions, and your honours are impermissible amongst
you as the sanctity of this day, this month, in this country of yours, and let the present notify
the absent.)) It [Hadeeth] has been agreed upon. All this is in violation of Muslims’ sanctity and
an exposition to the knowledgeable Almighty’s wrath. It is also the biggest deception of the
Emir to his followers, as he lets loose their mouths, their hands, and their whips against Allah’s
believers and never stops them or scolds them; rather, he either remains silent, satisfied with
what they are doing, or commanding in support of what they are doing; therefore, he would
carry the burden of his guilt and their guilt as well, to end up to be like those whom Allah talked
about: (Follow our path and we will bear the consequences of your faults. Never in the least will
they bear their faults: in fact, they are liars.)) [al `Ankabut: 12]. And regarding Ma`qal Bin Yasar,
, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “The prophet, may Allah's peace and prayers be upon
him, said: ((There is not a believer that Allah gave responsibility over his people but dies when
his day comes and lived for his people; if not, Allah will prohibit him from entering paradise.)).
Al Bukhari and Muslim narrated it. And for Muslim: ((There is no Emir who becomes in charge
of Muslims’ affairs, and doesn’t strive for them and advise them, and will never enter paradise
with them.))
So work to save your soul and follow the path of safety, and don’t become a bridge that your
followers cross over to Hell, and protect your religion; just apply righteousness, and don’t anger
Allah to satisfy people, especially the careless mobs who do not know anything about Allah’s
religion; rather, they have doubts and illusions and wishes and admiration of opinions which
they consider something of value and when they achieve them, they end up with nothing; yet,
they find Allah who punishes them; therefore, the most wicked individual is the one who
prefers the companionship of people, to sin against Allah, and on that, he befriends them,
Satisfies them, and they satisfy him and they make him happy and he makes them happy while
they are resented by their Allah and rejected by their Creator, and the situation of those is not
much better than Abraham’s people, may Allah's peace be upon him, whom he addressed: He
said: “For you, you have taken idols for worship besides Allah out of mutual love and regard
between yourselves in this life, but on the Day of Judgement, you shall disown each other and
curse each other and your abode will be the Fire, and you shall have none to help.)) [al
`Ankabut: 25]. If they live happily in life together, and get joyous with their gathering, and have
stable friendship – while sinning against Allah - so on the Day of Judgement they will be told:
{When you have done wrong, it will avail you nothing, that day, that you shall be partner in
punishment.}[al Zukhruf: 39]. So be aware, my dear brother, people gather around you on
Allah’s disobedience and if you accept their loyalty, it will be at the expense of their disloyalty
to their Allah, and you make them happy and you make your Allah angry because of them.

Impermissible Bloodshed

The thing that the scholars of mujahidin repeat to other Emirs, to their soldiers, and to the
Muslims in general, is the warning on the risk of the impermissible blood shedding. It is a
dilemma with no exit as As Sadiq al Masduq put it. I have heard from several jihad leaderships
saying that the criterion for us to have a good Emir or a corrupted one is in committing
impermissible bloodshed. So whoever violates the Muslims’ bloods and won’t take the advice,
he won’t be the trustor for the soldiers’ blood, neither for the Muslims’ interest. Al Muhallab
said, “People’s caring about the emirate is obvious, and that is what made people have their
bloodshed for, and made their wives permissible, and spoil earth when they take the emirate to
their pleasures. Therefore, their weaning will make evil and misery, due to an implication that
one will be killed for it or get removed from, and then humiliation haunts him, or he dies for it,
and when the Day of Judgement will ask him about it; then he will be in remorse.

Shaykh Abu-Yahya says in his letter:

I am not talking here about certain cases and incidents that your group had committed,
probably cases whose proprietors could be in Allah’s presence today, either killed, or being a
killer, and in His presence, glory be to Him, adversaries gather. However, the issue that there is
no doubt about is that your group wasted blood excessively and negligence in blood-shedding
and was emboldened by it, so if that takes place during the emirate….. Allah may bless his soul;
he obtained what he offered; today you are in a real dangerous position.

