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MECHANICS horizontal direction when the box begins to

slide down the board is ....
1. 2013 (A) tan-1 (0.5)
A person stands 40 m away from a flag (B) sin-1 (0.5)
pole. With a protractor at eye level, he (C) cos-1 (0.5)
finds the angle between the line from the (D) sec-1 (0.5)
top of the flag pole to his eyes and the (E) cosec-1 (0.5)
horizontal is 25.0 degrees. The distance
from his feet to his eyes is 1.8 m. The high 5. 2013
of the flag pole is .... (tan 25o= 0.466) A hockey puck on a frozen pond is given
(A) 15.0 m an initial speed of 20.0 m/s. If the puck
(B) 16.8 m always remains on the ice and slides 115
(C) 18.0 m m before coming to rest, the coefficient of
(D) 18.6 m kinetic friction between the puck and ice is
.... (g = 10 ms􀀀2)
(E) 20.4 m
(A) 0.134
(B) 0.144
2. 2015 (C) 0.154
A box of food is dropped from a rescue (D) 0.164
plane flying at a velocity of 252 km/h in the (E) 0.174
horizontal direction. In a very short time,
the box is released and the rescue plane 6. 2015
starts to accelerate horizontally at 9720
km/h2. The box attains the ground at 4.0 s.
By neglecting an air resistance, the box
will reach the ground ... . Three cars with the same mass m are
(A) directly on the released place shown in the accompanying figure.
(B) 6.0min front of the released place Car 1 moves to the right direction with the
(C) 274min front of the released place speed v and collides with car 2. After the
(D) 280min front of the released place collision, car 1 sticks together with car 2
(E) 286min front of the released place and both move to the right direction. They
collide with car 3 in an elastic collision. The
3. 2015 final speed of car 3 is approximately ... .
A stone of mass m is tied to a thread. The (A) 0.17 v
thread with a stone is rotated in a vertical (B) 0.50 v
circle with the length of the thread L. (C) 0.67 v
Assuming negligible air resistance, the (D) 0.80 v
thread’s tension difference at the bottom of (E) v
the circle and at the top of the circle is ... .
(A) mg 7. 2012
(B) 2mg
(C) 4mg
(D) 6mg
(E) 8mg

4. 2013
A box sits on a horizontal wooden board.
The coefficient of static friction between
the box and the board is 0.5. You grab one A bullet of mass m = 0:01 kg is fired into a
end of the board and lift it up, keeping the ballistic pendulum of mass M = 2:0 kg as
other end of the board on the ground. The shown in above. The bullet remains in the
angle between the board and the block after the collision and the whole
system rises to a maximum height of h = 8 degrees Celsius water. The specific heat
cm. The bullet’s initial speed is of ice is 2060 J/kgoC. The specific latent
approximately .... (g = 10 ms-2) heat of fusion is 334,000 J/kg. The total
(A) 18 ms-1
heat needed by the ice to melt to become
(B) 80 ms-1
(C) 150 ms-1 water with the temperature 0 oC is ....
(D) 254 ms-1 (A) 1,030 J
(E) 275 ms-1 (B) 5,670 J
(C) 16,700 J
8. 2013 (D) 17,730 J
A 10 kg box moves at 5 m/s on a (E) 18,760 J
horizontal, frictionless surface runs into a
light spring of force constant 10,000 N/m. 4. 2012
By using the work energy theorem, the
maximum compression of the spring is ....
(g = 9.8 ms-2)
(A) 16 nm
(B) 16 μm
(C) 16 mm Two rods of equal lengths and cross-
(D) 16 cm sectional areas but different materials are
placed in thermal contact as shown in
(E) 16 dm
figure above. The thermal conductivity of Q
is half that of P. The outer end of P is at 0
oC and that of Q is at 100 oC. What is the
HEAT & THERMODYNAMIC temperature of the interface at steady
1. 2012 (A) 273.00 K
A 40 g ice cube at 0 oC is added to 200 g (B) 296.88 K
of water at 20 oC. The specific heat of ice (C) 306.33 K
is 2310 J kg-1oC-1, and that of water is (D) 339.66 K
4200 J kg-1oC-1 and the specific latent (E) 353.39 K
heat of melting of ice is 3.36 x 105 J kg-1.
Calculate the final equilibrium temperature, 5. 2015
assuming no other agents for heat
exchange are present.
(A) 275.1 K
(B) 276.6 K
(C) 277.6 K
(D) 280.0 K
(E) 298.0 K

2. 2015
A 20 g piece of aluminium (c = 0.21 cal/g
oC) at 90 oC is dropped into a cavity in a

large block of ice at 0 oC. How much does The network output per cycle for the
the ice melt? (latent heat of melting of ice thermodynamic cycle in the figure is ... .
is 80 cal/g) (A) 5.0 kJ
(A) 4.4 g (B) 10.0 kJ
(B) 4.7 g (C) 25.0 kJ
(C) 4.9 g (D) 50.0 kJ
(D) 5.1 g (E) 110.0 kJ
(E) 5.3 g

