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University of Greenwich Auditing and Assurance – Lecture 2

Business School Julian Spencer-Wood


Introduction to Audit and Assurance

Tutorial questions (based on UK law)

Gleggs plc1 manufacturers computer parts and was recently formed from an
amalgamation of several small firms and partnerships. The directors2, unsure
of their responsibilities and of their relationship with the Statutory Auditors,
have asked you to draft a letter covering the following aspects:

a) The need for an audit;

b) How the auditor is to be appointed;
c) The rights of the auditor under statute (in the UK this is the
Companies Act (CA) 2006);
d) The major duties of the directors in respect of accounting matters.

Able plc is a client of Black, Green and White, a four-partner firm of
Registered Auditors. One of the partners, Mr White, has been the
engagement partner for Able plc for several years. Able’s directors have now
asked him whether he would like to join the board of Dale Ltd., a subsidiary
of Able plc. They have suggested that he leaves his practice and joins the
board of Dale Ltd. while continuing to audit Able plc in his own right.
Mr White agreed to join the board of Dale Ltd. and continue as auditor of
Able plc. The former auditors were not re-elected at the AGM of Able plc,
Mr White being elected in their place.

a) Why is Mr White ineligible to act as Able plc’s auditor under statute?

b) What must Mr White do when he is notified that he is ineligible?
c) What are the consequences if Mr White continues to act?
d) What are the powers of The Secretary of State (UK) in these

PLC (UK terminology) = Public limited company (for definition see http://www.mn-
‘Director’ is also UK terminology

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