And there isn’t misery more serious and deluged than a believer making his Allah angry by
violating His sanctities, and crossing His limits, as his Almighty said: {If any do transgress the
limits ordained by Allah, such persons wrong themselves.} [al Baqarah: 229]. And there is no
sanctity more sacred in this life more than Tawhid of Allah the Almighty, more rudely, and more
binding than the blood of a Muslim shed by the killer with no righteousness, with a threat that
never had happened before as glorious, Allah the Almighty said: {If a man kills a believer,
intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein (forever) and the wrath and the curse of
Allah are upon him, and a dreadful punishment is prepared for him.} [al Nisa’: 93]. Whereas,
scholars differ on whether the killer of a believer intentionally could be redeemed or not?! This
impermissible blood on which the prophet, may Allah’s peace and prayers be upon him, means
the vanishing of the whole (world) with its components, and not only the vanishing of one
group, or one of the organizations, or one of the emirates, no matter how famous it became or
its name becomes well known and its members become in multiplicity and its tasks stand out
and its flags get colored. The prophet, may Allah’s peace and prayers be upon him, said: ((If the
people of Heaven and earth share the blood shedding of a believer, Allah will throw them in
Hell.)) Narrated by al Tirmithi. So view this great Hadith which makes the skin of the believers
tremble. So if the inhabitants of Heaven, such as angels, and the people of earth shed the blood
of one Muslim - who could be poor, illiterate, weak – Allah will throw them in Hell, so He won’t
have mercy on those who shed the Muslims’ blood with injustice, or by doubts and illusions, or
by ignorance and desires – He will never have mercy on them to become mujahidin, steadfast,
or migrants, and their jihad will never be counted, and then when they stand in the presence of
almighty Allah, He will ask them: “Why did you kill the so and so Muslim?” And whoever was
involved in this crisis should prepare an answer, and if he can’t provide one, he is still on earth
so he should attempt to seek forgiveness and shouldn’t deceive himself with hopes and
shouldn’t rely on doubts which will not be of any advantage for him in Allah’s presence: {The
day whereon neither wealth nor sons will avail, but only he who (will prosper) that brings to
Allah a sound heart.} [a -Shu`ara’: 88, 89].

I swear to Allah repeatedly, if the person lives away from the jihad battlefields, occupied by his
personal issues, unknown to the people, not caring for it, it will be better for him not to be
under the umbrella of the mujahidin, and then puts himself in this dilemma; which is the
impermissible bloodsheds, as `Abdallah Bin `Umar said, may Allah be pleased with both of
them,: ((One of the dilemmas on matters which has no exit for he who fell in, is the
impermissible bloodshed without its legitimacy.)) Narrated by al Bukhari.

An intercession on behalf of migrants

One of the jihadi groups in Waziristan was well known for arresting and incarcerating everyone
that abandons the group. This was a reason for condemnation by the sheikhs of jihad. To
belong to the group is not the measure for loyalty and enmity or the righteousness and
corruption. It is possible that a loyalist within the group who is more stern and grand to be
more detrimental than the virtuous on the outside. There is no doubt that arresting and bearing
down heavily upon the one that abandons the group and his renunciation is the act of despots
and tyrants no matter what Islamic titles they are embellished with.

The most powerful reason that prompted me to write this letter – which I will follow up –Allah
Willing - with other advisory letters – is what I heard of the arrest of some Tajik brothers who
are in your group after some of them have spent their lives within the group and some of them
may have more seniority than those who arrested them. I will not indulge in the details of the
reasons or causes for their arrest and incarceration. The talk has no end particularly in these
realms where there is no room for chitchat. The argument is not the implement by which you
convince the others, it is rather the beneficial argument that you will present to your Lord in
the world of the unseen and martyrdom. The Lord who banned himself from oppression and
banned it among his worshippers. Prepare for that day where eloquence and rhetoric will do no
good. There is no need for media establishments nor printed and distributed pamphlets in the
markets, and no, “investigative systems” and nothing else. Nothing will spare you but the truth,
the truth only.
The truth is what Allah can sense within his worshippers, which coincides with the inward and
the outward of the worshippers. {Allah will say, “This is the day on which the truthful will profit
from their truth”}[al Ma’idah: 119].

So my honorable brother, I sincerely ask you while we are in these critical and dire situations. I
come to you pleading to people - I swear to Allah - that I don’t know with no affiliation to them
other than that of brotherhood in faith, begging you to release them and to set free all those
mujahidin that you are holding, and to open up your hearts for them and to soften your
treatment of them, and to deal kindly with them, and to pay tribute to them and to pardon
them - even if they were at fault – for to err in the process of pardoning is better than
committing a sin in the process of administering punishment. How beautiful is the pardon when
you have the upper hand how repugnant it is to tyrannize the powerless.
You must know - my honorable brother - that those did not abandon their homelands escaping
the tyrant’s oppression, prisons, and ruthlessness to become the subjects of their brothers’
despotism, suppression and torture. Just like the saying of Umar Bin al Khattab, may Allah be
pleased with him, “How is it that you enthrall people when their mothers begot them free”.
For a long time you have experienced prisons, arrests, and being chased within your groups. Did
you see these things deter the one that wanted to leave the movement, or prevent who
decided to flee from you to any destination he wanted? Is this not burdening yourselves with
offenses that you can do without? What does it matter to you if they do their jihad in this land
or another? Or what harm is there for you if they leave Jihad altogether? And work in their
world for Almighty Allah said: {And if any strive, they do so for their own souls, for Allah is free
of all needs from all creation.} [al `Ankabut: 6].

Dear honorable reader, what harm would come to you if you overlooked and pardoned those?
Wouldn’t this add up to your honour, nobility and chivalry? What shame will come to you or to
your group if you granted, released or set free? Do you think that this will become an obstacle
between you and your jihad?!

