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Culture | Page 4 Dr. Hawkins: You leave Radford, but you remain a Highlander
Going out with By Jeremy Moser
jmoser9@radford.edu and sociology. The only way a society can

a BFA Studio exist is through forms of communication,

ean Hawkins was eager to be and the human psyche influences every

Show interviewed. Inside her large and

well-furnished office adorned with
bit of that communication. Her knowledge
of each of these fields allowed her to do
her name, she quipped about how being the kind of research and work that helps
the dean of a college has its perks. After young people get better starts at life.
It is the end of the semester, she offered her guest something to drink, While also working at Wichita State
and that means senior she talked for nearly an hour. University, she helped place millions of
graduation is right around The things she spoke about varied dollars in the hands of less fortunate
the corner; however, this wildly, but they all primarily circled the students through the Kansas Health
does not say that these kind of work she has done. She told some Foundation. She also led a campaign to
graduating seniors are not stories and had a few laughs. She is a help educate teenagers on how cigarettes
delightful person with much history. are subliminally advertised to them in
leaving one last thing to Dr. Katherine Hawkins has been the stealthy ways.
have us remember them by. dean of the College of Humanities and Here at Radford, she led a massive
Behavioral Sciences for nearly seven years move into the brand-new CHBS building.
Culture | Page 5 now. In that time, in addition to managing She was intimately involved in every part

the entire college, she has continued of the planning and inhabiting the most
teaching communications. massive class building on campus just in

University Dr. Hawkins, as it seems, is very

passionate about her work and her college;
time for the 2016-2017 school year.
The move involved around 180 faculty
Courtesy of Radford University

and Salem her car even has a license plate with

“RUCHBS” printed on it. However, after
members and several graduate students,
and with the help of some volunteers
Dr. Hawkins’s tenure at Radford is
ending. She has found a position at Old

High School’s this semester she is moving to a bigger and

better job at Old Dominion University.
as well as some beautiful weather, the
transition went, as she put it, “as smoothly
Dominion University in Norfolk as vice
provost for faculty affairs and strategic
Symphonic She was born in Boston, but she as one could have hoped.” initiatives. She will continue to do the

Band Concert
has lived and studied in several places It took some severe collaboration from same kind of work she is done here at
all over the country. After completing everyone to pull it off. As Dr. Hawkins said Radford, only now she will be working
her bachelors in both psychology and herself, “It was a daunting challenge, but with an entire university instead of just
The University’s Symphonic sociology at the University of Virginia, we did what we always do in CHBS. We one college.
Band shared its spotlight she decided to pursue a masters and Ph.D. figured out a way to make it work!” Of course, Dr. Katherine Hawkins will
with Salem high school’s ... in communications at the University of Her work is her priority, but she lives miss Radford quite a bit. She said, “You
Texas. an active lifestyle in her free time. She has leave Radford, but you take a piece of it
The Tea | Page 6 She described communications as sort
of the next logical step after psychology
a pet dog she likes to go on hikes with, and
she loves to kayak in the New River.
with you. You remain a Highlander.”

Kendrick How Online Shopping is Affecting Small Businesses

Lamar wins B y T r i s ta n B l a k e R i n e s
estimates in their annual report that point Chris Isidore.

a Pulitzer for toward the trend of future online spending With Toys R Us closing some of its

W hen you take a trip down to Main by Millennials (aged 22-35). doors it shows that to stay afloat in