3. 2013
An ice cube having a mass of 50 grams
and an initial temperature of -10 degrees
Celsius is placed in 400 grams of 40

HARMONICS, WAVE AND SOUND phase difference, in radians, between two
points 2.5 cm apart in the string?
1. 2012 (A)
A simple pendulum has a period of 2 s and the 𝜋
reading on a barometer is 1 atm on the surface 4
of the mine which has a depth of 1.5 km. At the (C)
bottom of the mine, which one of the following (D)
statements is CORRECT? 3𝜋
(A) Reading on barometer greater than 1 atm (E)
and period of pendulum greater than 2 s.
(B) Reading on barometer less than 1 atm and
period of pendulum less than 2 s. 4. 2013
(C) Reading on barometer less than 1 atm and A 1.25 kg mass is attached to the end of a
period of pendulum greater than 2 s.
80 cm string. The system is whirled in a
(D) Reading on barometer greater than 1 atm
and period of pendulum less than 2 s. horizontal circular path. The maximum
(E) Reading on barometer greater than 1 atm tension that the string can withstand is 400
and period of pendulum is 2 s. N. The maximum angular velocity of the
system is .... (g = 9.8 ms-2)
2. 2013 (A) 20.00 rad/s
The quartz crystal used in an electric (B) 5.00 rad/s
watch vibrates with frequency of 32.768 (C) 2.00 rad/s
Hz. The period of the crystal motion is .... (D) 0.50 rad/s
(A) 30.5 s (E) 0.05 rad/s
(B) 30.5 ms
(C) 30.5 µs
(D) 30.5 ns
(E) 30.5 ps 1. 2012
A point source of light is placed at the
3. 2012 bottom of a tank of water 1.00 m deep
A sinusoidal wave travelling in the positive such that it emits light rays upward in all
x direction has an amplitude of 15.0 cm, a directions. A circle of light is formed by the
wavelength of 40.0 cm, and a frequency of rays that are refracted into the air and the
8.00 Hz. The wave number k period of the rays outside of this circle are reflected
wave is .... back into the water. Given that the index of
(A) 0.157 rad/m refraction of water is 1.33, the radius r of
(B) 0.125 rad/s the circle at the surface of the water is
(C) 0.157 rad/s approximately ....
(D) 0.125 rad/m (A) 1.33 m
(E) 0.100 rad/s (B) 1.00 m
(C) 1.14 m
4. 2015 (D) 0.75 m
A wave is described by the equation y(x, t ) (E) 0.50 m
= 0.030 sin(5π x + 4π t),where x and y are
in meters and t is in seconds. The +x 2. 2015
direction is to the right. The velocity of the You are given two lenses, a converging
wave is ... . lens with focal length +10 cm and a
(A) 0.80m/s to the left diverging lens with focal length -20 cm.
(B) 1.25m/s to the left Which of the following would produce a
(C) 0.12π m/s to the right virtual image that is larger than the object?
(D) 0.80m/s to the right (A) Placing the object 5 cm from the
(E) 1.25m/s to the right converging lens.
(B) Placing the object 15 cm from the
3. 2012
converging lens.
A small-amplitude progressive wave in a
stretched string has a velocity of 10 ms-1 (C) Placing the object 25 cm from the
and a frequency of 100 Hz. What is the converging lens.

(D) Placing the object 15 cm from the ELECTROSTATIC
diverging lens.
(E) Placing the object 25 cm from the 1. 2013
diverging lens. A particle of mass 5 g is placed in a
downward-directed electric field of
ELECTRICITY magnitude 800 N/C. (g= 9.8 m/s2). To
keep the particle stationary, the sign and
1. 2012 magnitude of the charge should be ....
(A) Negative and 0.0000613 C
(B) Positive and 0.0000613 C
(C) Neutral and 0.0000613 C
(D) Negative and 0.0000613 µC
(E) Positive and 0.0000613 µC

3. 2013
Initially, a sphere A has a charge of -50e
and a sphere B has a charge of +20e. The
spheres are made of conducting materials
and are identical in size. If the spheres
then touch each other, the resulting charge
on sphere A is ....
The diagram shows a circuit consisting of (A) -50e
three identical resistors, P, Q and R, each of (B) -20e
resistance 4.0 and connected as shown. If (C) -15e
(D) +15e
3.0 A of current flows into point X in the circuit
(E) +20e
and 3.0 A flows out at point Y , then the power
generated by resistor R is approximately .... 4. 2013
(A) 36W In a Millikan oil drop experiment a student
(B) 16W sprayed oil droplets with a density of 780
(C) 9 W kg/m3 between two horizontal parallel
plates that were 6.0 cm apart. The student
(D) 4 W
adjusted the potential difference between
(E) 2 W the plates to 5000 V so that one of the
drops became stationary. The diameter of
this drop was measured to be 3x10-6 m.
2. 2015 The magnitude of the charge on the drop is
(A) 1.10x10-18 C
(B) 1.06x10-17 C
(C) 1.10x10-15 C
(D) 1.06x10-13 C
(E) 1.10x10-12 C

