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Grammar Elective Course Handout 4: verbs Name: ___________________

11th Graders – courtesy of Mrs. Caquisane Class: _____________________

Objectives: Identify and use the Present Simple Tense in context. Recognize the use of ‘s’ in third person singular.
Identify negative and interrogative forms of Present Simple Tense.

I.- Complete the following sentences using an appropriate simple present tense form.

1. Lily …………………. to quit her job. a) do not want b) does not want c) does not wants

2. Rohan …………………. for the national basketball team. a) play b) plays c) playing

3. Manu ………………….. to be a nuclear scientist. a) aspire b) aspires c) to aspire

4. Her mother ……………… younger than her. a) look b) looks c) looking

5. Rahul …………………. to get the first rank. a) hope b) hopes c) hoping

6. Sania and Rohan ………………….. in the same neighbourhood. a) live b) lives c) are live

7. ……………….. you know where Rashmi lives? a) Do b) Does c) Are

8. Who ……………….. not know him? a) do b) does c) is

9. What ………………… he want? a) do b) does c) is

10. She …………………. what she is doing. a) does not know b) do not know c)does not

II.- Use the present simple affirmative to complete the blanks.

1. I ________ (go) shopping with my brother. 2. We sometimes ________ (use) a dictionary in class.

3. My friends ________ (study) Italian at their school. 4. School ________ (finish) at three o´clock.

5.You ________ (live) near me. 6. He ________(like) rap music.

7. She ________ (do) her homework before dinner. 8. We ________ (play) tennis in school on Wednesday


9. I ________ (watch) TV in the evening. 10. My mother ________ (teach) art.

III.-Write the sentences in negative. Use Don’t or Doesn’t

1. I study French. _________________________________________________________________________________

2. School finishes at two o´clock. _________________________________________________________________________

3. You copy from other students. _______________________________________________________________________

4. We think English is easy. _______________________________________________________________________________

5. My friends play volleyball. ____________________________________________________________________________

7. She speaks Chinese. _____________________________________________________________________________________

IV.- Complete the sentences using Present Simple Tense

1.- Uncle Joe _________ (wear) glasses. 2. Ducks _________ (love) water.

3. The sun _________ (rise) in the east. 4. The children _________ (not go) to school by bus.

5. Juany _________ (enjoy) singing. 6. Jesus _________ (not lend) me his bike.

7. Monkeys _________ (like) bananas. 8. Pepi _________ (not collect) stamps.

9. The earth _________ (go) around the sun. 10. It often _________ (snow) in winter.

11. We _________ (wash) our hands. 12. We _________ (eat) three meals a day.

13. _________ he _________ (type) very fast? 14. Lucía _________ (work) at the court.

15. Everyone _________ (make) mistakes. 16. Winter _________ (not come) after spring.

17. _________ you _________ (like) my new bike? 18. _________ she _________ (walk) to school?

19. Pedro _________ (speak) English very well. 20. My dog _________ (bark) very loudly.

21. _________ Sara _________ (read) in bed? 22. __________ a lot of people ________ (enjoy) tv?

V. Form the right question to these sentences in Present Simple.

1.- Peter goes to the party. ________________________________________? 2.- His schoolbag is brown. ____________________________?

3.- Mary can ski. __________________________________? 4.- I meet my friends. ________________________________?

5.- The teacher hands out the books. _________________________________________________________?

6.- Pat is a clever boy. ______________________________? 7.- The monkey takes the banana. _______________________________?

8.- Tony is angry. __________________________________? 9.- The food is disgusting. ___________________________________________?

10.- Winter begins in June. ________________________________? 11.- My family comes from Cuba. ______________________________?

12.- They are at Sarah’s party. _____________________________________? 13.- Billy is late. _______________________________________?

14.- People enjoy going to shopping center? _________________________________________________________?

V.- Complete the following paragraph using the correct form of Present Simple.

Be (x4) – go - make - not give - dress - try - call - throw

October 31st ___________ Halloween. On this day children in Britain and USA ___________ up as witches and
ghosts. They also __________ lamps out of pumpkins and put them in the windows. Then they go to the
people's doors. They ___________ out: "Trick or treat." When people ____________ them a treat they play a trick
on them.
There _________ also Halloween parties where they play games. Such a game is "apples on the string" where
people have to eat apples hanging from a string without using their hands. Another game ________
"bobbing the apple". There you have to get apples out of a bowl without using your hands. A third game is
"fortune telling". Therefore you have to peel an apple and _______ the long peel over your shoulder. Then
look at the peel and ________to see a letter. This is the first letter of the person's name you _____________
going to marry.
Halloween _________ back many years when the Celts lived in England. They thought that at this night the
ghosts of the dead come back.