Street right off Radford’s campus, “We believe the annual U.S. market for today’s market, a business must have an
you may walk by a significant number of home goods is approximately $275 billion, avid online presence, and Riley’s Uniques
small businesses. These businesses are of which 10 percent is sold online.” The has been no exception.
competing for customers, not only with report also added, “Moreover, we believe When asked about how the online
On April 16, 30-year old one another but the internet as well. there are approximately 70 million forum helps Riley’s Uniques, Ousley
American rapper Kendrick With online shopping becoming more millennials in the U.S., many of whom are named some of the sources they use to sell
Lamar made history for frequent, even Radford is feeling the accustomed to purchasing goods online. items, “eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook
being the first rapper to ever effects. However, some businesses have As millennials age and move into new marketplace.” With some online forums,
win a Pulitzer in ... adapted by using online forums to reach homes, we expect online sales of home Ousley’s business benefits, “the reason
new customers. One of these businesses is goods to increase.” I see that online works is when I post
Sports | Page 7 Riley’s Uniques. With the development of online stuff on Craigslist, or on Facebook, I get
John Ousley opened the business with spending and competition from Amazon, multiple questions about certain items.
Radford Holds two other partners after being let go from Walmart, and Target, one large business, Even though I have thousands of other

Off Virginia
the Dublin Volvo plant. Ousley decided to in particular, has recently announced it is items, they want to sit on their chair just
open his shop to help care for his 4-year- closing its doors. looking through what’s only online, and

Tech on a Wild
old daughter, considering it was difficult Toys R Us crumbled as consumers they don’t see beyond that, and actually
to find jobs that allowed him a flexible turned to the other large online sources coming in. So it’s important to have all

Pitch Walk off

schedule. to get their fix of games and toys, and your items online if you can.”
Over time, Ousley collected items that decided instead not to leave their homes When it comes to Riley’s Uniques,
would eventually end up for sale in his to get their hands on the latest and the most significant thing that pulls in
store that include things like vintage pins greatest available gadgets. Though online revenue for the store is furniture. Co-
The Radford baseball and buttons, unique artwork, and even shopping was influential in the company’s owner, Toby Bullion explained that some
team defeated in-state foe jewelry. Riley’s Uniques is located at 1224 announcement, Toys R Us also faced that of the best ways the store goes about
East Main Street near the edge of the strip they lacked in, “general upkeep and the getting its merchandise are through yard
Virginia Tech to extend contains a broad assortment of items, its condition of our stores,” said CEO David sales and estate sales.
their win streak to three ... most prominent seller being furniture. Brandon. The owners each have a different style,
While things like furniture and The store also filed for bankruptcy “Each one of us brings in a new kind of
antiques can be bought in person, major after being $5 billion in debt in September
online realtor Wayfair has created some of 2017, according to CNN Money writer,
>> Online, Continued on page 7
4 | The Tartan Culture

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

Going out with a BFA Studio

B y V a n F au s t -S t e p h e n s o n and shapes, with few things being non-distinct or having A personal favorite of mine, Route 55 #2 also
vfauststephenso@radford.edu a sketch-like look. This style is conveyed through the showcases this beautiful abandonment. Vines that have

t is the end of the semester, and that means senior use of acrylic, graphite, and wood panel in all his works. dragged down a road sign are now slowly advancing their
graduation is right around the corner; however, this Despite the industrial feel, King’s artist statement way up a wooden phone poll while a house to the side
does not say that these graduating seniors are not explains the works are reminiscent of childhood is falling apart. If it were not for knowing that this was
leaving one last thing to have us remember them by. creativity and escape. “I am and always have been a taken from real life, it would seem like a scene from the
Six of the graduating students in the Bachelor of builder.” post-apocalypse.
Fine Arts (B.F.A.) are currently showcasing their works There is a strange recurring pattern in all of his More of Dongoski’s work can be found on her
one last time at the Covington Center. These works are works: a rope pulling something up. For instance, in Facebook and Instagram @anniedongoskiphotography.
all from different styles, inspirations, and mediums. his work No Girls Allowed, a bucket filled with arrows I mistook Burke Staunton’s pieces for a small
It is truly a culmination of nearly every type of show is being pulled up by a rope connected to seemingly butterfly collection in the middle of the art museum.
the Arts program has put on in the past year. nothing. The background is filled with half-finished Instead, the section was Butterfly Brooches, an example
Rachel Hawkins brings her style of Acrylic on Canvas construction plans and outlines of what seems to be an of Staunton’s nature-inspired jewelry. The piece is
to the table in five different “stream of consciousness” office building, helping the industrial tone. surprisingly life-like, despite the fact that the color is