Four identical light bulbs (B1, B2, B3, and B4) INDUCTANCE, MAGNETIC FORCE
and six voltmeters are connected as shown in
1. 2012
the figure. Assuming that V is as its original
A long solenoid with closely spaced turns
reading when all bulbs are working and V’ is
carries a direct electric current. Each turn
as its reading when B2 is caught on fire. If B2 of wire exerts ....
were to be caught on fire, the reading of V1 is (A) an attractive force on the next adjacent
... . turn.
(A) 𝑉 ′ ≫ 2𝑉 (B) a repulsive force on the next adjacent
(B) 2𝑉 > 𝑉 ′ > 𝑉 turn.
(C) zero force on the next adjacent turn.
(C) 𝑉 ′ = 𝑉
(D) either an attractive or a repulsive force
(D) 𝑉 > 𝑉 ′ > 𝑉 on the next adjacent turn, depending on
1 the direction of current in the solenoid.
(E) 𝑉 ≫ 𝑉′
2 (E) either an attractive or a repulsive force
on the next adjacent turn, but is not

depending on the direction of current in
the solenoid.

2. 2015
One particle has mass m. It travels along a
way and makes an upright angle with a
magnetic field. Because the particle has a
positive charge q, it is influenced by
Lorentz force and makes a circle of radius
R with frequency f . The magnitude of the
magnetic field is ... .
2𝜋 𝑓𝑚

5. 2013
Two long straight wires are carrying the
same current I and separated by a
distance r exert a force F on each other.
The ratio of force between twowires before
and after changes is 96. If the current is
increased to 4I, the separation between
the two wire is reduced to ....


1. 2012
Double-slit interference is investigated
using light of wavelength 600 nm. The
fringe spacing is 1.44 mm. If the screen is
1.2 m away from the slits,
how far apart are the slits?
(A) 2.500 mm
(B) 0.500 mm
(C) 0.250 mm
A ring of radius a lies in a y ¡z plane. The
(D) 0.050 mm
ring contains positive charge Q that is (E) 0.005 mm
uniformly distributed. The center of the ring
is at the origin. The suitable graph that 2. 2015
represents relation between electric field E
and distance x is ... .
(see the figure)

Two origins of sounds are separated by a 10〗^(-5)T. (1 eV= 1.6×〖10〗^(-19) J).
distance d. Both sounds are in phase.
The work function of the metal is ....
Each sound source emits a wave with
(A) 5.345 eV
wavelength λ. The path difference of the
(B) 4.500 eV
two sources is ∆𝐿 = 𝐿1 − 𝐿2 . If the
(C) 3.345 eV
interference between the two sounds at
(D) 2.500 eV
point P is always destructive, the ∆𝐿 is
(E) 1.345 eV
equal to ... .
(A) d sinθ
(C) 𝑑 1. 2012
1 Half lives of two uranium isotopes U238 and
(D) 𝜆 U235 are known to be 4.5 x109 yr and
(E) 2λ 7.1x108 yr, respectively. If the earth was
formed with equal amounts of the two
3. 2013 isotopes, estimation the current age of the
earth given that uranium ores are 99.29%
A light source of wavelength λ illuminates
of U238 and 0.71 % of U235 is ....
a metal and ejects photoelectrons with a (A) 2 x 109 yr
maximum kinetic energy of 1.00 eV. A (B) 4 x 109 yr
second light source of wavelength λ/2 (C) 6 x 109 yr
illuminates a metal and ejects (D) 8 x 109 yr
photoelectrons with a maximum kinetic (E) 9 x 109 yr
energy of 4.00 eV. The work function of
2. 2015
the metal is ....
(A) 1.0 eV A beam with a length of L is measured by
(B) 1.5 eV an observer when the beam moves with a
speed of 1.8 x 108 m/s relative to him/her.
(C) 2.0 eV
The true statement is ... .
(D) 2.5 eV
(A) L = 0.60m
(E) 3.0 Ev
(B) L = 0.80m
4. 2013 (C) L = 0.90m
(D) L = 1.00m
Photons of wavelength 450 nm are
(E) L >> 1.00m
incident on a metal. The most energetic
electrons ejected from the metals are bent
into a circular arc of radius 20.0 cm by a
magnetic field with a magnitude of 2.00×〖