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(Partner Work)
What is The Think-Pair-Share learning strategy?
Think-Pair-Share is a learning strategy that teachers can use to promote individual and classroom
participation. Students use a simple procedure of three steps which promotes structure of learning and critical-
thinking on any given topic. During the “Think” process students take the time to reflect individually and
submit their response to the given question or topic. Students then “Pair” into partners of even groups if
needed for larger classroom settings and share their responses or answers to one another. In the last step
students will then “Share” with the rest of the class and discuss their responses and what they learned.

Why should Teachers implement the Think-Pair-Share learning strategy?

Using this learning strategy is beneficial for teachers to use in order to help them determine if the information
being taught is being retained by the students. Think-Pair-Share also encourages greater participation and
thoughtful classroom discussion. This learning strategy helps students build confidence and gives them the
time to compose their ideas before sharing with the rest of the class. Think-Pair-Share also promotes peer
learning giving students the ability to share their responses and learn from one another.

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