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Radford University’s Student-run Newspaper The Tartan | April 18, 2018


As of November of last year, a
pawn shop by the name “ESR
Pawn” opened in downtown
Radford. Not many know about it
nor that they sell firearms as well;
THE OPENING OF BELOW FAHRENHEIT, those who do, happen to walk ...

Oklahoma’s cast and
crew made for an
P. 5 ITS USERS? P. 9


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News | Page 4
The opening
Pawn Shop in
of Below Radford looking
Fahrenheit, a to offer Gun-Safety
Thai Roll ice
cream shop The Tartan | Shiza J. Manzoor

B y S h i z a J. M a n zo o r feel a sense of security. To Nikki Arnold, Radford doesn’t have a gun store. The
smanzoor1@radford.edu a junior at Radford University, this means business in Dublin, however, has always

he sun shone through the blinds “no civilian should own a gun.” been very heavy in guns and it is what
Owned by Jonathan Ross into the room with off-white walls, Her stance is that people should go tends to make the most money.”
and Danielle Helms, bringing with it the warmth of a back and take another look at the second However, It is not all about the cha-
the opening day was the spring day, amiable energy and the comfort amendment. “Our government at the time ching, cha-ching. “The owners and myself
culmination of a few... of a safe space. Is there such a place? After could not afford to arm its own militia, are actually very into educating people
all, “I feel a sense of self here.” so it allowed its militia (aka citizens at about guns – how to be responsible with
Culture | Page 6 Only recently has the term safe been the time) to arm themselves. The second them and such, not so much selling them

extended to refer to places beyond one’s amendment has been taken advantage of,” and making money. We care about that
home. For some, that looks like a “safe and she sees no solution to it. “It’s sad, kind of stuff.”

COMS Week zone” where one is welcome to identify as

they so choose; for some, security revolves
incomprehensible, and uneasy.”
She adds, “To say that we are safer with
So their Dublin store holds gun safety
classes, an element they are looking to add

recap around a barrel. Some, don’t feel the need

to be armed.
our guns is to say, ‘I’m willing to kill others
to keep myself and my family safe.’”
to their Radford store. “They’re held on
Sundays, typically, and that’s when both
As of November of last year, a pawn Nikki’s world would be the ideal place stores are closed. It’s also everyone’s day
The School of shop by the name “ESR Pawn” opened in to live in: a safe place for all. However, it is off.”
downtown Radford. Not many know about “not realistic.” “Every gun has the potential for
Communications hosted it nor that they sell firearms as well; those To Brett Smith, a senior at Radford misuse,” believes Daniye Bartell, a junior
its annual “COMS who do, happen to walk upon it as they University, finding common ground may be at Radford University. “There are pistols
Week” event last week. make their way down Main street. closer to this world she speaks of. “If there just as strong as the AR15 that civilians
Communications is a At first sight, the “shiny stuff” is what isn’t (a middle ground), then nothing will can buy.”
competitive field that offers catches people’s eyes. “It’s a little hard for ever get done because reps (Republicans) In the past, Bartell was against the
dozens of opportunities... people to notice it at first,” said Samuel and libs (Liberals) won’t work together on idea of guns. “After the Pulse nightclub
Waleska, manager of the Radford branch. it. Can’t say ban all guns. Can’t say allow shooting and ‘Unite the Right’ last year,
The Tea | Page 8 “When we first opened, we could go two
to three days, and I wouldn’t have a single
anything and everything.”
“Also,” Smith points out, “look at
I think trans people should arm up, gays
should arm up, Jews should arm up, women

April showers customer walk through the doors.”

Fortunately for Waleska and the pawn
Switzerland’s gun policies and how many
guns they have in their country compared
should arm up, Black people should arm
up, et cetera.”

bring May shop, times have changed.