“Taylor’s work is
works. Her works are best described as landscapes of only painted on.
black with colors streaking through, as seen from a top- I do not usually wear hair accessories aside from a

based on the use of

down perspective. hairband, but these look so good that I would try wearing
Hawkins claims she creates her works with no plans one if they were available for purchase.
beforehand, merely having them represent her current Busy Bee is a small collection of a bee-shaped ring,
state of mind. “The clusters of emotional response to
these experiences invite the viewer to explore both the
skulls, something that two bee-shaped earrings, and a large necklace with
honeycombs on it … and bees on those. Unfortunately,
whole and the sum of the parts,” her artistic statement
I had noticed in her the necklace would seem uncomfortable to wear, as
the centerpiece of it is large and seemingly heavy, the
The best way to describe her art is actually to
compare her pieces to one another.
work from across the necklace part of it being made of rustic chains and being
small by itself.
For instance, Bewildered is a piece reminiscent of
the representation of outer space seen in TV and movies, room. Why use skulls Though it would still be a beautiful decoration to
have around.
filled with eternal emptiness and, for some reason, sprays
of color with no natural source. Meanwhile, Unbalanced though? ‘I use skulls as a Moreover, then there is the Swallowtail Statement
Set which is an absolutely beautiful collection of jewelry

symbol to represent the

is mostly black to its right side, yet the left is filled to the similar to the one above but based off of the Swallowtail
brim with color; as well, the canvas is bumpier and less Butterfly instead of bees.
smooth than the others. All three have a gem-like design meant to represent
More of Hawkins’ work can be found at annihilation of the Native a swallowtail’s wings that are simply and ingeniously
rachelhawkinsstudios.com or on her Instagram @ just photographs under glass. Also, then there is the
Cheyenne Taylor’s work, in the style of Oil on
American people… necklace, with three of these designs as its centerpiece
and the necklace itself being made of what seems to be
Canvas, provides “... a sense of destruction and present
the inevitability of decay,” as her artist statement says.
because of my Cherokee plastic, but also formed in the shape of a swallowtail’s
Taylor’s work is based on the use of skulls, something
that I had noticed in her work from across the room. Why
lineage’.” Finally, Carol Ann Lawrence brings her stoneworks
to the show; though her artistic statement claims they
use skulls though? “I use skulls as a symbol to represent Meanwhile, with Volleyball Net, stray strands at are more sculptural than functional. As well, her works
the annihilation of the Native American people… the end of a rope are tied to a crow’s beak, holding up are said to have masculine and feminine designs.
because of my Cherokee lineage.” what seems to be an egg. It seems oddly morbid and This can be seen in her work Penis Pot and Four Cute
One would think that reusing the motif of skulls uncomfortable, as the crow is clearly in distress either Butt, which is only just a teapot with a somewhat phallic
would get old and uninspired very quickly, but as her from the rope pulling at it or maybe trying to save the design for its spout. The ‘Four Cute Butt’ mentioned
work proves, this is not the case. egg. The lack of comfort continues in the background, above are merely the cups the tea is supposed to go to.
Swamp Remnants, the first piece of her work that I where the building, this scene takes place in front of, Though, while the penis pot seems functional, the four
noticed, depicts an array of skulls burning and possibly seems to be falling. cute butts look a bit dented.
even dissolving in gasoline, some of their features King’s work can be found at hadenking.com. For the other sex, there is the Goddess Vase, a
missing. Annie Dongoski’s photography is something to be porcelain vase that retains its structure until the top,
Overcast shows what seems to be tortured souls, marveled. From the careful framing of her photos to the where it against three outer loops, slowly closing on
some apparently still screaming, ascending toward the choice of using film over digital to complement “the old, the center and possibly meant to represent a nipple.
heavens. worn down look of the buildings” she photographs, it is Interestingly, the vase is used on Lawrence’s business
Moreover, All in a Row, to me at least, appears stylized obvious she puts thought and effort into every aspect of card.
similarly to the art of Día de Muertos, or the Day of the her work. More of Lawrence’s work can be found at
Dead, though simplified. The painting depicts eight Possibly the only thing more boring than watching carolannstoneworks.com, her Facebook at Carol
skulls looking around the canvas in various directions paint dry is watching paint peel, but Dongoski manages Ann Stoneworks, and her Instagram @Carol_Ann_
while a ninth skull in the center is turned entirely away to make even that interesting. Her work Cloud Street is Stoneworks.
from the viewer. merely a photo of an empty door form an abandoned All these works are obviously lovingly crafted, and
Taylor’s work can be found at cheyenetaylor.com. building with its paint peeling off. It is all framed, lit, while they will not be showcased at Radford again, I
Hayden King’s work brings to mind a more industrial and shot so perfectly; it makes you think of the beauty cannot wait to see where these artist’s future ventures
tone. King’s art focuses on strict and clear lines, curves, of abandonment. take them.
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 25, 2018 | 5
Radford University and Salem High School’s Symphonic Band Concert
By Michael Aaron Coopersmith a symphonic band, two concert bands, jazz bands, a tears, Night Dances, and Amparito Roca.
percussion ensemble, indoor percussion, and Salem’s Each piece produced a wonderful atmosphere around

