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Second Grade Newsletter

April 23rd-27th

Skills for the Week

Reading: I can use multiple texts to find Important Dates, Times, and Reminders
evidence to support my opinion.
• Tue 4/24-Fri 4/27—ELA TNReady Testing**
Grammar: I can identify prefixes and suffixes
and use them to determine the meaning of • Sun 4/29—GMSD 5K Stampede and Color Run
words. I can identify proper nouns and
capitalize them correctly. I can identify • Mon 4/30-Tue 5/1—Math TNReady Testing**
adjectives and adverbs and when to use them.
I can correctly write a complete sentence. • Tue 5/8—Career Day
Writing: I can write an opinion paragraph. **Reminders for Upcoming Testing**
Book Study Starting on May 7 Here are some helpful reminders for testing this week:
Math: I can add and subtract three-digit We are starting a book study 1. Make sure students are present and on time to school
numbers. on The BFG by Roald Dahl in a each day.
couple of weeks. It would be
2. Make sure students get a full night’s rest the night before
Social Studies: I can identify and discuss great for each student to have
the test.
a copy of the book! The book is
contributions made my important Americans. 3. Make sure students eat a healthy breakfast before testing.
on sale from Scholastic Book
4. There are absolutely NO electronic devices allowed during
clubs for $1.00. If you order
Science: I can describe and identify different using your child’s class code, testing. This includes digital watches, smart watches,
calculators, cell phones, tablets, etc. Please keep these
types of energy and their characteristics. I can the books will be shipped
straight to the school. items at home during testing.
describe force. 5. Encourage your child to show all that they know!

Reading Round-Up
Math Minute We will be wrapping up our
Social Studies Scoop
This week, students will be final module for Wit & Wisdom Science Center We will be reading about
given one minute to in the coming weeks. We will
In science this week, famous Americans. We
complete twenty be revisiting all of the texts
from the module. In grammar,
we will be wrapping will conduct shared
multiplication facts. This
week they will test on the we will continue to review our up our unit on energy. research on famous
5’s facts. Please work second grade skills. The We will begin learning inventors and scientists
with your child at home grammar test is on Friday. Our about force. from the United States.
to learn these facts. spelling test will be on Friday
as well.