“Now we’re not swamped all the time,
to the crime rate they have. They do it right
by making it mandatory to get training on
He sees it as a defense that minorities
should use to protect themselves against

flowers... but it’s a constant flow of people coming

in either buying things or pawning things
how to use the gun.”
With the political climate as it is right
the current gun climate in the country.
The ESR Pawn shop makes sure to

and Autism
or selling things.” now, store manager Waleska admits to prevent firearms from getting into the
He says there’s an even mix of people receiving some negative feedback. “When wrong hands. Interested buyers are
that come in from students to an older we first opened this store, people walking
Awareness crowd to even locals. This makes it
difficult for them to market as there’s no
by would be like, ‘Oh boy, another gun
store.’ But, if you go outside of Radford,
“Every gun has
... according to the Autism
Society, currently affects
one demographic to target, so word of
mouth it is.
they’re all over the place.”
His coworker August Hawel talked
the potential for
more than 3.5 million
The store is set up so that things like
guitars, televisions, electronics, movies,
about how he had overheard interesting
conversations throughout his time at ESR
misuse,” believes
Sports | Page 11
vinyl records, and other surplus stuff are
facing outside, toward the road. “Stuff like
Pawn. “You get a lot of conflicting views,
and it’s fun to watch them intermingle.
Daniye Bartell, a
Radford edges
that tends to do rather well, so I keep the
shiny stuff in the front – sort of draws them
It’s definitely a very good indicator of the
times.” junior at Radford
by Virginia Tech
in,” Waleska said. “Till they get around and
go, ‘Oh, look! They have guns!’”
Hawel’ views on gun control: “I think
that it could be better. I don’t know how. University. “There
for 21st win
As of right now, the law in Virginia
states that anyone can purchase a rifle or a
Otherwise, that’d be the million-dollar
question. However, a complete ban would are pistols just as
strong as the AR15
shotgun at the age of 18, but an individual be impossible.”
Radford’s softball team must be 21-years-old to buy a pistol – the The Radford store focuses more on
gained its second win over
that civilians can
reason being, “small guns are easier to pawn rather than firearms, but it is the
conceal than larger ones.” opposite for their store in Dublin.
Virginia Tech on this year’s Arguments like “guns kill people” or “Guns haven’t proven to be a real
season. The Highlanders “people kill people” emerge, but no matter money maker (in Radford),” said Waleska. buy.”
what the side looks like, everyone wants to “Everyone thought they’d be because
squeaked by with a 4-3... >> Shop, Continued on page 4
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From Page 3

required to fill out paperwork

and have their background checked
every single time.
“Everyone has to,” said one of
the employees. “It doesn’t matter
if you have tattoos on your face or
you just got out of church.”
Background checks could take
about five minutes to five days
according to Waleska. “We run
it through NICS, the National
Instant Criminal Background Check
System, and they tell us yay or nay.
If there’s a denial – somebody lied
on the form – they will actually The Tartan | Tristan Blake Rines
send the state police and they will

The opening of Below Fahrenheit,

drag you out.”
Gun control is a hot topic right
now that makes some wish they’d
never been invented. Some enjoy

a Thai Roll ice cream shop

the expensive hobby and want
others to experience the control
and responsibility that comes with
picking up a firearm.
Note from the author: I came
across a quote recently that I find B y T r i s ta n B l a k e R i n e s Fahrenheit. However, the twist on this just enjoy with friends. “We’re thinking of
to be true. product is the preparation and appearance. doing some kind of karaoke nights. … we

“... Chance favors only the n April 15, Below Fahrenheit: The “We use a special base that we make. want to try to find a way to connect ‘culture
prepared mind,” Louis Pasteur. Sweet Lounge at 1143 E Main St., It’s mixed with fresh fruit and traditional wise’.”, said Ross.
opened its doors for the first time toppings. We mix it together on a cold The interior of the establishment is
to the Radford community, featuring a new plate at negative twenty-degrees. We quite modern with wood floors, stylish
type of ice cream you may have only seen spread it out on that cold plate, and roll chairs and sofas, and a theme of greys,
while scrolling through social media. it up ... It’s all a ‘create your own’ kind of whites, and greens. A very selfie and
Owned by Jonathan Ross and thing,” explained Ross. The result is a very picture worthy “hang out for a little while”
Danielle Helms, the opening day was the delectable treat that with the summer kind of spot.
culmination of a few months of hard work, coming up, is expected to be a hit. Below Fahrenheit also isn’t terribly
staff training, and remodeling of the former The ice cream itself you may have expensive, costing $4.99 before tax, they
small business, Lucie Monroe’s: Cafe & seen rolling around social media since are also accepting RU Express. There are
Bakery, which moved to Christiansburg. about 2015 where the preparation of this over 200 different combinations to be had
“So far so good.”, said Helms when asked dessert started trending. This kind of ice with ingredients like cotton candy, mangos,
about the first day. “It’s trending and cream originates from Thailand, where and an assortment of all kinds of goodies.
everyone loves to see stuff get chopped up it is referred to as stir-fried ice cream or “My personal favorite is with Golden Oreos
and start from scratch so you know what pronounced “I-Tim-Pad.” and strawberry syrup,” said Helms.
you’re eating,” Helms added when asked The partners have their eyes set on After being open for only a few days so
about the ice cream. connecting with the Radford University far, Below Fahrenheit is ready to welcome
Ross, who also owns another small community, trying to cultivate a the Radford community and students with
business in Roanoke, Bare Ice Cream, has comfortable environment that students can open arms and yummy Thai ice cream.
made a smooth transition in opening Below come to and do their homework and even

