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Quality Notification

 SAP QM Quality Notification contains functions for capturing and processing different types
of problems or defects which are identified during inspection (for example, defects resulting
from poor-quality goods).
 CAPA (Corrective Action, Preventive Action)
 SAP QM are utilized to analyze of these problem
 Following Three type of QM
Customer Complaints (Q1)
Complaint Against vendor (Q2)
Internal Problem Report (Q3)
 On to the standard notification types you can also define your own user-specific notification

Continuous Improvement
 Description of problem
 analysis
 defect
 cause
 finding a solution
 tasks
 implementation
 check
Quality Notification-Example
 Create complaints about Product
Notification is created (QM01)
Activities (QM)
 Notification is saved
 Informing person responsible using SAP Business workflow
 Closing Notification

Notification in the SAP System

 Notification Category:- Identifies notification that are related to particular application
component in the system. The notification category 02 for ex. is used for quality notification
in the standard system.
 Notification Origin:- Notification origin define the business context in which a notification
is used.
Customer complaint (Q1)
complaint against vendor (Q2)
internal problem notification (Q3)

 Notification Type:- Notification Type determine the origin the context and other properties
of notification.

Notification category 02 (Q notification)

Q1 Q2 Q3
Notification origin (Customer) (Vendor) (Internal)

Notification Type Q1 F1 Q2 F2 Q3 F3

Quality Certificate

 Create Certificate Profile (QC01)

Certi. Profile :Pramod_test
Cert. Type : E21
Use SAP Script Form :QM_QCERT_01 (Standard sap Script Form or Smart form, Pdf forms)
Accepted Lots Only if active then quality accepted then the print possible otherwise
not possible.
Search field : Pramod
Short Text : Pramod
Inspection Type :_______ (Only for particular Insp. Type)

after click on Characteristics

Number Cat. Plant MIC Result Select. Result Origin Insp. spec.
01 MIC 1000 PH_333 1 01 1-100 01 01

Then save it

Go to change mode and release it

 Create certificate profile assignment (QC15)
Take combination from one of them (material, Mat.-vendor, Mat.-customer)

Mat. Profile C type version

2092 Pramod_test E21 1

then save it
 Change Inspection Plan (QP02) (Same Characteristics Required in QC01 and QP02)

save it
 MM quality view (MM02)
Here Procurement data tab not active (nothing to be maintained )

Physical sample management

 Planning of Physical sample

Goods Receipt Without Lot Container Sample drawing instruction