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Dear Employer,
Good day! Please complete this Employers’ Feedback Form questionnaire as accurately as possible by
checking () the box corresponding to your response. Your answer will be used for research purposes in order
to assess students for the work environment and will better serve your company and industry needs. Your
personal information and answers to this survey will be treated with strictest confidentiality.


Part I. Profile of the Employers
a. Company Name: ________________________________________________________________
b. Address: ______________________________________________________________________
c. No. of employees: ______________________________________________________________
d. Industry Sector (Check one):
☐Accommodation and Food Services ☐Manufacturing
☐Administration and Management Support Services ☐Mining
☐Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting ☐Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
☐Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation ☐Public Administration
☐Construction ☐Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
☐Education Services ☐Retail Trade
☐Finance and Insurance ☐Transportation and Warehousing
☐Health Care and Social Assistance ☐Utilities
☐Information ☐Wholesale Trade
☐Management of Companies and Enterprises ☐Other

e. Legal Organization:
☐Government ☐Private

f. Graduate/ Employee
Name: __________________________________________________________________
Job Title: _______________________________________________________________

Part II. Assessment of Competencies based on Program Outcomes

Direction: Please rate the level of Competency of PSU Graduates hired in your company base on your
perception using the following rating:

Rating 5 Outstanding
4 Very Good
3 Good
2 Fair
1 Poor

Competencies (PROGRAM OUTCOME) 5 4 3 2 1

1. Broad work mastery and practical knowledge. (SUBJECT SPECIALIST)
2. Conducts research related for continuous improvement of the organization.
3. Adaptable and flexible to cope with changing work environment (ADAPTIVE)
4. Produces outputs on time while working with little supervision (INDEPENDENT)
5. Listens attentively to instructions and follows order as instructed and enthusiastic in
learning skills the latest advancement related to the job (WELL-ROUNDED)
6. Value and promote truth, accuracy, honesty, accountability and
ethical standards (ETHICALLY AWARE)
7. Recognize the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning (SOCIALLY
8. Possess effective reading, listening, oral and written communication skills (CONFIDENT

PSU_College of Computing_Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences Employers_Feedback_Form

Part III. Degree of Satisfaction with the Graduates Hired by Characteristics
Direction: Please indicate your level of satisfaction using the scale below base on your perception on the
characteristics of PSU Graduates hired on the following areas:

Rating 5 Very Much Satisfied

4 Highly Satisfied
3 Moderately Satisfied
2 Less Satisfied
1 Least Satisfied
Characteristics 5 4 3 2 1
A. Theoretical and Practical Knowledge in Delivering Tasks and Responsibilities
1. Possess technical Skills and knowledge needed for the job
2. Observes protocols in reporting using standard
3. Ability to solve work related problems
B. Trainability of Employed Graduates on the Skills Needed for the Job
1. Ability to learn new skills and knowledge on the job
2. Adapts to the existing technology relevant to the enterprise
3. Enthusiastic in learning skills the latest advancement related to the job
C. Carries Positive Work Attitude such as Teamwork, Confidence, Self-Motivation,
1. Works well in a group to achieve a goal
2. Ability to handle stress and pressure on the job
3. Accepts other jobs other than specified on the job description

Part IV. Overall Assessment of employee’s performance

1. Would you consider hiring PSU graduates in the future?

2. Based on your experience, how can Pangasinan State University improve the graduate’s skills to meet
your company’s needs?

---Thank you for your assistance in helping Pangasinan State University to improve its academic training---

PSU_College of Computing_Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences Employers_Feedback_Form