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Name:____________________________________ Date:_________________________ Period:______

In pairs (2 students) complete the concept map using knowledge you gained during our lesson
of The Pythagorean Theorem, Math is fun link as a reference and Math Antics video. You will
discuss with your partner what characteristics of the Pythagorean Theorem are essential/non-
essential. Then you will provide some examples triangles that The Pythagorean Theorem
applies and not applies. List the characteristics or examples in the corresponding boxes in the
model. Pictures are acceptable for the examples.

Non-Essential Characteristics
Essential Characteristics
* A right triangel *lenght of sides
*The triangle has one 90° *The sides
* largest side as the Hypotenuse *angles equal to 180°
*the sum of its two smaller sides squares is equal to the largest side * The triangle has 2 acute angles
squared. a²+b²=c²
*can be isosceles
*The square on the long side has the same area as the other two
sides. *can be a scalene

Pythagorean Theorem

Examples Non-Examples
Name:____________________________________ Date:_________________________ Period:______

Frayer Model Rubric

Sections Description Possible Points Student
Essential Characteristics Provided 4 or more true
5 pts
essential characteristics for
The Pythagorean Theorem to _______ pts
apply to a triangle.
Non Essential Provide at least 4 non-essential
Characteris true characteristics of a triangle
5 pts
that does not affect the _______ pts
application of The Pythagorean
Theorem on a triangle
Examples Provide at least 3 true
5 pts
examples of triangles that The _______ pts
Pythagorean Theorem applies
Non Examples Provide at least 2 examples of
5 pts
triangles that The Pythagorean _______ pts
Theorem does not apply too.

Total Points 20 pts _______ pts