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Teacher: Moldovan Simina

School: Scoala Gimnaziala “Dr. Aurel Vlad” Orastie
Class: I A
Level: Beginners
Topic: School Objects
Vocabulary: what’s your name, my name is, how old are you, I am 7 years old, numbers,
school objects, colors, human body, the house
Type of lesson: Revision
Skills: Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading
Method of teaching: Communicative method
Teaching technique: Poems, Dialogues
Materials: Pictures, computer
A.Cognitive Objectives:
a) To revise the main words and structures learnt so far
b) To make students revise the poems
c) To revise What’s this, this is a …
d) To revise the verb To have
e) To encourage students to learn the English language through
games, dialogues and poems
f) To give students more practice on pronunciation and vocabulary

B.Affective objectives:
a) To create a warm atmosphere for learning,
b) To make students enjoy using the English language,
c) To have fun

WARM-UP Good morning children The S answer: Good T-S Speaking To prepare the children for
morning teacher the lesson, to remember the

What’s your name? The S answer: My name T-S Speaking To revise:”What’s your
is.. name?
How are you? The S answer: I’m fine T-S Speaking To revise: “How are you”
thank you
PASSAGE TO How old are you? The S answer: I’m 7 T-S Speaking To check the S’s ability to
THE NEW years old say their age in English
LESSON Now think about 3 Students name the 3 T-S Speaking To check the S’s ability to
school objects you objects say school objects in English
Whose objects are Students say the name of T-S Speaking To check the S’s ability to
they? the owners say school objects in English

Now please draw your Students draw and name T-S Speaking To have fun revising the
family members the family members family members

Translate: Numele meu este Andrei T-S Speaking To check the S’s ability to
Eu am 7 ani. translate in English
Eu am un pix rosu. Eu
am un creion verde. Eu
am o carte albastra. Eu
am un caiet albastru.
Aceasta este familia mea:
mama, tata, sora si
fratele. Ce este asta?
Acesta este un nas,
Aceasta este o gura,
Acestia sunt 2 ochi,
Aceasta este o ureche,
Acesta este un picior,
Aceasta este o mana.
Now draw Students draw: a boy, a
girl, a red pen, a green
pencil,a blue book, a blue

Please tell me the The S say the poems they T-S Speaking To check the S’s ability to
poems have learnt say poem in English

EVALUATION The T asks the S to The S answer the T-S Speaking To encourage S.
repeat what they have questions and listen
learnt, The S who
answer gets grades.

HOMEWORK To revise the clothes

and find pictures with