he University’s Symphonic Band shared its marching band. His experience certainly does show the audience to which one was enraptured in for the next
spotlight with Salem high school’s band. At the in what was produced during the concert, giving the hour of the concert. Each member of the Symphonic
beginning of the concert, the audience was met audience something to enjoy in a multitude of ways. band reached their potential and beyond it, with the
with the Chamber Winds honor’s flute quintet and Salem High school played Exaltation, Iron and Ice, discipline, they showed while playing.
Radford’s own Saxophone quartet to which they played King Cotton March, and Four (a remix of Beethoven). At the end of the concert, John Wright leads a
Arabesque I, sonatina, and little fugue in G minor. Thirty Each tune carried the audience in such a way that would combined band for the piece; Minimalist Dances. It
minutes into the concert, they had changed into Salem’s satisfy any critic. was an extravagant piece to end the concert. Each band
portion of the concert. The other half of the concert included Radford played with great power and one could see the prowess
With their grand size, the audience would feel University’s Symphonic Band which was conducted of the conductors and band members with each note that
surrounded by the eruption of music that came out of by three people; Dr. Wayne Gallops, Kathryn Elswick, was produced by them.
them. Conducting them was John Wright, the director Lauren Milburn. Each conductor did a tremendous job
of bands at Salem high school; who has conducted with leading the beautiful pieces; A sacred suite, Trail of

Halfway There celebration, Bonnieroo Music Fest, and the beautiful Radford!

The Tartan | Jordan Bennett & Alexis Gardner

The tea
6 | The Tartan The Tea
Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week
“They always say time changes things, but
you actually have to change them yourself.”
- Andy Warhol

The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
Kendrick Lamar wins a Pulitzer for ‘DAMN.’
uted at more than 26 locations
By Jose Bermudez struggle among blacks in real-time, the
on the RU campus. The Tar- album’s profound verses, mixed-beats, and

