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Drying equipment intended to be used after
washing pipes, hoses, metal instrumental,
anesthetic accessories/ventilation glass, rubber,
etc. Ability to hold up 48 tracheas.

Chamber, doors and body in stainless steel
AISI-304 or 316 (optional) with brushed finish.
Double walled equipment with openings on
the top and bottom walls of the chamber for
a perfect hot air circulation, in a way that
the air has vertical laminar flow in order to
circulate all over and inside the materials to
be processed, obtaining, then, the perfect
temperature homogeneity and fast heating. The
air circulation takes place through fan located on
top of the equipment. The internal chamber is
completely sealed, in order to avoid infiltration
of particles undesirable for the process,
avoiding the risk of contamination. The chamber
set is built in a structure of profiles reinforced in
stainless steel. A Hepa with removal efficiency
99.97% for particles of 0.3 microns, easily
removable for cleaning pre-filter and a filter
in the air inlet guarantee a clean and heat air


Cycle consists of controlled heating,
programmable time up to 95 minutes. External Dimensions: Width: 875 mm
Length: 785 mm
The heating is done by a group of resistances Height: 2065 mm
in stainless steel, placed on the top side of the Internal Dimensions: Width: 595 mm
equipment. The temperature control system is
Length: 615 mm
done by a type "J" sensor, flexible, placed in the
suction duct of the circulation air. The control is Height: 1415 mm
done through an electronic controller, allowing Volume: 518 l
programming of temperature between 60ºC and
95º C, with great precision. Weight: 250 Kg
Heating Power: 6 kW
Exhauster Engine Power: 1 hp
The equipment has a motor protection circuit
breaker that is activated if the engine is Power Suply: 220 or 380 Volts
overloaded. Contact us for more details.
A mechanic thermostat protects the electrical
circuit, preventing the resistors to be still
on and, consequently, from being damaged.
When turned on again, the cycle returns to the Complete Kit:
beginning. · 10 trays for packaging up to 20 baskets instrumental DIN (240x250x50mm).
The operator will have options to maintain · 02 Supports for tracheas Adult.
the engine operating for longer, until the · 02 Supports for Children's trachea.
temperature falls to values lower than the · 02 Ambu brackets.
parameter. It has a master switch for emergency · 02 Supports for suction tubes.
case and/or to shut down the system.

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