“So far so good.”,

said Helms when
asked about the first
day. “It’s trending
and everyone loves
to see stuff get
chopped up and
start from scratch
so you know what
you’re eating.”
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Arts and Entertainment in Radford

Oklahoma is more than just OK Hearing loss, graphic novels,

By Amy Hall
We see an interesting foil between her and and Cece Bell’s El Deafo
her friend, Ado Annie, played by Victoria

odgers & Hammerstein’s Unterberger. B y V a n F au s t -S t e p h e n s o n the Teacher Microphone, was worn
Oklahoma! has become a theatre When Ado Annie is introduced, she vfauststephenso@radford.edu like a necklace by the teacher, and the

staple since it was premiered in breaks into song, professing that she his past week, several Radford receiving device, the Phonic Ear itself,
1943. With its homespun narrative, feel- cannot keep her hands to herself when services and clubs have invited the which Bell strapped to her stomach like
good songs, and memorable characters, boys are around despite being ‘promised’ children’s author and illustrator a reverse-backpack.
the musical has become interwoven into to cowboy, Will Parker, played by David Cece Bell to speak about her graphic Due to nervousness, she ended up
America’s cultural backdrop. Ratliff. novel El Deafo. hiding it under a layer of clothes and
Leave it to the incredible students of Laurey looks on in mild amusement El Deafo is a dramatized retelling saying she was pregnant. Though, this
Radford’s theatre department to create at her friends’ antics but reminds her that of Bell’s childhood experiences with happened in the first grade, so let’s give
a fresh spin on a classic. The musical she cannot betray Will. hearing loss and how it affected her her some credit.
features stunning lighting and music that During this same scene, we are school and social life, alongside finding Her nervousness extends to her social
shows depth and emotion. The musical introduced to the charming Ali Hakim, or a true friend. life, driving her quest as mentioned
also features discharge of theatrical the peddler, portrayed by Drew Callahan. While from a earlier for a true
firearms, which Ali is definitely quick glance, it friend, as she was
made most of the
audience jump when “Ali is definitely a a fan favorite. The
audience burst into
may seem that the
book is meant to
put into a state
of self-imposed
As soon as Mac fan favorite. The laughter every time
he was on stage.
teach kids about
empathy and
of fear of being

McMullen sings the

first note, you know audience burst After getting forcibly
engaged to Ado Annie,
treating others
with respect, Bell
ostracized for her
deafness. However,
you are in for a good
time. into laughter every Ali spends most of
the play trying to
says her primary
objective as
this is proven
false later on as

M c M u l l e n
down- time he was on get her and Will back
together. At some
an author and
illustrator is to
she gains multiple
friends and Bell
home, charming
Curly McLain, the stage. After getting point, he buys a picnic
basket for fifty-one
make people laugh.
As shown in
herself states the
book’s moral is,
protagonist of our
play. Alongside forcibly engaged dollars, so that Will
stops bidding for
the book, Bell
was infected with
“It’s better to share
the things about
beautiful Sarah
Coleman, who plays to Ado Annie, Ali lunch with Ado Annie
and keeps his money.
meningitis at a
young age, which
you that make you
different than it
the spends most of the Jud Fry, played by
Benjamin Sherman, is
caused her to lose
85 to 90 percent
is to keep them
tucked away.”
two make magic
onstage. Both actors play trying to get terrifying. This man is
obsessed with Laurey,
of hearing
both of her ears
in During
panel, Bell also

