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One frictionless experience

to send money globally

Across a connected network of financial institutions
and payment providers
What Is RippleNet?

RippleNet is a decentralized global network of banks and

payment providers using Ripple’s distributed financial
technology, which provides real-time messaging, clearing
and settlement of financial transactions.

Why Join RippleNet?

All of today’s pain points from the current global

payments system – delays, limited transparency
and high costs – stem from the lack of a single,
global network.

RippleNet solves these pain points with a

decentralized network of independent banks and
payment providers – that connect through Ripple’s
technology and standardized ruleset to send real-
time, traceable payments around the world.

Key Benefits

New Revenue Lower Total Costs Standardization Streamlined Legal

Opportunities Framework
Lower the total cost per Offer a highly
Provide on-demand transaction through consistent payments Simplify transacting
and real-time payments efficient processing experience to end relationships via a
products and services and lower liquidity users by utilizing single agreement
to retail and corporate requirements to send Ripple's standardized across the fully
customers payments globally technology, messaging decentralized network
and rules of banks – eliminating
need to create
inefficient bilateral

How RippleNet Works
For the first time in history, RippleNet connects
a diverse set of constituents of today's payments
systems through a decentralized global network.
To best support each of the constituent's roles
and needs, Ripple provides three products.

Process payments Source liquidity Originate payments

with xCurrent with xRapid with xVia

Process real-time payments

How it works

A standardized technology enabling the ability to

message and settle transactions between banks
with increased speed, transparency and efficiency.

Who uses it

Banks looking to process payments for originators

and other banks to drive revenue by enhancing
their customer servicing and acquisition.

Bank Bank

Source on-demand liquidity

How it works

Access to an on-demand liquidity pool of digital

assets that eliminates the need to hold nostro
accounts in destination currencies.

Who uses it

Payment providers and banks looking to increase

their payment volumes and global reach by
sourcing on-demand liquidity.


Beneficiaries JPY

Payment Providers Payout Bank




Send global payments with
a single integration

How it works

A web services layer providing corporates

with the ability to securely originate real-time
payments with rich data attachments.

Who uses it

Various corporates, banks, payment providers

and consumers looking to optimize their
payments experience with their bank.

Originator RippleNet Beneficiaries

Rulebook &
Advisory Board
Common Rules for a Seamless Experience

As the world's first commercially operational blockchain network,

RippleNet provides a consistent payments experience through the
Rulebook, which encompasses a mutually agreed-upon set of payment
rules and standards. The Rulebook delivers operational certainty and
legal clarity for transactions over RippleNet. To join RippleNet, both
members and users sign a Network Service Agreement and implement
the rules and standards as outlined in the Rulebook.

RippleNet Advisory Board

Ripple actively consults its advisory board of industry leaders from

global banks – across Transaction Banking, Digital Services and Cash
Management – to provide governance and ensure that the rules and
standards align with the needs of today’s banks and their customers.

Sample of Ripple
Banks around the world have partnered with Ripple to offer more
efficient cross-border payment services to their customers and gain
access to Ripple’s growing, global network of financial institutions
and payment providers.

About Ripple
Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send money globally
using the power of blockchain. By joining Ripple’s growing, global
network, financial institutions can process their customers’ payments
anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. Banks
and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce
their costs and access new markets.

With offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Sydney, Mumbai and
Luxembourg, Ripple has more than 90 customers around the world.

Contact Us

To learn about joining RippleNet and leveraging xCurrent, xRapid or xVia

for cross-border payments, please contact us at ripple.com/contact.