tan is always looking into ex- n April 16, 30-year old American its overall content may have similar social
panding  their distribution. rapper Kendrick Lamar made history impact as the words of Ida B. Wells or W.E.B
The publication is printed at for being the first rapper to ever win Du Bois, which makes “DAMN” an efficient
Shenandoah Publishing House a Pulitzer in music for his 2017 hit-album expression of journalism.
in Winchester, Va. “DAMN,” as well as becoming the first non- The board also chose to award a musician
jazz or classical artist to collect that honor in working in a popular, essential language,
The Tartan is part of Highland- its 75 year existence, along with Bob Dylan, and not just any language, but hip-hop,
er Student Media and is com- who reached the award in 2008. a genre that has been unapologetic if not
pletely student-run. As a news- The Pulitzer Prize Board called his criticized about its own roots and social
paper, The Tartan reserves the album, “a virtuosic song collection unified impact. Politically incorrect genres are often
right to address, explore and by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic only retroactively acknowledged, usually
delve into issues that affect the dynamism that offers affecting vignettes decades after their commercial and creative
university student body and the capturing the complexity of modern African- boom. However, Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize
surrounding area. American life.” in an era in which rap music is as alive and as Photo from KendrickLamar.com
Kendrick’s 55-minute album introduced pervasive as it has ever been. Mars’s “24K Magic,” a more approachable
Student Media
a raw and darker view of the life of African- According to The New Yorker, many and infinitely less criticized piece of work.
Americans in the U.S and the world. The detractors came into scene, calling Lamar’s What makes Lamar a Pulitzer-worthy
P.O. Box 6895
conceptual conflicts he dissects throughout achievement a “Marketing-biased award musician is the way he incorporates social
Radford VA, 24142
the album — pride vs. humility, love vs. lust, glorifying pop culture,” causing the same critique into a hip-hop album, which it is
fear vs. trust (mostly in God), individuality repercussions as when Bob Dylan won the believed to be the genre’s main objective,
EDITORIAL POLICIES vs. conformity, and, as Lamar explores in the same prize in 2016, but in this case, for however, for many music critics hip-hop is
album’s conclusion, “me vs. me” — are easily literature, many critics expressed their a medium-tier genre that cannot compete
“Our Opinion” pieces are recognizable. disagreement towards the board’s decision, with the traditional Classical and Jazz artist
written collectively by members It’s easy for the black folks to relate to the debating Dylan’s literature credentials, that have won the prize before.
of The Tartan Editorial issues the album discussed about, in which as well as considering his award to be But people seem to forget the times in
Board. The Editorial Board is many African-Americans found a voice of Marketing-biased; just like Kendrick. which Jazz was a newly-born genre coming
comprised of the editing staff, protest against police brutality and racial However, both artists have won and lost from Memphis, TN; Jazz, like hip-hop, was
the Tea writers, and other
stereotypes, as Kendrick expressed his pride many big awards. At the 1965 Grammys, once the trending genre among younger
Radford University students.
for his African ancestry, his faith issues, the Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’” audiences, as it presented a new content
These undergraduate and fear of returning to poverty and violence, was defeated, in the Best Folk Recording and lyrics, often openly criticizing the social
graduate students represent and his anger against racial inequality. category, by Gale Garnett’s “We’ll Sing in struggles among African-Americans. Just
multiple class levels and What makes “DAMN” Pulitzer-worthy the Sunshine,”; more recently, Lamar lost like “DAMN” did.
different political, cultural, is the way in which Kendrick expressed the the Grammy for Album of the Year to Bruno

The bombings in Syria

ethnic, and religious
backgrounds. Members may
or may not belong to a variety
of student organizations. The
Editorial Board is open to all
RU students who apply.
By Ola Elshaar years,” according to New York magazine. I think America will continue to fight in
TARTAN oelshaar@radford.edu  By striking Syria, Trump is provoking Syria with the collaboration of other Arab

