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NAME Jessica Bowlby - Joseph Kern

UNIT TITLE Pen and Ink Gesture Drawings

GRADE High School




RATIONALE Students have a tendency to focus on perfecting their drawings instead of

focusing on creating the artwork itself. Gesture drawings will enforce the
idea that the process of making art and practicing gesture drawing will
help lessen anxieties around perfection. The choice to have students only
be able to use pen and ink will reinforce this as well: they will not be able
to erase any “wrong” marks in their drawings, all marks will be deliberate.
The act of making these gesture drawings also lets them create several
pieces at once instead of focusing on long, multi-week projects.

CENTRAL By having our students work on gesture drawings we will teach them the
FOCUS importance of the process, having them focus on a piece’s creation rather
than the perceived “perfection” of a final piece. Only giving our
students pen and ink to work with as a medium will also force students to
accept lines once they have been committed to a page. This will also help
to drive further the idea of moving forward with the art making process
rather than dwelling on dwelling on any one step of the process.

STANDARD(S) Critical and Creative Thinking: Students combine and apply artistic and
reasoning skills to imagine, create, realize and refine artworks in
conventional and innovative ways.
Progress Points:
1. Establish the appropriate levels of craftsmanship when completing
2. Use appropriate vocabulary to define and describe techniques
and materials used to create works of art.
1. Students will work to find the appropriate level of craftsmanship to
put into their gesture drawings so that they have at least 5 gesture
drawings finished by the end of the class.
2. Students will be able to describe the decisions they made in their
5 pieces, showing how they are successful and what elements
were used in their creation.
3. Students will discuss their peers’ gesture drawings using
appropriate vocabulary to describe the techniques and materials
1. Students will choose 5 of their completed gesture drawings to be
graded by their teacher.
2. Students will fill out a self-assessment worksheet describing their
5 pieces.
3. Students will each participate in a group critique discussion on the
class’ pieces.

ACADEMIC Gesture Drawing- Expressive mark making that depicts a form or figure
LANGUAGE Deliberate- An intentional or conscious decision
Confidence- A strong feeling or belief in one's trust
Line making- Creating marks onto a surface

MATERIALS Various ink pens (ballpoint, micron, brush tip, markers)
EQUIPMENT Sketchbook or 8.5x11in paper
Rubric/self-assessment sheet.

ASSESSMENT Students has used pen and ink on paper to create gesture drawings.
Student has submitted 5 gesture drawings
Student used entire time allotted in class to create at least 5 gesture
Student has filled out self-assessment worksheet describing their 5
Student has participated in class critique.