that her and Will back to the point where
he dreams about her.
and, interestingly
enough, not allow
makes it impossible
not to root for their together.” He is a slob, with a
startling pornography
her to understand consonants. The book
also helps by having speech bubbles,
novels and how El Deafo came to be.
As Bell says, some people can be
love story. addiction. some spoken by a Bell’s character, which irrationally angry when asked to repeat
My favorite character is Aunt Eller, When he gets angry, you get scared. are completely void. A very creative yet themselves, which can put you in a hard
played by the impressive Robin Brooke. When Laurey rejects him, his threat is real. simple method of conveying the event to spot when someone is deaf or partially
Brooke is an extraordinary actress, A ballet sequence happens in the younger audiences. deaf. One such instance of this occurring
who’s experienced ranges from voice middle of the play, and it is breathtaking. From there on, Bell was sent to a in a Kroger that led to a moment of
acting to professional theatre acting. Her Each dancer adds a new, sophisticated deaf classroom where the students were weakness and a drive to fight her own
hard-nosed, yet loveable portrayal of Eller layer to the choreography that tells the taught lip reading, as well as the reading battles inspired Bell to begin on the
is a must see. Her character is a matriarch, story of Laurey’s dream. of bodily cues, instead of sign language. book.
often serving as a grounding character to The way the characters move portrays Though not heavily addressed in the The title of El Deafo came not only
her young niece. A heartwarming moment their emotions, which makes the blank book, sign language was not taught for from her childhood imaginary persona
shows her maternal side when Laurey is expressions of the ‘Postcard Girls’ even a long time due to a persisting belief it but also form a blog that Bell ran of
unsure whether to accompany Curly to more unsettling in context. would not allow the deaf to function in the same name with the purpose of
the social (dance) or not. Eller’s advice After the lights went out, Oklahoma’s society fully. A belief which is obviously informing people who can hear how to
was to make Laurey’s decision based on cast and crew made for an unforgettable false, and quite offensive. talk to the deaf community.
her heart, and not to let herself overthink experience. Without their hard work and Bell, though she now sees sign The process of actually writing El
the invitation. dedication, this heartwarming show would language as an obvious good, hasn’t Deafo went on for about five years,
Laurey’s character is quite interesting, not have gone on. learned it due to not learning it in though Bell was primarily working on
posing herself between two men. Jud Fry, The next production is Make A Scene, childhood. However, she can still talk other projects for three of those years.
she uses to make Curly jealous, unaware starting Wednesday, April 27. Tickets are and hear thanks to devices such as the Everyone’s creative process is different,
just how dangerous he is. She is constantly available two weeks in advance online and Phonic Ear, which is a somewhat large but El Deafo’s went from simple plot
critical of herself and others. Especially in the Porterfield box office. hearing aid used by teachers in the outlines to more detailed notes about
Curly, who’s intentions she is unsure of. school Bell transferred to, where she was characters and worldbuilding to sketches
the only deaf student, causing her to be of how the pages would be laid out and
The transmission device, called
>> Bell, Continued on page 6
6 | The Tartan Culture

Radford’s COMS Week recap

From Page 5

then onto a long art process of drawing the

As for finding a publisher, when Bell was first
starting out, she merely says she got lucky, and when
sending out manuscripts to any and all publishers,
Candlewick Publishers got back to her and accepted
it. In El Deafo’s case, she already had her foot in the
door and had been known as a children’s author and
On the more creative side of things, the decision
to turn the book’s characters into rabbits came from
the use of a visual metaphor; as rabbits have large
ears, it would make a rabbit that is deaf feel all the
more out of place in a society that puts so much
focus on the use of ears.
Further work had to go in when other countries
translated the book, as some jokes just don’t
transfer well. While some used translators notes,
others decided to ask Bell to redo entire pages so
they worked without added context.
Bell also states that while a sequel isn’t currently
planned, there are still more stories to tell. Right
now, Bell is working on an early reader series called
Chick and Brain.
El Deafo and other works by Cece Bell, such as
‘Bee-wigged’ and ‘I Yam a Donkey!’ can be found on
Cece Bell’s website at cecebell.wordpress.com. As
well, Bell will be talking about writing these stories
at the Radford Public Library on April 24 at 6:30 p.m. The Tartan | Jeremy Moser
A pictures of all the members who helped make COMS Week this year, pictured during the COMMS Week Carnival.

