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Iron Ore Beneficiation

Date : 21-07-15 Doc No: 6301-ENG-BEN0-PBNGEN-TSL-GEN-0001 1

Kirandul Flow Sheet

Date : 21-07-15 2
Process Optimization

8 Mtpa iron ore beneficiation plant, Kirandul

 Modification of open circuit primary grinding to closed circuit using wet screen
- For achieving product size control necessary for downstream gravity separation

 Introduction of additional thickener for handling slimy feed

 Introduction of hydrocyclone for rougher spiral tails and cleaner spiral middling
- To enhance the intermediate thickener operation and to balance the ball mill slurry

 Introduction of vertical ring pulsating type magnetic separator

- To recover utlrafine paramagnetic particles from tailings and improve the mass

Date : 21-07-15 3
Dabuna Flow Sheet

Date : 21-07-15 4
Process Optimization
12 Mtpa Iron ore beneficiation Plant, Dabuna

 Replacing hydrocyclones and gravity spiral classifiers with hindered separator

– Smaller footprint and reduction of equipment
– Sharper classification and operational flexibility for handling varying feed grades

 Introduction of Screw classifier upstream of mill

– Improvement of throughput in ball mill by removing slimes
– Minimize ultrafines generation

 Introduction of vertical ring pulsating type magnetic separator in place of conventional

– Cost effective
– Higher tolerance for varying feed material size

 Plant layout optimization

– Effective utilization of terrain difference maximizing gravity process flow

Date : 21-07-15 5
Minnesota Flow Sheet

Date : 21-07-15 6
Process Optimization
7 Mtpa Iron ore beneficiation Plant, Minnesota

 Introduction of Dry Cobber before primary grinding

– Reduction of load on primary grinding
– Improved feed characteristics of ore for downstream process.

 Introducing AG Mill instead of SAG Mill

– To provide low cost comminution between crushing and final grinding.

 Implementation of Rougher flotation for final refinement

– Flexibility to produce low and high silica grade concentrate

Date : 21-07-15 7
Askaf Flow Sheet

Date : 21-07-15 8
Process Optimization
7.5 Mtpa Iron ore beneficiation Plant, Askaf

In order to achieve an enhanced IRR/NPV, it was necessary to re-engineer the plant

capacity from 7.5Mtpa to 9Mtpa, with an improvement in product quality from 66%Fe to
67%Fe. Proposals include

 Introduction of additional HPGR to process recirculating material from the magnetic

- Better liberation
- Sharper separation and improved mass recovery

 Wet Processing of pre-concentrate through screening and grinding for better

liberation and improved product grate

Date : 21-07-15 9
Process Optimization
5 Mtpa Iron ore beneficiation Plant, Agbaja Project (kogi)

Scope for process improvement

– Check the possibility of reducing three stage crushing to two stage crushing

 Low intensity magnetic separator

– Would it be beneficial to reconfigure the rougher LIMS to MIMS to enhance the
Fe recovery?

 Filtration unit at banda

– Elimination of hydro cyclone before filtration process can be studied.

 Screen separation
– Introduction of pre-classification process before ball mill grinding can be
– Replacement of banana screen with hydro cyclones can be further studied.

Date : 21-07-15 10
Process Optimization
Slurry Transportation

 Slurry pipelines have a advantages over other modes of solid transport.

– Most environment friendly transportation
– Low maintenance cost
– Low Operating cost

Date : 21-07-15 11
Process Optimization
ESSAR in Slurry Transportation

Particulars Kirandul-Vizag Dabuna-Paradeep Minnesota

Distance 267 Km 253 km 3.5 Km
Benchmark India’s longest slurry 2nd longest slurry --
Operability pipeline pipeline in india
Pipeline availability >90% Expected>90% Expected>90%


Pumps Diaphragm type Diaphragm type Differential head
positive displacement positive centrifugal
pumps displacement pumps
Coverage area 3 states (Odisha, Odisha state Within Plant
Chattisgarh, Andhra premises

Date : 21-07-15 12