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120, Lower Delta Road , #04-10 Cendex Centre
Singapore 169208
Tel: 63372666 / Fax: 63373751


We are appointed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore as the Approved Korban Vendor
for 2010 / 1431H. We are pleased to offer you the supply & sale of livestock – sheep & goat – based
on the conditions stipulated in this form. Please complete the details below, duly signed, and return to
the respective Mosque or Institution with full payment to confirm your order.

Name: __________________________________________________________
Per animal
Address: ___________________________________________

_____________________________________ (S)_______________

IC / Passport No.: ________________ Email: ____________________________

Contact No.: ____________________ (R) ______________________ (M)


Please specify the order for animals, the participant of the ritual, its intent, & preferred collection
apportionment accordingly.

i) Name: _________________________________________

Animals: Sheep Goat

INTENT: Korban Aqiqah Nazar

COLLECTION: All 2/3 1/3 None

ii) Name: _________________________________________

Animals: Sheep Goat

INTENT: Korban Aqiqah Nazar

COLLECTION: All 2/3 1/3 None

Korban HQ Address: 120 Lower Delta Road #04 -10 Cendex Centre (S169208) Tel: 6337 2666 Fax: 6337 3751

 Korban – Obligatory distribution of uncooked meat to the needy. Recommended for

participant to take small portion only.

 Aqiqah – Recommended to give away all cooked meat.

 Nazar – Obligatory to distribute all uncooked meat.


I, hereby, confirm my order for animals for the Korban ritual as specified above based on the terms &
conditions of sale. I declare that the information provided is accurate & true.

___________________________ ___________________ ________

Name Signature Date

Total Amount Receipt

Order Paid: No.


a. This constitutes a Purchase Agreement between you, the Buyer, and Mini Environment
Service Pte. Ltd. (MES), the Seller.

b. The supply of livestock, i.e. sheep & goats for the Korban exercise is contingent to and in
compliance with the Conditions of Contract signed and agreed between MES & the Islamic
Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

c. MES warrants that the animals delivered shall conform to the specifications listed in the
Contract of supply of sheep & goats that are fit for slaughter in accordance with Islamic rites.
The provision shall correspond with the respective indents and orders received.

d. The Price shall be the total price of animals ordered (inclusive of GST) as stipulated on the
Order Form. Payment shall be made directly to the authorized & participating Mosque or
Institution accordingly by 25th October 2010.

e. The Mosques and/or organizations are approved ‘Agents’ of the Seller in collating Orders &
collecting Payments for consolidation in a central MUIS Korban Account.

f. MES warrants the delivery of animals to the Mosques & Institutions for the Korban rites in
accordance with the Contract by the eve of Eid-ul-Adha.

Korban HQ Address: 120 Lower Delta Road #04 -10 Cendex Centre (S169208) Tel: 6337 2666 Fax: 6337 3751
g. The Buyers agrees that the Mosques or Institution shall represent its interest in the purchase
of livestock, take delivery of the animal, inspect and accept the animal in conformance to
specifications for Korban rites & slaughter. It will make necessary arrangements for slaughter
and distribution of meat accordingly.

h. Title & risk shall pass to the Buyer upon successful delivery & acceptance to the Mosque or
Institution and the performance of the ritual. The Seller shall replace animals, where justified
& applicable, such as, in the event of death or injury that invariably affects the conditions of

i. An administration fee of $30.00 will be charged for withdrawals after the closing date. The
residual amount will be reimbursed accordingly.

j. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, MES is empowered to take all necessary and
remedial actions which include slaughtering the livestock at the place of origin, in a halal,
approved abattoir, on the day of Eidul-Adha or during the Tasyrik days. The slaughtered meat
will be delivered to Singapore at soonest possible upon advise.

k. MUIS may direct for Korban rites & slaughter in Singapore to be performed during the Tasyrik
days in the event of such emergencies.

l. MES does not warrant the delivery and supply of late orders and payments beyond the
stipulated date subject to approval & advise.

m. The Buyer shall abide by any other initiatives undertaken by MES & MUIS (JKMS) which are
in the best interest of all Mosques, Institutions and the members of the Muslim community.

n. The Conditions of Sale are subject to the governing laws of the Republic of Singapore.

AKV: Mini Environment Service Pte. Ltd.

Total Animal Order: Sheep Goat

Amount Received:

Receipt No:

Name of Official:


Mosque Stamp & Date:

Queue No:

Payment by Cheque should be made payable to LPM Assyakirin

Korban HQ Address: 120 Lower Delta Road #04 -10 Cendex Centre (S169208) Tel: 6337 2666 Fax: 6337 3751