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‫اإلمتحان للنصف السنة‬

‫بمعهد دار السعادة جيجوجونغ سوكاراجا بوغور‬

‫اإلمضاء المدرس‬ ‫النتيجة‬ : ‫اإلسم‬
: ‫الفصل‬
: ‫المادة‬
: ‫التاريخ‬

Answer the questions below!

1. Mention twenty vocabularies about housware!
2. Mention twenty vocabularies about nature and environment!
3. Mention twenty vocabularies about daily activity!
4. Make 3 sentences from american slang vocabs!
5. How to say and spell “kutu” in English?
6. How to say and spell “daun pintu” in English?
7. What time is it?
a. 08.00 (morning) b. 09.45 (evening) c. 01.30 (noon) d. 04.15 (afternoon)
8. Look for the homonym :
a. Dye b. Eye c. Route d. steel
9. (+). Dirga is a farmer

(+). He make a cup of coffee for his father


(+). My nephew have sent your letter


(-). I will not follow you to go to Bali

(?). Did the dog bite my father?
10. Write the formula of present, past, and future tenses!
11. Make a sentences from present tenses!
12. What different between present continous and simple future?
13. Fill in the blank!
Andy : “hi, Sue. How are you?”
Sue :…
Andy : “Sue this is my friend, Wayan.”
Sue :…
Wayan : “nice to meet you too. Where are you from Sue?”
Sue :…
14. Change into indonesia language!
Jane : good evening ma’am
Mrs. Perez : good evening, you are…
Jane : Jane ma’am. My name is jane. How are you ma’am?
Mrs. Perez : I’m fine, thank you. And how about you?
Jane : I’m fine too.
Mrs. Perez : are you with your mother jane?
Jane : yes, ma’am, she is in the fruits and vegetables corner.
Mrs.Perez : okay. well Jane, I have to go now. See you tomorrow.
Jane : see you tomorrow, ma’am.
Mrs. Perez : and Jane. Don’t forget to do your homework.
Jane : I will, ma’am.
15. Change into English!
David : hai nadine!
Nadine : hai david!
David : apa kabar?
Nadine : baik-baik saja, terima kasih. Kamu?
David : lumayan lah, ngomong-ngomong Marcel ada di rumah?
Nadine : maaf David, marcel tidak di rumah.
David : baiklah, tidak apa-apa. Terimakasih ya, Nadine.
Nadine : sama-sama. Nanti aku bilang ke Marcel kalau kamu mampir.