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Student Teaching Cooperating Teacher Lesson Observation Report

Spring, 2018

Student’s Name: Jamie Robertson School: Altavista Combined School

Grade: 6 Subject: Reading Remediation Period
Date: 4/12/2018 Observer: Kristen Starnes
Performance Rating Scale:
5 - Exemplary: Consistently exceeds expectations at an exceptional level for a student teacher on all indicators.
4 - Highly Proficient: Meets and frequently exceeds expectations for a student teacher on most indicators.
3 - Proficient: Meets expectations at an acceptable level for a student teacher on most indicators.
2 - Developing: Does not consistently meet expectations at an acceptable level for a student teacher on several indicators.
1 - Unacceptable: Does not meet expectations for a student teacher on most or all indicators.
● Facilitates students’ use of higher level thinking Feedback and recommendations:
● Links present content with past and future learning Jamie used past examples of stories read to remind
experiences, other subject areas, and the real world students of concepts taught. Jamie has put in the work to
learn the content vocabulary and is able to adapt the
● Demonstrates accurate content knowledge
content to meet the needs of each student.
● Bases instruction on goals that reflect high expectations and
an understanding of the subject
● Shows and understanding of the various developmental
characteristics of the students


● Addresses appropriate curriculum standards Feedback and recommendations:

● Uses student learning data to guide planning Jamie planned a great lesson that met the curriculum
● Manages time for pacing, content mastery, and transitions standards. She also planned well to fit the lesson into the
given time frame. Jamie scored the independent
● Write specific, measurable learning objectives based on
assignments and used that to decide if the students needed
school’s curriculum and student learning needs more practice with the concept.
● Plans for differentiated instruction

● Engages and maintains students in active learning Feedback and recommendations:

● Builds upon students’ existing knowledge and skills Jamie was able to engage the students in the lesson and
● Verbally states and reinforces learning objectives continually reinforced the learning objective. Jamie used
her content knowledge to ask good questions about the
consistently throughout the lesson
reading assignment.
● Uses a variety of instructional strategies and resources
● Uses instructional technology to enhance learning
● Displays effective questioning to encourage higher levels of
● Communicates clearly and checks for understanding
● Differentiates instruction to meet students’ needs
● Assesses student learning relative to lesson objectives
● Provides clear closure to the lesson

● Arranges the classroom to maximize learning/safety Feedback and recommendations:

● Establishes clear behavioral expectations and consequences Jamie has established a good rapport with the students. It
and enforces them consistently and fairly is obvious that the student enjoy working with Jamie.
They also respect her and listen when she asks them to do
● Establishes routines and procedures to maximize
instructional time and minimize disruptions something. Jamie has developed a routine and sticks to it
● Promotes a climate of trust and teamwork by being fair, so that the students know what to expect.
caring, respectful and enthusiastic
● Models a respect for cultural differences and student
diversity by displaying sensitivity and acceptance
● Actively listens to students
● Positively reinforces appropriate student behaviors

Note 2-3 specific recommendations for growth that will be evaluated during future observations:
I would like to see Jamie challenge the students more with slightly more difficult questions.

Cooperating Teacher’s Digital Signature: Kristen N Starnes

Student Teacher’s Digital Signature: Jamie Robertson

(Student Teacher: By typing my name above I verify that I have received and read this report.)