By Jeremy Moser
jmoser9@radford.edu He believes that both are forms of public service, and in Along with some good advice like remembering
both ways, he has contributed to his community. names, shaking hands, and dressing appropriately, he

he School of Communications hosted its annual In the same way that a communications degree gave some more detailed information as well, such as
“COMS Week” event last week. helped prepare Hurst for state office; it paved the road refraining from asking about salary on the first interview
Communications is a competitive field that for Johnathan Sweet’s career as a county administrator. and asking questions that demonstrate an interest in
offers dozens of opportunities to thousands of students. With the skills he learned at Radford, Sweet has both the company and the interviewer. He told a story
With so many options from public relations to television made lasting impressions and even won awards for the about how he once got a job just by getting the guy
reporting, from advertising to film production, it can be work he has done for Pulaski County. One such project interviewing him to talk about himself for an hour.
difficult for new students to know just which areas they is an advertisement for the county that shows off all the This year’s COMS Week was the fruit of months
should want to pursue. most attractive qualities of the area in one cleanly made of planning and social media advertising by
This event, spanning five days with a ceremony video. communications students.
on the last day, was intended to give Radford students Filmmaking skills are invaluable in the Over the course of the semester, the work that
a look into careers in Communication and the kinds communications field, as are many others. Jeremy went into making this event happen taught valuable
of problems that come with the field, while also the Butterfield, Director of Public Relations at the communications skills like event planning, advertising,
preparations they should make by the time they are advertising agency Access, explained how his job as and connecting with people from around the state to
applying for jobs. Director of Public Relations is only one out of many jobs come and speak. Full-time Instructor Kathleen Degnon
The events were mostly comprised of presentations he has had throughout his communications career. instructed them, but the event was primarily student
by notable people within the field. Every one of them Butterfield describes just how vital “one-man organized.
was very open about their careers, pasts, mistakes, branding” is, the multimedia approach a journalist can The whole week was not just suits, ties, and career
things they learned, and even things they wish they had take. Very often now, jobs will expect one person to do advice, in any case. Towards the end, they hosted a
known while they were in school. all of the reporting, interviewing, filming, editing, and carnival with games, a mechanical bull, and raffled off
WDBJ anchor Neesey Payne told the story of how social media posting. prizes.
rough it was for her to get her start after finishing That was not all there was of Access to be seen, as After all, that is how you get people’s attention.
college. Todd Marcum, president/copywriter at Access, showed

“Get the first

When she graduated, during the 2008 recession, the his documentary of ad men and women of the advertising
economy and job market were in far worse states than industry in Roanoke.
they are now. It took months for her to secure her first Along with his co-producer, Dave Perry of Dave Perry
job in the field as a writer for a newspaper, and only after Cinematographer LLC, Marcum tracked down relatives,
years was she able to achieve her dream of working on
Delegate Chris Hurst has found himself in an
co-workers, and clients of these people to create
“Shine: The Legacy of Roanoke Ad Men and Women.”
The documentary was very well made and evoked a 50s
job. You can’t
get a better job
interesting position as well. advertising aesthetic that gave it a period-accurate feel.
Hurst initially went to school for TV journalism and Access has inherited that legacy as an advertising
now has several years of experience that that field. He company based in Roanoke. Marcum himself has

till you have

became a WDBJ anchor at a very young age but didn’t hired students from Radford before. His advice to
then and still has not lost his passion for seeking out communications students fits in well with the common
the news. theme. “Get the first job. You can’t get a better job till
However, some tragic personal events, the details of you have one,” said Marcum.

which won’t be discussed here, led to him reconsidering However, getting that first job requires a good
his position in life. résumé and excellent interviewing skills. That is what
The main point Hurst got across in his presentation Hunter French’s “Résumé do’s and don’ts” presentation
was just how similar journalism and public office are. was all about.
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COMS Week: That’s a wrap!

The Tartan | Dylan Lepore

Mechanical bull riding, the ultimate challenge ... challenge accepted!