ow I realize that Syrian Iran and Russia. In other words, he is inviting countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain,
STAFF president Bashar al-Assad is capable
of doing anything to keep the
them to a third world war.
Ironically, Trump is just contradicting
and others against the Islamic state “Isis,”
to stop it from conquering the region. This
Dylan Lepore presidency throne. Now that he is protected himself, and that is not only me saying that does not make any sense or give President
Editor-in-Chief from Russia and Iran, he commits all kind of his tweets back in 2013 were all about letting Trump any credibility, after opposing the
crimes and violations to his people, but does the Arab league take care of Syria. So then idea of entering Syria or any Middle Eastern
Ida Domingo America have a say in that? he wonders, why are those Arab countries country in general.
Managing Editor On April 14, America and its allies Britain not paying the U.S for doing them a favor So it seems like, the U.S. either wants
and France, gun fired some targets in Syria in attacking the monster Assad.  “Why are Syria under its control, or Trump is looking
Van Faust-Stephensons that destroyed some important institutions, these rich Arab countries not paying us for forward to a war with Russia and Iran, or he
Culture Editor as a reaction to the chemical weapons attack the tremendous cost of such an attack?” is worried about the United States receiving
that Assad and his regime used against Trump says in a tweet. more refugees who threaten its stability.
Alexis Gardner Syrian and killed thousands of people in the Trump was criticizing Obama’s What is going on with Syria now is
The Tea Editor city of Douma, according to the Economist. administration back in 2013, for interfering exceptionally heartbreaking.
Trump and his regime justified their in the Middle Eastern countries, calling Assad has been killing thousands of
Davis Byrd attack on Syria as a warning. By sending him “FOOLISH” in one of his tweets, and people, and it does not look like he is going
Sports Editor cautions about specific crimes of which the warning that, war will gain nothing to to give that up. If he remains in power, that
West oppose, the U.S. and its allies may the U.S. but wasting tons of money and will affect Syrians even more losses.
Hailey Scherer only be described more concretely which worldwide conflict. “We should stay the I still don’t think bombing Syria is the
Photography Manager other abominations Assad can get away hell out of Syria; the “rebels” are just as best solution; both sides are just murdering
with. “Barrel bombs, which his army has bad as the current regime.” Trump tweeted. people and destroying their futures. I do not
Tyquan Holloway also repeatedly and infamously dumped “WHAT WILL WE GET FOR OUR LIVES AND think America and its allies’ strikes have
Distributor on civilian populations over the past seven $ BILLIONS? ZERO” made any difference for Syrians.
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 25, 2018 | 7

WRITE FOR US! Radford Holds Off Virginia Tech on a Wild Pitch Walk off
RU an established, or
fledgling journalist? Or By Austin White
awhite26@radford.edu and blasted a ball to center field that was Soon after Roth scored both Christian and
maybe you just love to caught for a sacrifice fly as Higgerson scored Higgerson on a double, he sent into center

write, and this might be he Radford baseball team defeated in- to make the score 2-0. field extending the lead to 9-5.
your first time showcasing state foe Virginia Tech to extend their Virginia Tech entered the second inning Down by three runs, the Hokies
your hidden talent? win streak to three games. With both firing on all cylinders; junior Nick Menken immediately responded. Fragale continued
teams came into the game with very similar led it off with a double to right field. Redshirt his great performance by crushing a home
Want to bring your opin- records, the back and forth game proved how junior Nick Owens beamed a ball straight to run past the right-field wall. Palmer was then
ions and unique views to equally matched they were. second basemen Butler, but he could not substituted out for freshman Cody Boone.
the masses? Love the idea The first batter junior pitcher Andrew make the play. With the ball going past him, The teams went back and forth for the
of reporting on and off Nardi faced, he hit on his third pitch. The Menken scored Virginia Tech’s first run. rest of the game, with Scoville scoring on
campus news, voicing your Senior right fielder Anthony Miano then a single by Christian at the bottom of the
opinion on topics ranging made two costly mistakes to end the inning. seventh inning to make the game 10-6.
from movies, laws, and on Both Owens and junior Stevie Mangrum Redshirt junior Tom Stoffel responded with a
the many fun, and some- scored because of Miano’s fielding errors. two-run home run in the bottom of the sixth
Miano dropped two fly balls that helped give to make it a two-run game.
time’s unusual, attractions
the Hokies a 3-2 lead. In the bottom of the eighth inning,
going on around campus?
Substituting out Hall, for senior Joey Owens made his second error of the game
Then give Radford Univer-
Sullivan, Virginia Tech wanted to keep the trying to throw Roth out, but his throw was
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
Highlanders off the board. After letting one wild and ended up scoring Roth. The game
per a shout and email the batter on base and striking out two others, now 11-8, the Hokies desperately tried to tie
Editor-In-Chief! Sullivan faced Butler. Butler cracks a pitch or retake the lead before the game ended.
dlepore1@radford.edu toward the shortstop Owens who mishandles Radford substituted in redshirt sophomore
the ball, scoring freshman Garrett Matheny. Brandon Donavan to close the game.
With the game tied 3-3, neither team let The first batter, Menken, Donavan struck
Letters to the their foot off the gas. In the top of the third out after a full count. After giving another
inning, Menken continued to give Nardi fits, full count to the next batter, Owens, this
Editor regaining the lead for the Hokies by scoring time he walks him, putting him on first
Fragale on a single right up the middle. base. Freshman Michael Fernandez beamed
We prefer letters that are fewer After two more pitching changes, a ball to right field for a single. With two
than 200 words and take as redshirt freshman Conner Yoder was sent runners on, the next batter was Mangrum
their starting point an article Photo courtesy of Radford Athletics from the bullpen to face the Highlanders late who smashed a home run on the first pitch
or other item appearing in The in the bottom of the fourth inning. Butler Donavan gave him.
Matt Roth.
Tartan. They may not have continued his great game by singling to The whole stadium was in disbelief as
been submitted to, posted Highlanders immediately called a timeout, shortstop to score Podaras and tie the game Virginia Tech tied the game 11-11 going into
to or published by any other and the entire infield met. After a brief back up. the bottom of the ninth inning. However,
media. They must include the meeting, they forced two outs while Nardi Soon after, Yoder threw two wild pitches the Highlanders had not had trouble scoring
writer’s full name — for more struck out the fourth batter in the lineup, back to back; both scoring runs for Radford. all game. After a full count, Matheny was
information and to send a senior Sam Fragale, to end the top of the first Redshirt sophomore Mason Scoville scored walked to lead off the inning. Next, Christian
letter head over to inning. on the first wild pitch while sophomore advanced Matheny to second base on a
www.rutartan.com. The Hokies started sophomore Dylan Carlin Cristian scored on the second giving sacrifice bunt.
Hall as their pitcher, and he struggled early. Radford a 6-4 lead heading into the top of Butler, who was batting 4 for 4, beamed

