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Quotes and sources Template

TOPIC: Soccer
- Henry Alexander Mamani Coaquira

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In football as a competitive sport, there’re moments that will remain in history. we should know
who are the most awarded club and selection so far:

 Real Madrid FC: He is the current European champion and winner of 12 European
cups. He won his first 5 European Cups consecutively between 1955 - 1960.
 Brazilian Soccer Team: It has five cups in the world. It is one of the two football teams
to win two world cups in a row.

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On the other hand, Some soccer matches had unforgettable moments, teams that won against
all odds.
 FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC reversed the score on the basis of courage.
 Teams with nil possibilities like Cienciano and Greece team won a tournament; as well
as our selection to qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup.

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13. Slide/Image 13: The best records

• Soccer wouldn’t be the same without great players who with their talent managed to fascinate
everyone. Each of them, made more recognized the team where he played.
 Maradona: His outstanding performance in the World Cup Mexico 86. He scored the
best goal in history.
 Pelé: The soccer player who has more world championships to date.
 Messi: Scored 91 goals, is the highest scorer in an official year.
 Teófilo Cubillas: Top Peruvian scorer in the world cup.
 Alfredo Di Stefano: Player who won consecutive European Cups
 Robert Lewandoski: The Polish player scored 5 goals in 9 minutes.

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- https://listas.20minutos.es/deportes/los-mejores-futbolistas-de-todos-los-tiempos-
- http://www.esgentside.com/futbol/1-en-1950-la-final-del-mundial-enfrento-a-brasil-

14. Slide/Image 14: Constroversial moments

In soccer, everything isn’t perfect there’re controversial cases from corruption, aggression to
players and bribery (arrangement) of matches.
 FIFAGate case: The most famous corruption case of the highest soccer authority.
President Josep Blater was imprisoned.
 Calciopoli: The match arrangement that FC Juventus did. This made him descend to
Serie B.
 Boca fans Jrs. They attack with pepper gas River Plate players, with the purpose of
suspending the game.
 The match arranged between Argentina vs. Peru. The Argentine team needed six goals
to pass the round.

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15. Slide/Image 15: Undersportmanlike

Soccer players are famous people, therefore, they must show correct behavior inside and
outside the football field, but this didn’t happen in these cases:
 Maradona made a goal using his hand.
 The player Luis Suarez bites the Italian player Giorgio Chiellini in a match of the
World Cup Brazil 2014.
 The love triangle, Wanda Nara, Maximiliano López’s wife, cheats on her husband with
his soccer friend Mauro Icardi.
 Zinedine Zidane hit Materazzi the final of the World Cup in Germany 2016.
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