I wonder what she’s thinking about?
The tea
8 | The Tartan The Tea
Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week
“Better remain silent, better not even
think, if you are not prepared to act.”
- Annie Besant
The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
Facebook and Google betraying
the trust of its users?
uted at more than 26 locations
on the RU campus. The Tar-
tan is always looking into ex-
panding  their distribution.
The publication is printed at By Hannah Hale
Shenandoah Publishing House hhale3@radford.edu  Curran’s 31 part tweet
in Winchester, Va. says, “includes your

fter Facebook went under fire due to bookmarks, emails,
The Tartan is part of Highland- the misuse of user information, some contacts, your Google
er Student Media and is com- social media users are questioning Drive files, all of the
pletely student-run. As a news- just how much data websites retain on their above information,
paper, The Tartan reserves the users. your YouTube videos,
right to address, explore and Google is a website many people rely on the photos you’ve
delve into issues that affect the every day for searching, email, and more, taken on your phone,
university student body and the especially those with Android cellphones. the businesses you’ve
surrounding area. NBC News reported that a Twitter post bought from, the
by Dylan Curran, an information technology products you’ve
Student Media
consultant, demonstrated how Google bought through
closely tracks users, and many users do not Google.”
P.O. Box 6895
realize exactly how much information these Curran continues,
Radford VA, 24142 Photo courtesy of William Iven on Unsplash
settings give to Google. “Your calendar, your
Curran states in his Twitter thread, Google hangout sessions, your location Facebook, where you logged in from, what
EDITORIAL POLICIES “Google stores your location (if you have history, the music you listen to, the Google time, and from what device.” Facebook
it turned on) every time you turn on your books you’ve purchased, the Google groups stores all the applications that have ever
“Our Opinion” pieces are phone, and you can see a timeline from the you’re in, the websites you’ve created, the been connected to your account and these
written collectively by members first day you started using Google on your phones you’ve owned, the pages you’ve applications may have access to and the
of The Tartan Editorial phone.” He also found that Google stores shared, how many steps you walk in a day...” ability to store your Facebook information
Board. The Editorial Board is your search histories from all of a user’s Curran’s report was a whopping 5.5GB depending on the amount of access you
comprised of the editing staff, devices even if you delete your search and file, which is around three million word allowed.
the Tea writers, and other
phone history. documents. It is scary to think about how much
Radford University students.
Curran goes on to say, “Google creates To see what information Google has information is stored on internet users,
These undergraduate and an advertisement profile based on your retained about you and change your settings, and basic security precautions, like making
graduate students represent information, including your location, gender, you must go into your account, security, and a profile private, seem insignificant if this
multiple class levels and age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship privacy settings. much information is available in a website’s
different political, cultural, status, possible weight, and income.” Curran also found that Facebook also has database. Hackers could gain access to this
ethnic, and religious “Google stores information on every app an option to download all your information. information from merely having your login
backgrounds. Members may and extension you use, how often you use He states, “This includes every message information.
or may not belong to a variety them, where you use them, and who you use you’ve ever sent or been sent, every file Be sure to check your privacy, security,
of student organizations. The
them to interact with.” You can find all of you’ve ever sent or been sent, all the contacts and account settings on every online account
Editorial Board is open to all
your YouTube watch, search, and comment in your phone, and all the audio messages or device you use, and pay attention to the
RU students who apply.
history on your account. you’ve ever sent or been sent.” permission you give to apps and websites.
TARTAN The most startling piece of information in “They also store every time you log into

Dylan Lepore
April showers bring May flowers...
and Autism Awareness month!
Ida Domingo
Managing Editor
B y S ava n n a h R o b e rs o n
“ ... this disease
Van Faust-Stephensons
Culture Editor sroberson8@radford.edu online events and activities, local events
and activities through affiliates, and various

W that, according
Alexis Gardner hile the month of April will wrap partner opportunities with several different
The Tea Editor
agardner5@radford.edu up our spring semester classes associations that work towards raising
Davis Byrd
Sports Editor
here at Radford, this month also
holds another special meaning that might be
awareness for autism. I think this month is
definitely an important one, because neither to the Autism
Hailey Scherer
Photography Manager
lesser known.
April is Autism Awareness month—a
I nor many of my friends knew that April was
Autism Awareness Month. Society, currently
affects more
month to become more educated about The fact that so many are unaware of
Tyquan Holloway autism, to give back to those who have the existence of this month celebrating