Games After giving up a single to redshirt junior

Kyle Butler, he hit the next batter, redshirt
the fifth inning.
Next, Fragale did the same, doubling on
a single to centerfield. After a brief timeout,
the Hokies decided to walk the very
sophomore Colby Higgerson, to put two men his first pitch which Horanski took advantage dangerous Higgerson intentionally. With
on base. The next batter junior Matt Roth and scored on making the game 6-5. The the bases loaded and all the pressure on
sent the second pitch Hall threw at him to Highlander then called another timeout, sophomore pitcher Graham Seitz, he threw
right field for a single to load the bases. and Nardi’s pitching day was over. Radford a wild pitch to the left that Matheny took
After three straight balls, Hall threw switched to redshirt senior Kyle Palmer. full advantage of. He scored giving the game
a fourth to freshman Will Harless scoring At the bottom of the sixth inning, Matheny to the Highlanders in the most miraculous
Butler to give the Highlanders the lead. scored again, this time on a sacrifice bunt by finish of the year.
Sophomore Straton Podaras stepped up next Christian giving the Highlanders a 7-5 lead.

Online e-commerce accounted for less than 4 newest edition of your favorite game.
From Page 3 percent of retail profits in the United States. Perhaps you will even be able to buy your
character to the place,” Bullion said. That increased steadily over time to just bananas from the comfort of your bed and
“Joe has a lot of jewelry, John is the master over 9 percent in 2017, meaning more and have them arrive at your front door within
of chalk paint and furniture, and I do a lot more people are shopping online. According the day in the near future.
of antique stuff. It’s kind of like a new wave to the U.S. Census Bureau, e-commerce sales However, businesses that are trying to
antique store.” were estimated at $453.5 billion in 2017, an succeed, like Riley’s Uniques, will find a way
Retail during the last nine years has increase of 16.1 percent from 2016. to bring their products to you.
steadily been improving when it comes to You might not have to make the drive
e-commerce or online purchasing. In 2008, to your local gaming store to pick up that
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