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CEOAP- Colégio Estadual Olavo Alves Pinto

Rua Joana Angelica,538, Retirolândia

Tel. 3202-1507, 3202-1224

Name- ________________________________________________________ Grade-1º _____

Teacher- Joana Dark Moraes Subject- English Date-__/__/2015 Value- 3,0

“If friendship is your weakest point, then you are the strongest person in the world.”Abraham Lincoln
 Leia a prova com bastante atenção antes de respondê-la;
 Use caneta de tinta azul ou preta, pois não serão aceita questões respondidas a lápis;
 Não borre e nem rasure as questões objetivas e subjetivas, pois não serão consideradas;
 Não é permitido consulta de nenhuma forma;
 Não é permitido o uso do celular, mp3, mp4 ou qualquer aparelho similar durante a aplicação da prova;

English Evaluation 1st Unit

1. Read the text below and answer the questions in English: (Leia o texto abaixo, e responda as
perguntas em inglês):

Name: Cameron Michelle Diaz

Nickname: Cami
Occupation: actress and model
Place of Birth: San Diego – California
Country: USA
Date of birth: August 30, 1972
Favorite animal: cat
Favorite food: lemon chicken with broccoli
Famous films: Shrek, Vanilla Sky, Charlie´s Angels.

a) What´s her name?_____________________________________________________________

b) Where is she from? ________________________________________________________________________
c) How old is she?_______________________________________________________________
d) What is her occupation? ________________________________________________________

2. Observe in the sentences below the highlighted subject (Observe nas frases abaixo os sujeitos
em destaque.)

1. The Monkey is in the tree.

2. Kate is a beautiful girl.
3. Robson and Pablo are brothers.
4. Tob is a intelligent boy.

The sequence correctly replaces the subject by the personal pronoun is (A sequência que substitui
corretamente o sujeito pelo pronome pessoal é):

a) He, She, He, She. c) They, She, He, It. d) It, She, He,They.
b) It, She, They, He. e) It, They, She, He

English Evaluation 1st Unit – Ceoap - Joana Dark Moraes - 1º E.M.

3. The following sentences were transcribed an interview. Used in the gaps, the interrogative
pronouns (WH words) adequate. (As frases a seguir foram transcritas de uma entrevista. Empregue,
nas lacunas, os pronomes interrogativos (WH words) adequados.)

1. __________ do you live? I live in Florianópolis.

2. __________ do you live in Brazil? Because I like it here. There are lots of things to do in ‘Floripa’
and people are friendly.
3. Do you play tennis every day? Yes, I practise every morning.
4.__________ do you practise? At the local tennis club, near the beach.
5. __________ do you go to the club? By car.

A sequência correta para o preenchimento das lacunas é:

A) Who, Where, Why, When. C) Where, Why, Where, How.

B) What, Where, When, How. D) When, How, Where, Who.

4. Complete the sentences using the COUNTRIES or NATIONALITIES.

a) Mariah Carey is a singer. She is from the USA. She is _________________________________.

b) I love Mel Gibson. He is from _______________________________________. He is Australian.
c) My favourite sportsman is from Germany. He is ______________________________________.
d) These two gymnasts are from China. They are
e) Antonio Banderas is ______________________________________________. He is from Spain.
f) David Beckham is English. He is from _______________________________________________.

5. Read the text and complete it using the verb “To Be”

Maria Santini ____________ from Naples in Italy. Her mother and father____________ (neg.) from
Naples. They __________________from Milan in the north of Italy. Maria’s mother
_________________ a housewife and her father____________ a dentist. Maria _____________ a
student. Her brotherand sister ______________ English teachers! Their school _______________
in a small street near their house. Maria’s favorite animal ____________________ Babylon, her
dog, and her favourite actor___________________ Robert Pattinson the film star.

(Adapted from Date, Olivia – Go! Activity Book 1. Longman: London, 1998.)

6. What is the form of the verb to be which complements the blank space on the strip? Write the
sentence in the negative form:(Qual é a forma do verbo to be que completa o espaço em branco na
tirinha? Escreva a frase na forma negativa)


English Evaluation 1st Unit – Ceoap - Joana Dark Moraes - 1º E.M.

7.Choose the best answer for the question below:

7.1. Sobre as WH Questions podemos afirmar que:

a) Aparecem antes dos verbos.

b) Não são usadas com verbo TO BE.
c) Aparecem entre o verbo e o substantivo.
d) Não são usadas no passado.
e) Sempre iniciam as questões nas quais aparecem.

7.2. _________ do you live? I live in Toronto.

a) Who b) What c) Where d) when

7.3. _________ do you take English class? Because I want to improve my speaking.

a) Where b) When c) Why d) what

7.4._________ do I cook rice? You need to use a pot with water.

a) How b) Who c) Where d) which

8. Match the columns between the countries and nationalities:

1. England ( ) American
2. Germany ( ) Greek
3. Wales ( ) English
4. U.S.A ( ) Irish
5. Holland ( ) Chilean
6. Scotland ( ) Welsh
7. Denmark ( ) German
8. Chile ( ) Dutch
9. Greece ( ) Scotish
10. Ireland ( ) Danish

9. Complete the sentences wiwth the verb To Be in the present.

a) He____________ in my house now.

b) They ____________ ( neg.) my friends from school.
c) I ____________a good student.
d) Beth _____________ at home because she ________sick.
e) Fred and Lisa _______________ in the United States.
f) We ______________ Brazilian.
g) Melinda and I ______________ (neg.) sisters.
h) You _____________ not late for the bus.
i) I ________________(neg.) at the supermarket.

English Evaluation 1st Unit – Ceoap - Joana Dark Moraes - 1º E.M.

10. Find the thirteen nationalities in the crossword:

English Evaluation 1st Unit – Ceoap - Joana Dark Moraes - 1º E.M.

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