than 3.5 million

tholloway9@radford.edu either been affected by autism or who have and promoting awareness for autism shows
autism, themselves, to raise awareness, and us that there is a long way to go in raising
to celebrate those with autism both for their awareness for this disease that, according to
similarities and their differences.
According to AutismSociety.org, Autism
the Autism Society, currently affects more
than 3.5 million Americans. This same source
Awareness Month is celebrated by things like states that autism is the fastest-growing
presidential and congressional declarations, developmental disability, so in order to
>> Awareness, Continued on page 9
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 18, 2018 | 9
From Page 8

keep up with the constantly evolving disease, we A second way to show support is to wear the Autism because I believe that one of the greatest hindrances to
need to stay consistently and completely educated and Awareness Ribbon. PresenceLearning.com states that widespread autism awareness is the huge number of
informed. many advocates of autism awareness wear the ribbons stereotypes that continue to accompany autism.
One way to show support for Autism Awareness pinned to their clothes, place magnetic ribbons on their In order to spread awareness in the right way, many
Month, of course, is to self-educate on topics such as the cars, and much more. The ribbon provides a sense of people need to forget what they think they know about
differences in the brains of those who are autistic and public support and community for all of those affected autism and relearn everything they previously believed
those who are not, which will aid greatly in tearing down by autism, and the popularity of the ribbon increases in a way that will both increase their own awareness and
the many stereotypes that accompany this disorder. greatly during the month of April. promote their own understanding. Ensuring the correct
Working towards understanding what autism consists While awareness for autism has certainly increased and stereotype-free distribution of facts about autism
of—internally, chemically, behaviorally, and societally— over the years, I still think we have a long way to will promote the type of awareness we need in order to
will consequently give us much of the knowledge we go before we reach a point where autism is widely most successfully provide those with autism and their
need in order to ensure that those with autism are living understood and accepted. We still need to work towards families the best lives possible.
the most fulfilled lives possible. spreading knowledge and facts concerning the disability,

Respecting the LGBTQ+

community in 2018
By Ola Elshaar
“No one should
gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people suffer a
oelshaar@radford.edu crucible of egregious violations, including killings, rape,

R feel unsafe or be
especting other people’s perceived sexual mutilation, torture, arbitrary detention, abduction,
orientation is a part of being a human and harassment, physical and mental assaults, he said, noting

mistreated because
every human being has the right to choose their that they are subjected to lashings and forced surgical
lifestyle and the way they want to live. They should not interventions, bullying from a young age, incitement to
be disrespected on any level because of their choice. hatred and pressures leading to suicide.”
LGBTQ+ refers to, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans,
Queer/Questioning, and others. The community is united
Founding a community that would socially accept
and respect other people’s life decisions would be much
of their life choices.”
under one umbrella that differentiates their sexual/ appreciated by transgender people or anyone with
gender preference from the vast majority of people. different sexual orientation. In the end, we should respect people with different
LGBTQ+ have their own revolutions and roars on In supporting that matter, an article was published sexual orientation. Discriminating them, violating their
how they are struggling for acceptance and how to be by Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for rights, bullying, killing, or even refusing to acknowledge
acknowledged and respected in their community. Human Rights saying that, “In many regions of the world, the fact that they exist will bring them and the society
The tragic mass shooting that happened two years human rights defenders paid a high price for exposing nothing but harm.
ago in Orlando in one of the well-known gay dance clubs human rights violations in the context of business- The LGBTQ+ community is a part that is not breakable
was a significant threat to the LGBTQ+ community. related activities, [Michel Frost, United Nations Special from the society; if you destroy a part of the society, you
Imagine being psychologically destructed after seeing rapporteur] said. The increasing number of threats will be destroying the whole society.
the death of your loved ones just because of their sexual and attacks could largely be explained by the lack of As it is intuitive to value all people’s crucial
preference. No one should feel unsafe or be mistreated preventative measures such as consultations of affected life decisions, I think it should be the same with
because of their life choices. communities and reactive measures like grievance LGBTQ+ individuals and people who have other sexual
According to an article by UN News, “Lesbian, mechanisms.” tendencies.  Let’s try not to be so oppressive and

Photo courtesy of Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash Photo courtesy of Josh Wilburne on Unsplash
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Campus dogs: you can’t resist!

