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University 101 (Fall 2016)

Lesson Plan Objective: Inclusivity and Diversity

Activity: Objective and Instructions:

“Perception Game” – Icebreaker Activity Illustrate how the same instructions can result in
a different result depending on the perceptions
and perspectives of the person executing the

Students will each be given a piece of colored

paper and asked to close their eyes. With eyes
closed instruct students to fold the paper twice.
Instruct students to turn the paper to the right or
left a number of times and rip of the edge.
Repeat this step multiple times. Have students
open their eyes and unfold their papers. Discuss
why each student’s result was different.
“How Does the World See You?” Activity Open discussion of what identity is and how it
affects student’s within the Carolina community.

Provide each student with a copy of the “Identity

and Diversity” worksheet and have them
complete the first column regarding aspects of
their “identity” they feel are obvious. Now move
on to the column of aspects they think are
“unique”. Have students Think-Pair-Share with a
partner and then with a small group. Ask
students to share if they have ever felt
discriminated against due to any of these
“identity” factors. How did they combat it? Have
the students brainstorm how to combat these
situations in the future.
“Cross the Line” Activity Represent the diverse make-up of physical,
social, mental, emotional, and cultural make-up
of the classroom in a safe and anonymous way.

Provide each student with “Cross the Line”

activity form. DO NOT PUT NAMES ON FORM.
After each student has filled out the form collect
them once again and redistribute them
randomly. Have students form a circle. As each
statement is read, ask students to “cross the line”
(into the circle) if the statement on their form is
marked “Yes”.
Reflection Ask students: What surprised you today? Why?
*Let students lead discussion if possible*