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(D&D 5e)
When the “GODSWAR” broke – the Great War where the 12 ADONAI fought ADON
YLMR – the two sides spend a large portion of their power, the ADONAI by dividing the
“Lord of the Gods” into three separate beings of evil nature and less powerful, and ADON
YLMR to imprison the 12 ADONAI somewhere within Creation.

No matter this, the ADONAI still manage to emanate their powers, though not directly, but
through rituals and artifacts that channel their power, or through extra planar messenger that
carry their will and words, or even through effects, dreams and visions that carry on their

Thus, despite the ADONAI’s influence on AYA was extremely reduced, they still are honored
and respected – at least in secrecy, to escape the vigilant eyes of the 3 SHADOWS OF
ADON – and held as the Ayans greatest hope against the threat of the SHADOWS.

The 12 ADONAI are:

 BHOR (BÓR) – The Stormlord is a God of War and Winds, a god of fury in both battle
and nature, who produces hurricanes, massive waves, thunder and lightning,
carrying mortals to bloodlust frenzy in the battle field – the god of ultimate
destruction. Still, he has an easier face, as the god of gentle breeze that sooth the heat
and pushes the ships, and the rain that fertilizes the fields – as such, he’s a God of

 ASHTAR (ash-TÁR) – The Great Mother is a Goddess of Civilization, in all its aspects:
from the justice dispensed through laws and regulations, to the customs that form the
base for a community – and, as such, she’s watch over marriage and the families,
births and hearths. She’s a goddess of political power and diplomacy, overseeing the
population and the social classes, the guilds and councils.

 NEITH (ne-ÍTH) – The Blind Maiden is a goddess of ultimate knowledge: be it magical

or mundane, of what was, is and will yet come to be. Thus, she’s revered as much as a
Goddess of Magic as a Goddess of Knowledge in All Fields, worshiped by spellcasters,
chroniclers, monks, artificers, and all those who rely on information, knowledge and

 ORODÖR (ô-rô-DÔR) – The Blackhanded is a God of Crafts, Skill and Invention, a

deity who inspire and boasts skillful enterprises, feats of engineering and the creation
of wonders – in this, he’s also revered as a god of both the artisans and artists, while
his pursue of inventiveness leads to experimentation and the development of science
and technology. He revels in military and civil engineering, the development of
structural improvements and the forge of tools – a God of Excellence.

 YLLIRA (i-LÍ-ra) – The White Lady is a Goddess of Nature in all its aspects, from the
waters that nurture with fish and provide the rain to the fertile soil and the entombed
riches in dark caves – a goddess of both the wild and the tamed nature, from cattle to
wild beasts, from virgin forests and savage volcanoes to extractive communities from
mining to foraging to fishing. As such, many were the small communities and coastal
villages that were consecrated to her – one of the most beloved ADONAI – for they
know what to expect from nature’s wrath.

 THARA (THÁ-ra) – The Joyful is a goddess of joy, pleasure and youth, associated with
sex, desire, lust, hedonism, beauty, love, arts, poetry and passion – attributes that
made her especially popular amid the young and the lovers, whom she’s known as a
Protector, as well as by artists and poets, bards and all those interested in beauty and
the pleasures of the flesh. Nevertheless, being a promoter of extreme joy, she´s
revered as a patron of orgies, taverns, prostitutes, alcoholics and all those that work
for such pleasures – but also for all those who takes risk to accomplishes whatever
gives the pleasure, no matter how immoral or obscene.

 LOCHNAR (lok-NÁR) – The Shadow-Tongued is the Trickster God, patron of thieves,

assassins and liars, those who rely in deception and treason to accomplish their goals
– in which he’s revered as much as ASHTAR, also by being revered by those who
take no pain to desire power and wealth, a god of trade and mistrustfulness. A master
schemer and full of jealousy and greed, the Shadow-Tongued is to be trusted by no
one (as well as hisfollowers – who revere him, but knows better never to trust their
own deity).

 PHARYON (FÁ-ri-on) – The Heart of Fire is a God of Ultimate Righteousness – not

good, but strict law and right, a fanatical deity that will pursue and fight endlessly
every single vision of unlawful behavior, manifestation of chaos and all that escapes
or evades the natural cosmic order. In this, he’s a patron of organized armies that rely
on tactics, a hunter of unnatural beings – both good and evil outsiders alike – from
devils to angels to fey – as well as the undead, monsters of extraplanar origins, etc.

 RHYS (RIS) – The Grey is a goddess of fate, knowing all that is to come in a mortal’s
life, patron of oracles, a deity who deals with both life and death. As such, she can be
the foul breath that spread plagues, the hands that brings famine and spoil the land –
as much as the caring hand that heals the sick and ease the pains, caring for the
dying. Thus, she fights for both sides in every being’s life, according to its fate,

 SHÛLL(XÚL) – The One-Who-Crawls-In-The-Dark is a God of Corruption, a

wholly evil entity made fully of malevolence and madness, which has no other goal or
pleasure that to corrupt all the Creation. He has no physical form, hiding in the dark
and assuming the shape of one’s most feared horror, ready to seduce and cause the
moral downfall and utter annihilation of one’s character. Every single other
ADONAI opposes him, and will fight him whenever possible, never dealing with it,
except one occasion: the GODSWAR.

 KHAWR (ka-ÚR) – The Father of Beasts is a god of barbarism and survival, of

strength and endurance, of beasts and monsters, of natural disasters. He’s the patron
of all barbaric tribes and their lands, from jungles to wastes to deserts and tundra –
the sole ADONAI to be revered by monsters both under and above the land, in the
skies and in the seas, intelligent or not. He represents the raw power of nature, the
strength, skill and will to overcome it, a guide to those who survive, and the patron of
hunters. By fostering physical prowess, he’s also a God of Athletics and Sports, from
all kinds of fights to running, throwing, etc.

 JANNA (i-Â-na) – The Eversmiling is a goddess of dubious nature (as many of the
ADONAI), a goddess of chance and luck – both good and evil – who revels in
bringing mortals the dreams of success and the terrible nightmares of failure.
Differently from Rhys, who follows a planned trail, JANNA brings the randomness on
purpose, delighting to insert the doubt and fear of failure on the path to success. As
such, she’s a patron of adventurers and all those who pursue hidden knowledge, a
Keeper Of All-That-Is-Hidden, who bears the keys of the planar gates and the way for

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