Allah the Almighty said: {Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner
therein: and whoever recommends and helps an evil cause shares in its burdens: and Allah has
power over all things.} [al Nisa’: 85]. And the prophet, may Allah's prayer and peace be upon
him, said, ((Help and you’ll be rewarded, Allah will execute the words of his prophet peace be
upon him in any way that He wishes)) This Hadith is agreed upon to be true.

And here I come to you submitting my recommendations for the sake of these mujahidin, the
ones that are garrisoned or migrating, I plead that you release and set them free and honour
them, cherish and respect them. No matter what they have done, and I do not know what they
have done. They are not going to be more evil than the infidels of Quraysh those who deceived
the messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him, and they tried the kill him time and time again,
and they expelled him from his home, distanced him from his family and the dearest spots to
him. They also fought him and killed his preferred friends. Then when Allah empowered him
over them and their necks became in the grip of his hand and under his control, he simply said
to them a nice disposition and chivalry: ((Be gone, you are the free)).

This is the character of your prophet, may Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him, the one where
you are guided with his directions even when dealing with the infidels, so what do you think of
migrating Muslim mujahidin. Beware of ruining their earthly life for them lest they ruin the
hereafter for you. I swear to Allah that it never happened that a person migrated toward Allah
to escape the subjugation of slavery by the fierce unjust tyrants and then to fall to the misery of
slavery by the Emirs even though they were mujahidin. For the mujahid must be the most
honorable, the most respected and the better among all people. This what we hope in you
regarding these brothers

Between two leaders

The Sheikh continues exhorting the emir, and illustrates to him that his status is between two
emirs. Either an emir who has all the hearts gather around him which leads to straitening of the
situation of the cohort and the Muslims will benefit from him, or an emir that the followers turn
away from, which deteriorates the cohort order. Moreover, even if on the outside is the
righteousness and power, but soon the day of the resounding fall will come upon it.

By Allah, nothing gathers the hearts of the cohort to their emir like his kindness towards them.
Treating them with justice, giving them their rights, having a soft side with them, listening to
their complaints, not charging them with what is above their capabilities, giving them all the
counsel, not to deceive them, and not lie to them. As Allah told his prophet, all the prayers and
blessings of Allah be upon him: {It is part of the mercy of Allah that you deal gently with them
or severely or harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about you: so pass over (their
faults), and ask for (Allah's) forgiveness for them; and consult them in affairs (of moment).
Then, when you have made a decision put your trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put
their trust (in Him).} [al `Imran: 159]

But the feeling of repression, living under the umbrella of fear and being watched, the lack of
trust among the members because each one is afraid that his brother may be a spy working for
(the intelligence service), for this will not lead except for more division and splitting. Because if
the hearts are in disagreement, the trust became nonexistent, and if the doubts are spread,
then there is no benefit to gather the people, even if one to the other is a backer, but this
becomes defamation and yet what defamation as Allah said about the Jews, {Strong is their
fighting (spirit) amongst themselves: thou wouldst think they were united, but their hearts are
divided: that is because they are a people devoid of wisdom.} [The Gathering: 14]. The
prophet, may Allah's prayer and peace be upon him, said ((If the emir treats the people with
doubt and distrust he will corrupt them)) Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Dawud in the section of
prohibition of spying and also he narrated according to Mu`awiyyiah saying: I heard the
messenger of Allah, may Allah's prayer and peace be upon him, saying: ((If you pursue the
people’s flaws, you corrupt them or almost corrupt them)), he is to review what hadith
interpreters mentioned, for in it there are indispensable great benefits, for whom was sorely
tried by the leadership.


I wrote what I wrote to you reminding and warning you from standing before Allah the All-
Knowing, the Proficient, the One nothing is hidden from Him, in the day when the hidden things
are tested, when the earth throws up her burdens, the creation is exposed, what is in the
hearts is known, and the deeds are collected {On the Day that Allah will raise them all up
(again) and show them the truth (and meaning) of their conduct. Allah has reckoned its (value),
though they may have forgotten it, for Allah is witness to all things.} [al Mujadilah: 6]
I made every effort of what I have in this this matter, and Allah willing I will not spare any effort
in advising you in what I see true, if you accept it and this is what is hoped for and desired, and
if you rejected it, then I excused myself and say as the ancestors said: {To discharge our duty to
your Lord, and perchance they may fear Him."} [al A`raf: 164]

Therefore we will not make these groups and organizations a barrier between us, and between
declaring what we believe to be truth and see it religion, exhorting everybody, as well as we will
not abstain or hesitate from listening to the exhortation of any one and will not straiten what
the Islamic law broadened for us, and we will not transform the means into goals, these groups
are not except means to erect the religion and it was not meant for itself, whoever reverses the
matter, by his words, or deed and behaviors, will deteriorate and becomes of less value, and
finds himself in disasters, which only Allah knows, as it is seen and known, and to Allah the grief
is brought, and he cares about the righteous.

He wrote this exhorting and interceding/ Abu Yahya al Libi
Wednesday, 13/Rabi` al Awwal/1432 H, 16/February/2011