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Les MISERABLES On My Own Music by Claude-Michel Schénberg Original Lyrics by Alain Boublil & Jean-Marc Natel English Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer, Trevor Nunn & John Caird The lovestruck Eponine sings of her unrequited love for Marius, the student revolutionary. Despite a warning, Eponine returns to the Barricade, is wounded and dies in Marius’ arms. Hints & Tips: In this piece there are plenty of dotted rhythms and time signature changes to observe. The middle section (bars 10-17) is full of tricky accidentals. Make sure that the semiquavers (sixteenth notes) are equal in speed and in volume, Moderately g° .¢ ae Emy/G fe pct On my — flown, —pre- ten - ding he’s be -| side (On8:] him, but when the night is | 0 - 3 Bat E A Fr E = clone, 1 walk withhim till | mor . With - | out him, 1 feel_his arms a~ gone, the riv-er's just a | riv - er. With - | out im, the world a-round me To Coda & [1 EmD iy | 4 -round me. And} when I lose my way, I close my eyes and he has| found me.— On my chan-ges, the| trees are bare and ev-"ry- where the streets are full of| 9 ee found me. And I || know it's only in my| mind, that I’m |talk-ing to my-self and not to {© Copyge (Muse & Lyris) 1980 Eatios Musicales Aan Bout Enabah os Copy 1985 Alin Bott Mae ined (ASCP) ‘AU Rig seed Intrainal Copyright Secured 72 ae Em Byot Ami/E And, al-|though I know that he is | blind, ie DS. al Coda —-& Coda noe “ act A 1 yt EmyG stran - gers 1 fove| him, but ev = "ry day I'm 2 pict Bm? EB A | out me, his worldwillgo on | tum-ing. The | world is full of hap-pi-ness that I havenev-er rit. 26. A D Dic Bm GnyB> him, 1 love} him, Tove] him, but on-ly on my | own. D 73