The Tartan | Jordan Bennett

www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 18, 2018 | 11


RU an established, or
fledgling journalist? Or
Radford edges by Virginia Tech
maybe you just love to
write, and this might be
your first time showcasing
your hidden talent?
for 21st win
Want to bring your opin-
ions and unique views to
the masses? Love the idea
of reporting on and off
campus news, voicing your
opinion on topics ranging
from movies, laws, and on
the many fun, and some-
time’s unusual, attractions
going on around campus?
Then give Radford Univer-
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
per a shout and email the
Editor-In-Chief! Photo courtesy of Radford Athletics
By Austin White
awhite26@radford.edu Gagliano. intermission, Rowe singled the second pitch
Dail then faced junior Hannah Medlam Dail threw to her to left field, scoring both

adford’s softball team gained its who did not swing the bat at all. She was Douglas and Medlam.
Letters to the second win over Virginia Tech on walked after facing a full count, loading the With the game now 4-1 Virginia Tech
this year’s season. The Highlanders bases. desperately tried to make a comeback. Eberle
Editor squeaked by with a 4-3 win while senior When senior Maggie Rowe stepped to continued her good game by lining Morrow’s
pitcher Abbey Morrow was credited with the the plate, the entire fanbase stood up in pitch to centerfield for a single in the first
We prefer letters that are fewer win. anticipation. After two balls, Rowe took a at-bat of the sixth inning. She scored after
than 200 words and take as The game started out with great pitching chance on the third pitch, but her hit was Medlam made a fielder’s choice to tag out
their starting point an article and defense from both teams. Morrow made caught just a couple feet from the back wall Davis at second base.
or other item appearing in The three batters strike out swinging as her for the final out of the inning. Dail struck out both Gagliano and Tapia
Tartan. They may not have fastball looked untouchable in the first two Down by a run, the Hokies began for the second and final out of the sixth
been submitted to, posted innings. Redshirt junior shortstop Marissa the fourth inning very aggressively with inning. Entering the seventh and final
to or published by any other Gagliano and freshman third basemen Talia sophomore Carrie Eberle getting on base inning, senior Caroline Schoenewald singled
media. They must include the Douglas both forced outs to keep the Hokies quickly with a single. She was then switched to right field to get the first runner on base.
writer’s full name — for more off the board. out for pinch runner junior Kinsey Johnson. After juniors Olivia Lattin and Emma
information and to send a Virginia Tech started their freshman After stealing second, Johnson advanced Strouth grounded out for the first two outs
letter head over to pitcher Jordan Dail. Her pitching was as to third after freshman Cana Davis flown of the inning, Eberle came through again
www.rutartan.com. effective as Morrow’s in the first two innings out. Junior Caitlyn Nolan beamed Morrow’s with a clutch single to score Schoenewald
striking out three Highlanders herself. fourth pitch to her to center field scoring and make the game 4-3. Junior Sierra Walton

Notes of Worth Radford’s defense continued the good

play, this time the outfield contributing all
Johnson and tying the game 1-1.
The game began to shift in the bottom
was next at bat and sent Morrow’s pitch to
the back wall for a single.
(sort of?) three outs in the top of the third inning. of the fifth inning. The Highlanders started After a brief timeout by the Highlanders,
... Sophomore Lauren Maddrey caught a line to get a sense of Dail’s pitching style. After Morrow faced Davis again.
Q: What did the coach drive hit to the center field along with a fly Tapia got on base from a fielder’s choice, Davis made contact with the first pitch
say to the broken vending ball for two of the outs. Dail hit Douglas with her next pitch moving she threw at her and sent it right back to
machine? In the bottom of the third, the her to first base. Morrow. She quickly rescued to ball in
Highlanders started to get runners on base. After watching the pitches closely, her glove and threw it to first basemen
After walking Gagliano, Dail gave up a single Medlam cracked a double to left field sophomore Hunter Mundy for the final out
A: I want my quarter back!
to sophomore Sofia Tapia to put two on base. scoring Tapia to give Radford the lead back. to end the game.
... Douglas followed her teammates lead with a Next Rowe stepped up to the plate forcing
Q: Why did the basketball single of her own at the next at-bat scoring a timeout from Virginia Tech. After the
player bring his suitcase to
the game?

A: Because he traveled a
Q: What is an insect’s
favorite sport?

A: Cricket!
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