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Christina Forgacs

9 Minden Avenue, Apt 3

Binghamton, NY 13905

March 14, 2018

Personnel Clerk
Springville-Griffith Institute CSD
307 Newman Street
Springville, NY 14141

Dear Personnel Clerk:

Attending a school district with a large population of first and second generation
Hispanic people taught me the importance of English as a second language teachers. I
have seen so many shy Spanish-only speaking students blossom into outgoing and
confident English speakers. During high school the diversity increased. Watching ESL
instructors successfully teach students from all over the world inspired me to become
I have a BA in Spanish with a minor in Educational Studies from Arizona State
University, as well as all necessary licensure for teaching in NYS. While earning my
bachelors degree, I taught as a substitute teacher in the Binghamton School District. My
assets as an ESL teacher, fluent Spanish speaker, and creative thinker will help our
non-English speaking students succeed in all areas of their academic and social lives. I
have seen the ethnic diversity of Erie county increase in the last decade. I am excited to
meet with your hiring personnel and administration to discuss how I can help our
growing non-English speaking population.
Teaching English as a second language helps new foreign students learn core
information, explore American arts and culture, and enrich their social lives. I am a well-
rounded individual - I have have broad knowledge of American/English literature,
music, and history. I am an avid museum-goer and nonfiction reader with an innate
eagerness to share interesting information. A good language teacher doesn’t just teach
language, but culture as well.
What I love about this particular position is that it is a district-wide assignment.
While substitute teaching in the Binghamton School District, I was placed in
classrooms of every grade. I enjoyed learning valuable skills from every age level - skills
that I’m excited to utilize in a class of my own. Teaching of children of all ages,
language levels, and ethnicities will challenge my ability to quickly change my focus.
Working at Starbucks has taught me to be able to switch gears quickly. In one
shift, I switch between five different roles. I have found that I thrive in workplaces that
can quickly change. While substitute teaching, I noticed a large population shift in ESL
students. During the school year, the ESL class had as many new students as students
who had moved away. These new students bring new languages into the classroom. I
am excited for the challenges this will pose. I am confident that the changing ESL class
is a place where I can thrive.
The vast majority of my previous jobs have been customer service oriented.
Since I began working at 16 years old, my interpersonal skills have skyrocketed. I find
myself quickly forming relationships with colleagues and superiors. Previous managers
have told me that I lead by example and that I never take shortcuts. Helping each other
succeed as a team is the foundation to good workplace relationships.
Teaching English and learning foreign languages have become passions of mine.
It is difficult for children and their families to thrive when they do not know English.
After substitute teaching across a district, I found that I loved the day-to-day change of
pace. My English expertise, fluency in Spanish, and fervor for teaching are the qualities
that make me a good fit for this position. I hope you agree with me. I look forward to
meeting with you to discuss this further. Please feel free to contact me at (607) 743-
4942 or by email at Forgacs.Christina@gmail.com. Thank you for your thought and


Christina Forgacs